TTC After Miscarriage S With Elevated FSH Part 3

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julie2007 - November 2

For questions and answers and support ~ we have all had our struggles with elevated FSH and are overcoming the obstacles little by little! All are welcome.


julie2007 - November 2

just wanted to wish LOLA congrats again - and KAREN - keep us posted on you - i'll keep you in my prayers. i am sorry about your u/s. how far along are you?


deniseb - November 2

Karen you may be too early, the same thing happened with my son and look he was the only success I had. I got all screwed up on dates and like you went in and all they seen was the sac and fetal pole around 6 weeks or a little under. How far long are you thinking you are? I hope everything will be okay, when do you go back to the doc? Lola great to hear from you and congrats on your baby sound so upbeat for a new Mom, that's great. Julie how are you feeling and when is your next doc visit?


karen goode - November 2

Lola, I was upset before I am so sorry I got your precious Henry's name wrong. I love the name Henry. I hope you are feeling okay.


Kristine - November 3

LOLA, Soooo incredibly happy for you and DH and baby Henry. I can't imagine what it felt like to hear "It's a Boy!" I was too curious to not find out. So great to hear everything went well and you are settling in at home. Gosh I wish this site could view photos. I want to see all of you!*********** Kare, Keep the faith, listen to what Densie wrote. And why are they making you wait until the 12th???!!! Whenever things were in question for me, they had me checked exactly a week later. Your doc would know something by next Friday. I just feel terrible you have to wait so long. Julie, how are things with you?


karen goode - November 7

I was supposed to see my doctor a week later but he is away so I have to wait till monday. I am beyond anxious.


Kristine - November 7

Oh Karen, I really feel for you. Doesn't your doctor have others in his practice that cover for him?


karen goode - November 7

Yes, but I feel comfortable with him. I am really down today. I don't know why. I have my beautiful son. I guess it's the hormones. I have been trying really hard to be positvie but the thought of going through this all over again is too much. I have no appet_te and all I want to do is sleep. It's harder then I thought it would be.


Kristine - November 7

Yes it must be difficult for you, the waiting is awful. Try to remain positive these next few days.*********Julie, are you still with us? :-) Denise, how are things with you?


julie2007 - November 7

hi guys - i have had some pretty yucky morning sickness (all day & night too) these past few days. i am not complaining - just trying to endure & keep up with my DD. i had my 2nd u/s today - i am measuring 4 days bigger than i should - and we had a HB over 100 - which my RE said she is pleased with - i still do'nt feel like we're out of the woods. she gave me the option of releaseing me to my OB or keeping me to come in again next week - i will go see her again next week. nothing sounds good to me to eat - at all. i am trying. . . . karen - how are you doing? sorry you aren't feeling so happy today - it has to be tough waiting. i hope monday gets here before you know it. ---- LOLA if you are checking in on us how's the baby? -- hi kristine & denise.


deniseb - November 9

Karen I have been thinking about are you doing? I know all too well how hard it is, sometimes you think wanting one is hard but when you try for number two it can be just as hard. Hang in there and like you said no matter what you have a beautiful son, that is all I have ever focused on. I truly hope every thing will go well for you. Julie fantastic news, so glad things are looking good, congrats. Hi Krstine!!! hi Lola!!!!


julie2007 - November 13

hi girls - KAREN - it's been almost a week since you posted - i just wanted to see how you are doing? i think you saw your doc yesterday - right?? - i hope all is well!! -------- i am still morning sick - all day. i go for another u/s tomorrow and i hope it shows good stuff. it is so hard to be exicted when i am so scared of the bad things that have happened over this past year with 2 losses. i hope everyone is well!


karen goode - November 14

I have good news to report. The heartbeat is strong 150bpm. I am so happy but still cautiously optimistic. I cried during the sono b/c we did not expect good news at all. I was already preparing in my head for the D&C. I am so happy you are doing well. I am vomitting with this pregnancy. I just feel queasy and have no appet_te. I have to force myself to eat. Julie I understand how you feel. I don't enjoy pregnancy at all.


Kristine - November 14

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am tearing up and have major goosebumps. I am so happy for you Karen. I was so worried!!!!!! This is great news. I'm at work so gotta go. Will check in later this week. Gosh i am so happy.


mother2Bsoon - November 14

Hi Ladies! I just wanted to say hi to everyone and to wish Karen many,many blessings. Congrats on the awesome report from the doc. Julie, it's me! I wanted to say hi to you and say how happy I am for you on your pregnancy! Since the last time you heard from me, I've had a miscarriage and a blighted ovum. However, today I am 8 weeks and about 3 days...Praise God. I experienced some extensive bleeding (red blood) and pa__sing of clots on Friday evening, but when I went to the emergency room they saw my precious baby (which is the first time I had been seen by anyone). At any rate, I am now on bed rest as a precaution from my doc. I am working from home starting today. I am on bedrest until I complete the first trimester. I feel amazing blessed to experience every symptom...this journey has been an emotional roller coaster, but my faith has grown tremendously! I hope my story inspires the rest of you ladies. Wishing each of you many baby blessings!


lola w - November 15

Hi everyone! Karen and Julie- I'm so happy to hear of your news!!! It's incredible and I'm saying prayers for both of you. I've been pretty busy as this litle guy is a full time job!! I can't believe he's 3 weeks old today! The worry I'd been experiencing trying to bring him into this world is nothing compared to the worry I have for him now that he's here. We've been working through our b___stfeeding issues. Its been hard but he's getting better but still can be very lazy when he's nursing and I know he's not getting enough. We've been supplementing as I pump almost all day after feeding so my day is pretty much consumed with feeding Henry. He hadn't been gaining adequate weight according to his dr so it's been our goal to eat eat eat. However, now he's spitting up a lot more and seems to be almost choking at times. Last night in the middle of the night he was all plugged up and gagging with spit up coming out his mouth and nose. It freaked me out beyond belief. I'm wondering if he has reflux? Didn't Will have reflux, Karen? How did you know? What did you do for him? Other than our eating issues, the little guy has been sleeping pretty well and has a great disposition. I love him more and more much that it hurts!! The hormonal drop has been a little daunting poor dh has to deal with two crying people on a daily basis! Otherwise, we're great....I'm so happy with my little guy. He didn't need O2 either (since we're at high alt_tude) which was awesome. Such a drag to tote oxygen around with a little one. Denise and Kristine- how's things in your world? Talk to you all again soon. Any good infant resources you've found online? I don't want to overdo it but need to read up on some things. I'll talk to you all soon!


Kristine - November 17

Oh Lola that sounds scary. I was in Nora's room for every little peep she made. I can't imagine. At 3 weeks, she had a bad cold with a major cough. I had to elevate the ba__sinet. It was rough. Nora is doing very well. She just broke in her third tooth, this time one on top. I am so excited for the holidays. I don't know how she'll be on Santa's lap. lol-----------JULIE, how did you make out with your sono this week? DENISE, how are you?



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