TTC After Your First Period

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Sarah - April 27

Hi, my doctor advised waiting one period to start trying again, but my first period has been so unusual that it doesn't seem like it should count. Has anyone been advised to wait a 2nd cycle?


stephanie - April 27

Sarah My doctor told me to wait intill my third cycle ttc, we didnt though. Nothing happened the first cycle now I am waiting on my second which would come around the third of may. I really hope it does not but I dont wnat to get my hopes up!!!


Sarah - April 27

Stephanie, Wishing you lots of luck!


stephanie - April 28

Thanks Sarah You too when you start ttc again!!!!


Tara - April 28

Sarah: I've also been wondering about this same thing. I was confused b/c my doctor orginally told me we could ttc after one period, so we were excited once I did get mine. I had a check up with her this week and now she is saying to wait one more, if not two more periods. She told me that my chances of having another m/c are slightly higher if we try again. The reason I'm so confused is b/c I hear of so many success stories of people conceiving before they even get their first period and about people who go on to have another m/c after getting pregnant too soon. I think its a judgement call and a hard one to make. My husband & I finally decided we aren't going to try, but if it happens, it happens and we'll have to deal with whatever happens. Good luck at whatever you decide to do. I hope a healthy pregnancy is in the very near future for us both!!


buds - April 28

Hi Tara, Why don't you wait it out? Not to be rude but what is the big rush? Will three months of waiting really make that much of a difference? Why not wait till you are build up the energy and feel a lot better then try?


Tara - April 28

Buds: I think since my doctor told me the first time that we could ttc was after my first period, I just got it set in my head that's when we were going to ttc. It does make since to wait though. I would be so upset with myself if I had another m/c. I would blame it on myself for not being patient. Thanks for your advice.


Jill - April 28

Hi girls. I just went to a new OB/Gyn because I didn't like my other doctors. My old doctor told me I could ttc after my first period, and this one told me to wait until after three because the uterine lining must build up to be able to support an embryo. I am so frustrated because I wanted to ttc right away, and we actually started trying, but now I am scared to death. If I would m/c again, and this doctor said there is a great risk that I will, I would be so upset with myself because then I would have to wait even longer. She said to wait until July, but my husband and I are going to only wait until June, if I can hold out that long. It is so frustrating because not only do you have to wait to ttc, but then it might take awhile to actually conceive. I am so tired of WAITING. I feel like that is all I have done for the past two months. I guess I need to be patient and try to focus on something else. Thanks for listening.


staci - April 28

girls, I hear you on the waiting is agony. my doctor said that we could ttc right away, even w/o gtting a period in between that your body wouldn't conceive if it weren't ready to. she said they like you to wait one cycle but if you were to find yourself pg before an af that it doesnt increase your chance of m/c anymore than it was the first time. it sounds all so confusing, so many dfferent views-what to believe?


Mellissa - April 29

My doctor told me that it really depends on the type of miscarriage you have when you should start ttc. If it happens naturally, he said to go ahead after one cycle... but if you have to get a D&C like I did, it's best to wait 2-3 cycles to give your cervix time to heal. I've heard lots of different things.. but that makes sense to me. Hope it helps!


Sarah A - April 29

I know this may sound crazy...but could somone please tell me what af refers to. I just had a miscarriage on April 15th and I am really new to some of the terms used on some of the different postings. I wish all of you the best and let faith take over and dreams will come true. Thanks


Jamie - April 29

Sarah, af is "aunt flow" or your period. I just miscarried too and I am still learning a lot of the abbreviations too. It took me a few days before I figured it out. hpt is home pregnancy test, bbt is basal body temperature, opk is ovulation prediction kit.....I think that is the main ones.



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