TTC Again In July Excited But Terrified

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hcw - July 6

hi all - so Starting TTC Again in June - Excited but Terrified :) was taking so long to load, and well, now it's July, so here's a new thread good for everybody trying for a bfp this month! let the scary, crazy journey being...


Lynne - July 6

Hey okay, now I found it I posted on the June thread before this one!! Good luck ladies!!


Julie.N - July 6

Hi Everyone! HCW, thanks for starting the new thread!! Just checking in cos i wont be able to post for the next week or so. Our laptop has broke, so we are waiting for it to get repaired! (i am on my mums at the mo!!!) KitCat, look forward to hearing your news when i can next get on here! Cbella, you back from hols yet? Hope you had a geat time! Anyway hope i can check back in soon. Take care all. Bye for now!! xxx


KitCat - July 7

hi everyone....I haven't tested yet. Might help if I bought one first, lol. The temptation is easier to resist when the HPT's aren't in the cupboard at home. DH,DS and myself are going away for the weekend, leaving early Sat. morning and coming home late Sun. night. It's a spur of the moment thing and I have alot to do today to get ready. I'm not sure if I should test Sat. morning or wait till we get back. I still think Sat. may be too early. Either way, I will post the results. Today is cd28,14dpo for me. I hate reading into symptoms because I always seem to do that every darn month which just gets my hopes up. But the last week I've woken up every day slightly nauseated and my bbs are still killing me! They have never hurt this much before with pms. So, we'll see. Oh, and today I have to call our GP and make an appt. for him to see my DS. He's asked me a few times the last week or so if he had a scratch or a bruise underneath his chin, almost where it meets his neck. I kept looking and kept telling him no, that I didn't see anything. Well last night after he brushed his teeth I wanted to look at them and I placed my hand under his chin to lift it up a little and he screamed. There's a lump there now! And of course this is freaking DH and myself out because our niece just had surgery to remove cancer from her neck and she's only 10! Good Grief!! Now I'm worried about that and I was doing so good too at being calm this month. Anyway, sorry this is so long, just wanted to vent a little. If I don't post until Monday, then I didn't test yet. Have a great weekend everyone and good luck for BFP's.


kiza - July 9

Hey girls back from holidays, Glad to see everyone is doing well. We had a great time, kids just loved it 7 theme parks in 7 days. Not my idea of fun, but seeing the expression on their faces was well worth it. I'm in the ttw somewhere I have to check my diary and work out just exactly where. I let it all go when I was away except for the bd'ing lol. Will check back in with you properly later girls. I missed everyone sooooo much. xxxxxx


kiza - July 9

Ok, did a quick diary check and I am cd26 and I am pretty sure I am about 8 or 9 dpo I had pretty strong o pains on the 1st and I was getting ferns with my salive scope. But I also tested saliva on the4th & the 6th and still had a few ferns with dots ( transitional ) I think. Also with being on the clomid they reckon you can O later than normal, so who knows. We b'd quite a bit before and around those times, so I guess I will just wait and see. I'm not real confident of a BFP this month though. Good luck with testing KitCat and I really hope all goes well with your DS. What a real worry this must be for you, thinking of your family over the weekend. JulieN hope you get that lap top fixed soon. Hey Lynne hope you are well. Cbella I hope you have enjoyed your break. Hcw, hello. It is so good to be able to catch up with you girls again. Will check back in the morning. Take care. xxxxx


cbella - July 9

Hey ladies!!! I'm back from the beach and had a great time. I'm actually glad to be back (I really missed my puppy!), but I'm looking forward to another vacation :) I just finished catching up on everyone...great idea to start a new thread. Kitkat my fingers and toes are crossed for you---hope we hear about a bfp AND that all is ok with your ds and his neck/throat. Extra prayers for you! Kiza-that's alot of theme parks-yikes! Okay, now I have to switch back to the other thread to double check what's going on with everyone else. But I'm glad to be back and to be able to hear how everuyone's week went! Oh, by the way, my af came on Wed. of last week. It's ok b/c my fam. doc had said NOT to ttc until meds are straightened out...hopefully that will be soon. I go back and forth between being fine that we have to wait longer and then wanting SO badly to be pg that it's all I can think about. I though I was fine yesterday (with waiting) and then we thought my BIL's girlfriend was pg. I got this weird feeling-maybe jealousy??-b/c I wanted to be the pg one! I instantly felt guilty, but came to find out that BIL proposed to her. That was the big bit of info-not that she was pg. Wow, that was a long "by the way"!! Sorry! Have a beautiful weekend!


KitCat - July 9

Hi ladies.....Well, I knew on Sat. morning when I took my temp that there would be no need for me to waste a HPT. It went from 98.4 to 97.5, which was wayyyy below my coverline. I started spotting late Sat. night and I'm counting today as cd1. Am beginning to think maybe DH is right and we should stop ttc another one. Oddly enough, since I've made the doc. appt. for my son it seems that the lump has gotten smaller a little and he isn't as sensitive to touch as he was before. Still taking him to see the doc in the am though. Good luck to everyone.


