Ttc After Two M C S

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Q - November 13

Hi everyone, I have had two m/c's this year (last one in august by d&c) and we are ttc again. I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on the bed rest issue. One of my friends had two m/c's and on her third try, she did very little physical activity until her first trimester was over. She is due in november and is having a healthy pregnancy so far. I've always assumed bed rest or decreased physical activity wouldn't matter, but now I'm wondering if I should try it. Let me know you opinion please


michelle - November 13

it depends on why you are resting. i have a succuss rate of 1 in 5. i had bed rest for my daughter as everytime i became too active i would start to have a threattened m/c these bleeds effected the placenta and then later i kept going into labour. this was my 2nd last pregnancy. last time and the ones other then the successful one i did not rest and i lost. at my checkup after d&c we talked about trying again he has said that i will need to give up work as soon as i find out then i will be resting. i also have a lot of things i am not allowed to do around the house as i am not allowed to left over 5kg. (At work i am on my feet 10 hours a day and continually lifting children) but don't think you have to do this. i have too because i continually have bleeds when i am too active which then effect the placenta. why i have bleeds is unknown but it cannot be stopped and happens every time it's just that resting seems to lesson the effect of them. talk to your doctor it may or may not help you but if it does what is 7 months resting really costing you -loss of a wage but you may get a child. if this is your case find a hobby you can do sitting or laying down. i was in hospital from 29 weeks so along with my home bed rest I got some sc___pbooking and cross st_tch done. i am starting to get my photos ready for my next stint.Hopefully it will be soon accept this time it will be harder as i have an 18month old daughter. {people have told me that this will not help and that my doctor is controlling and it is my body and i should do what i want} but lets face it i had success by following my doctors instuctions with my daughter and last time we try the no rest hoping i could have a normal pregnancy but a normal pregnancy for my is bleeds and rest. i wish you lots of luck. as i said talk to your doctor and do what feels right for you.


Q - November 14

Thanks Michelle. Your info is very helpful! Last pregnancies, I didn't lift much, but stayed working on my feet for 8 hours a day-full time. I am now going to school full time to finish my degree and working part time. If I do conceive soon, I was thinking of not working, but still going to school as it's fairly inactive sitting in cla__s using my brain :) My doctor doesn't have a strong opinion, but he also said during my last m/c that any future pregnancy we would monitor much more closely. I did have spotting with my first pregnancy, but not during my second. My doc is quite good and I trust his judgement completely, which is nice. Listening to your doctor is not a bad thing, I think. I hope you have a healthy pregnancy!


Jenn - November 15

I had been told that you can be as active whiile pregnant as you were before. However, I have had 2 mc's this year too and I think next time I will take things easier. I'm to the point now that I will do anything to not lose another one. And it's always better to be safe than sorry.


Q - November 15

that's where I'm at as well. I am willing to do anything to have a healthy pregnancy! I think I'll plan on just taking it easy when we do conceive. Wish me luck!


michelle - November 15

taking it easy is great, you get out of the house work, i had to get my husband and our parents to do all the house work it and shopping etc. it does get frustrating but it is worth it in the end.i hope that it does work for both of you also but don't think it is a fix. i also have other complications during pregnancy and we are hoping the rest will help them also. i wish both of you luck and hope that we all have success soon. have a lovely rest when the time comes .



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