Ttc After Mc And Dnc Keep Sperm By Cervix Question

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sososleepy - February 19

Um... If I'm not pg before af following mc and d&c, I have an idea.. I'm feeling rather old at 38, the chances of some chromosome problem are all ready 1 in 80 something. It gets worse fast. I want to try again. Now. Immediately. Dh shares sperm well in the am, not so well in the pm exhausted after work. I have to work too. Gravity does NOT help!!!! What do you think of calling my doc for a diaphragm and using it (carefully to keep them in and push them up) after bd to hold the sperm near the cervix for a few hours? My dh says A: I'm nuts, B: it sounds like it should help... what do you think? If this might have been 1st O after mc turns out to be AF, I'm calling to ask my doc unless you tell me why he'll laugh till I die of embarrassment. Opinions greatly appreciated.


stefkay - February 19

hmmmm, not sure? It sounds like it would work, but here's what I've learned/read/heard (lol) from lots of reading and research...the sperm pretty much get to where they need to be "up in there" within 10 seconds of ejaculation. It helps a bit, but not proven, to lie with hips elevated for 20-30 mins. after s_x. Any longer than that is pretty much a waste of time. I know when we are ina rush 20 mins. seems like ages, but maybe try to get up extra early ;-) Good luck!!!!!


stefkay - February 19

oh, ps....anything that leaks out after that is pretty much extra s____n --not all the sperm. I always thought I was losing all the swimmers and my dr. told me, i felt like a jacka__s....


sososleepy - February 20

Thanks Stefkay. I put a good smear of what leaked under my microsocope, and the swimmers aren't as thick as when I was checking the whole sample to see what they looked like, but there sure were a lot of them. I really wanted to get a big eyedropper, scoop them out, and gently transplant them to near my cervix. I resisted the urge. However... next month.... Yeah, 20 minutes is forever in the morning! If I repeat this process next month, I'll be getting dh up VERY early :)... and he thought THIS month was exhausting lol. I've found a little info on how fast after they get into the cervix, but not much - I'll go look for more as 10 seconds sounds very promising.


stefkay - February 20

I wish I could remember where I read was months ago though...welllll, looks like I am 12 dpo today so I'm hoping AF is around the corner. Doubting pregnancy here because the last month that i was (I know everyone is different and each pg can be different) I had mild cramping from O up to my expected AF and my b___bs were sore. Nothing at all going on now. I feel so symptom free it's


margie - February 20

you could always do what my boyfriend did everytime after s_x before i got pregnant...he would lift up my legs and kind of shake me in the air while he would rub my lower tummy and say he was "marinating me"....LOL!!!! it was pretty hilarious...but it only took 3 months to get pregnant so i guess he did a good job


sososleepy - February 20

Stefkay, I actually wrote on my chart today "mild cramping, I know it's implantation, and I know I'm nuts". We'll see lol. As I figure it it's 50/50 + or minus 30 something. Symptom free can also be both. I understand this is the 2ww (2 week wait). It ROTS! My b___bs are normal. Margie, I did stand on my head after bd about a week ago, but after I got my knees on my elbows I had to get dh to pull them upward to get into position. OUCH am I old and too fat!!! I used to be able to do that; I just haven't tried in 10 or so years :( . He laughed, and I blatently threatened his (fill in the blank) if he told me either what I looked like, what he thought, why he was laughing, or what sagged. EVER. Perhaps I'll ask him in 30 or so years. Probably not. Some things I'd rather not know. Just how fast do sperm move into the cervical mucus? Once they're in there, I think they hang out and swim through every so often?


ChattyKathy - February 20

Also, ladies, it is also important not to elevate your hips too much. If the little guys are having difficulty reaching the opening, they'll have just as much difficulty if the ejaculation pools BEHIND your cervix. As for your suggestion, your doctor will probably tell you its not necessary but it sounds like it should work if you still want to try it. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I wouldn't think that it would take the sperm too long before they at least reach inside the cervix because they only have so long before the egg isn't viable anymore. They have a drive to reach the egg and hanging out could cause them to die off by the acid in your v____a. So, they probably don't stick around for too long.



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