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Laura - October 21

I had a miscarriage at the beginning of September. I received a/f 6 weeks to the day after. It was normal. We are going to try again. anyone else ttc again?


Tanya - October 21

Hi Laura! I had a miscarriage in Aug at 17 weeks. How far along were you? We are ttc again also - now after 2nd AF. I'm on day 13 so I should ovulate this weekend. Hoping for no AF Nov 6. I was due in Jan & I'd love to be pregnant again before the holidays. Hopefully this will be our month!


Laura - October 21

Hi Tanya, I was 7 1/2 weeks. I could not imagine being as far along as you were. That would be so hard. I am due to O on the 27-28th. I am on day 7. Do you have other children? I have three.


Kimi - October 21

i had a miscarrage Sept. of last year and now TTC !!! Good Luck!!! ***BABY**DUST*** to all!!!


Tanya - October 21

I have two - a 7 yr old boy & 6 yr old girl. They were so excited to have a baby on the way. We found out it was a boy just a few days before I lost him. It was hard, very hard. Delivery was painful - as much emotional as physical. But I'm sure it's hard at any stage. I think we're more bonded than we even realize from the beginning. I'm sure your 3 children have helped you get through this. I know mine have. They were sad when my DH broke the news. More sad for me I think. It's amazing how much they really know! I was showing quite a bit, so it was becoming real to them. But they know we are praying for another one and they have such sweet spirits about it now. I hope you are doing well with everything. Trying again has helped greatly!


lisa - October 21

I m/c on 9/6 I have had one cycle since and waitng for my second period. My doctor said I could start trying again in dec. He said everything was healed when I went back on 10/12 My question is how long did all of you wait to ttc again?


Angela - October 21

Can anyone tell me what AF means?


Kylie - October 22

HI everyone sorry for all your losses. Angela af means your menstrual cycle arriving. I too have had two m/c's one last August then 1 this year in April. Both were traumatic and the thought of trying again was terrifying and still is. I have found great strength on these threads chatting to others who are also trying. I'm a regular on going for July/August babies. I waited 2 cycles to try again and it took that much time for my cycle to return normally. Good luck to all of you.


Laura - October 22

Tanya, with being only 7 1/2 weeks along when I miscarried we did not tell our children. LISA--- my doctor told me I could start trying right away. We waiting to one one cycle and are tryong again this month now. KYLIE--- I must say I never fully understood what women were saying when they had a m/c until I went through it myself! Baby dust to all*** Have fun trying we will all have a healthy baby soon.


DJ - October 23

I had a m/c Sept 13, My AF had returned 21 days later (or so I though) but then 2 weeks later I started bleeding again. I'm hoping to ovulate soon so I can TTC again. My doctor said since it was a natural m/c there was no need to wait


Laura - October 23

Hi DJ, hope you are feeling well after your loss. It is nice to know others are in the same position. Have fun trying.


Michelle - October 23

Hi all, I to am TTC after 2 miscarriage I have been lucky enough to be blessed with 1 child whom was in between the 2, but sadley I lost 2 babies with the last miscarriage in January so I have been TTC for almost 11 months now. Lisa.. with a natural miscarriage you don't have to wait I conceived my son within a couple of months of my 1st miscarriage and had no complications with that pregnancy. The only reason that they really want you to wait is because it is easier to give you a accurate due date.Ladies I am very sorry to hear of your losses I have been there and I understand how you all feel.. Tanya... My AF is due Nov. 4 so we are pretty close together for this month. I am currently 4 DPO so I am hopeing this is my month also...I wish you all the best of luck and hope you are Blessed with a Little one soon! Baby Dust To all!!


Tanya - October 24

Hi everyone. Angela, the nickname for menstrual cycle is Aunt Flo (AF). It took me a while to catch on to all the abbrev. too. Lisa & DJ, my doctor said we could try after first AF. We decided to wait until after second AF. My first cycle wasn't "normal". Like DJ I had bleeding off & on the first month but actual AF was at 5 wks. From what I've read, you should have 3 wks of no bleeding before AF for ovulation to be "healthy", which would make ttc after 2nd AF more ideal. But I was also a__sured that if I were to get pregnant right away, it would be ok. There's so many opinions out there! I know it's so hard to wait. I wanted so much to get pregnant right away. Michelle, I hope you are blessed this month too. 11 months is so long. I'm so sorry. It's so hard to watch each day, week, & month go by, but God's timing will be right for each of us. We have to trust in that. Best wishes all!


Ellie - October 27

Tanya - i had a miscarriage on september 22nd also at 17 weeks. i was beginning to think this only happens to me as most of the stories i read are very early stages. people say that you need to give yourself time to let you body adjust.i want to be pregnant again asap is this right to feel this way? It was my First.I took a test the other day and it read not pregnant. so i gather my body is already back to normal. i have not had a period yet though. am i meant to wait or is it ok to just go with what feels right.


Tanya - October 27

Ellie, I'm so sorry! I know to well how you feel. I thought I was going CRAZY! Everyone kept telling me how common it was too, and like you, I found information mostly on early m/c. May I ask what happened with you? Do you have a reason? I lost my boy on Aug 7th. Mine was not genetic, like most m/cs are said to be, which made it more frustrating for me. I had bleeding for several weeks (wk 11-16) which caused my water to break at 17 wks. No reason for the bleeding. Delivery was so hard. I had just seen his heart beat that day and a sonogram "confirmed" everything was ok. I hate that anyone has to go through this. I was told to wait one cycle, but we honestly never tried to prevent. I was obsessed with needing to feel pregnant again, so I understand. I think the hardest part about late miscarriages is already showing and starting to feel flutters. Then it's gone. I think it takes us longer to get our cycles back to "normal" also. Sorry, I didn't mean to go on & on about my story. I just know sometimes it helps to read about other's situations so you don't feel so alone. We are still ttc again. I'm on the 2 wk wait after 2nd AF. My first AF came at close to 5 wks. Looking back I'm glad it didn't happen right away. I can say now that I feel like my body has had time to heal and I know that's important. My doctor did say that it would be ok if I had gotten pregnant before 1st AF, but it was better to wait. I believe you have to do what feels right for you. Your body won't conceive unless it is ready. Please keep in touch. Any loss is hard, but I know it helps to have someone that shares a similar experience.


Ellie - October 30

Tanya - i kept bleeding on and off for all of the 17 weeks.It got very heavy so i was sent for an emergency scan on the friday and no one was qualified so i had to go home and wait til the Monday and phone back. typical uk National Health. i eventually got an emergency scan and he had already pa__sed away. the most mind b__w bit is they tell u to take a tablet and sent u home for 2 days, then u have to go back to deliver. how can u sleep knowing he has gone but still inside u. luckly for me the wait wasnt to long as i went i to natural labour the next day. i am due to find out why Harvey died on the 2nd Nov from his post mortum results. i just hope there is a reason. i will let you know. thanks for sharing your story and listening to me x



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