TTC After Losing A Baby

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Marisa - November 25

I gave birth to my daughter and we sadly lost her. I've wondered how soon afer the bleeding stopped would it be safe to try to conceive again. Not that that's our priority but just wondered? Any advice?


Lilu - November 25

I had a stillbirth in august. I delivered my daughter v____ally and it was a healthy delivery. The Dr. gave me the go ahead to try again 8 weeks afterwards. He encouraged it.


Tara - November 27

I gave birth to a beautiful little girl yesterday and Im scared to try again. I too was wondering when my body would stop bleeding and curious as to when your body would be ready to try again. I too delivered v____ally and and the placenta came out as well. Im just hoping that there wasent any placental fragmants left inside though. I guess time will tell. Im so sorry for your losses and hoping we all can heal and have healthy babies in the future. Lots of prayers!


Alison - November 28

I delievered my son William in April- he died shortly after birth. I had a mc in Oct but am pregnant again (4 weeks). I think your body will tell you when to try again. If you are nervous I think that is a sign to wait. I dont think it's a matter of "safety," but more an emotional component that needs to be considered. I'm not a doctor so these are just my thoughts after going thru a similar experience.


Marisa - November 29

Thanks, doesn't seem any reason not to get pregnant again immediatley. I just want to be close to my husband again, so we'll just make love after I stop bleeding and being sore. Let fate take its course. Wish us luck for a healthy baby in the future x


Jen - November 29

I am wondering the same thing for different reasons. I m/c in September and I'm waiting on test results of my prog. b/f I ttc again. I wanted children for so long, you guys know how much it hurt when my dream was taken from me. I'm scared to hurt like that again. I know you can't live life like that and I never have, but I guess I'm just afraid of failing again.



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