TTC After Natural Miscarriage

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Mrs. K - September 12

I was 6wks 4days pregnant when I had a natural miscarriage in August. The bleeding lasted for 3 weeks and we followed my hcg level down to 5. Has anyone conceived immediately after a natural miscarriage and had a safe pregnancy? My doctor said that we should wait 2 cycles but we would like to TTC as soon as possible.


Amy - September 12

hi Mrs. K i got pg 3wks after my natural m/c and i'm now 17wks 2d:)


Carole - September 12

Mrs. K... I had a natural miscarriage as well on Aug. 25th. I was around 6 1/2 weeks as well. I only bled for about 5 days. I just went on Friday for an ultrasound to check and make sure there was nothing left. Dr. told me since it happened so early that it was okay try right away. I haven't had any problems at all since. I think they want you to wait a couple of cycles so they can date the pregnancy. It has been 2 1/2 weeks since my m/c and now I am having a brownish discharge. Who knows what that is about. I guess it takes a while for your body to heal. I hope this helps. I have been reading another thread as well and a lot of those ladies got pregnant right away with no af. They have been safe so far. Take care!


H - September 12

Mrs. K I had a natural m/c 8/5 (2nd m/c) and pregnant again. Just praying for a safe pregnancy myself! Best of baby luck to you!


Mrs. K - September 13

I'm so glad to hear that there is hope out there. The support that we all get from this site is amazing!!! I am ovulating right now and my DH and I are so excited and happy! I didn't realize that I'd ovulate so soon. I'm wondering if that means that my body is ready for another pregnancy. Amy and H: I am so excited and happy for you! :) I wish you both all the joy in the world! Carole: Maybe you're ovulating like me? I haven't been having any discharge but I have CM and my OPK says I'm ovulating. Good luck :)


Amy - September 13

Ya Mrs.K Get to bding :)


Kandi - September 13

i had my natural m/c at 2 months in june and the doctor advised me to wait 3 to 4 months before ttc again. I bled for about a week afterwards and my next cycle came around right on time and was quite normal. i think i ovulated a couple of days ago according to my ovulation callendar. WE've been trying for about a week straight. i really hope something comes of this. just wiating now and hoping for the best. Good luck to all of you.


Kennedy - September 14

Hi ladies. Well I had a m/c on Aug. 8, was 7wk 4 days preg and had a blighted ovum and m/c naturally. My doctor told me to wait for on AF before TTC but then another doctor said that this is recommended because it's a benchmark to date the pregnancy. Who knows the truth....I think you have to listen to your body and your body will do naturally what it needs to do. None of here wanted to go through a m/c but our bodies did what it thought it needed to do. No AF and after much thought, my husband and I decided after a month after the m/c to do the baby dancing.



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