Ttc After Miscarriage Now Spotting

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thejr2913 - November 9

I lost my son last month at 18 weeks on Oct 11. He had a sua umbilical cord. My midwife gave me the go ahead on Oct 29 to start trying again. Which we did. I'm not sure, but I think I o'd on Oct 30 because my cm was strechy. I wasn't bleeding at all that week then on Fri Nov 2 I started spotting again and am still spotting. Nothing heavy just brown discharge. Is this on again spotting common after a d & c? I would like to say implantation bleeding, but I don't think it would last this long.


smmom2 - November 9

Well, I dont think normal is a word for any of this....I think it is different for every woman....but if this helps.....I had a missed mc. On Oct 26th I had a D&C and have been bleeding evcer since. The bleeding however comes and is a brownish discharge one day, thent he next day nothing, then the bleeding starts again. So yes, I guess it is common to have on again off again spotting...and it truly sucks. I wish you the best in ttc again and hopefully this one sticks!!!


elew - November 10

hi, this is my first time on a forum. i had a mc on nov 4 and stopped bleeding on the 6th. i have been ttc already b/c i dont want to wait. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your son (thejr) How long would that have been that you ovulated after the loss? I have read alot lately about bleeding and have learned there are alot of causes. Intercourse can trigger spotting while it cleans out of cervix. Are you feeling ok?


thejr2913 - November 12

elew. How far were you when you mc. I know how hard it is. I think I ovulated 19 days after miscarriage. I talked with my dr she thinks its my hormones balancing out and I should have a cycle this week. At this point I just want to feel normal again. My husband and I are looking forward to trying again. I feel okay just a bit more tired. How about you?



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