SaraH - July 9

Hello all. I am currently at about cd11 so...hoping the end of the week will be good for me. Dh is working nights but since he works 12 hr shifts he only has to work Sun -Tus and every other Wed night. I'm due to O probably about Thur. so I'm glad he has the latter half of the week off. KitCat, sorry to hear that AF showed up. We can hope though that you'll see a bfp at the beginning of August and that today will end up being the 1st day of that 40w count down. Praying too that everything will go well at the doc tomorrow with your ds. cbella, glad to hear that you had a good time at the beach. kiza, wow! 7 parks -sounds like fun but not terribly relaxing. Glad to hear that the kids enjoyed it so much. Hope the tww is going okay for you. Keeping my fingers crossed. HCW thanks for starting the new thread. Lynne and Julie, hope all is well. Love and baby dust.


kiza - July 10

Hey KitCat sorry about that bloody witch showing her ugly head. Don't give up just yet, perhaps next month you will get your long deserved BFP. I'm glad your ds lump seems to be getting smaller, I'd definately still have it checked though......... Hey SaraH, sounds like DH should be off work at the right time. Good luck with the b'ding I hope he isn't too tired after night shift, I know my DH is always knackered after he has done a 12hr night. Cbella, I'm so glad you had a good time at the beach, I think it is just so nice to get away to anywhere that can take your mind off all that has happened. I must admit I was so busy on our hols, I still thought of my DS everyday but I didn't have time to be sad. I really feel like I have finished greiving and I am remembering the good that came out of it ( the 7 hours I got to spend with him before he pa__sed away ) not the why did this happen to me thing. I am definately on the improve but still think this is not my month. Will check back later girls take care. xxxxxxxxxx


Lynne - July 10

Hi Ladies: I hope you are all doing well. So I am in the 2ww I guess. I do believe I ovulated early. I did the OPK and on Wed (07/05) I had two dark lines, so we bd that night. I did another opk the following night and the line was not as dark (no bd that night) then on Friday (07/07 when I was supposed to "O") I did another OPK and sure enough the line had faded more but we did bd that night as well. So I believe I ovulated early. We will see how things go. My angels birthday is coming up (07/19) and inevitably his death date which is 08/31. So I hope to get a bfp before then. I would love to have something positive to think about during this trying time! I hope we hear some exciting and positive news on this thread before long ladies, good luck to us all!! :-)


kiza - July 11

Hi girls hope everyone is having a great day..........Lynne I too am in the ttw. It seems like this is a difficult time for you, I'll be thinking of you and your angel. try and do something special for the b/d and try and treat yourself to a pamper day on the 08/31. It wont make it any easier to deal, but it might help to relax you a bit. Sorry I can't be of anymore help......... KitCat you made any desicions about the ttc yet? I hope you hang in there for a while.........Julie.N you got that comp fixed yet? I'm missing you. Cbella hello to you my lovely, I hope you are in good spirits. SaraH you must be getting ready for a few good days/nights of b'ding. Hope all goes well. I'm still in the ttw, no pregger signs and no af signs yet either. Not to stressed either way. Take it easy girls and will check back with you later. xxxxx


Julie.N - July 11

Hi Girls, Hope everyone is ok! Got computer back this am, and logged on straight away!! Feels like I havnt checked in for a month. I've missed you guys! KITCAT, Hope your DS is ok, hopefully that little lump will be nothing to worry about, and he will get the all clear. I will be praying for good news for you. Pls let us know if everything is ok! And sorry about the spotting too! CBELLA & KIZA, glad u both had great hols! and kiza you're now in the tww yeah? Arrgh , I hate that dont you!!! When are you going to test? LYNNE, Hope u're going ok in the tww too. You have a really difficult time coming up soon, it would be so great for you to have your BFP before then. I am rooting for you!! SARAH, looks like we are just a few days apart, i am now on cd12, and havnt O yet, Hoping i will any day now! Its Lucky your Dh is off thurs so you can make the most of bd!!! HCW, how you doing? You havent posted in a while, Hope everything is ok! Love to all. Check back in later. xxx


KitCat - July 11

Hi ladies...thank you all for the good luck wishes for my ds. The doc said he couldn't find anything wrong with ds, but I kinda knew he would say that since the lump had disappeared. I just wanted him to see him for my own piece of mind I guess. Anyway...I talked to dh last night about ttc and he said he was still willing to try for a couple more months. It kinda makes me feel like he's giving in and is willing to try because in the back of his mind he knows that I won't get pregnant anyway. So that way it looks like he's making me happy, but I really think he doesn't even believe it'll happen. So today is cd3 I guess. I am curious as to if any of you are on clomid. I don't remember if anyone had said so earlier. I hope it goes quickly for everyone who is in the tww. I know how that time can seem to drag on and on. Good luck to everyone.


hcw - July 11

hi ladies, sorry to be quiet for a bit - dh and i had a bit of a meltdown, wherein he insisted that we take at least one month off ttc. i was devasted, as you can imagine and it led to some long tense silent days here. the good news is that i'm fairly certain i o'd this month (felt like i was bursting with it actually, cramping and tons of ewcm) which is good since i was sure that i had stopped. the bad thing of course is that we didn't even try once. i turn 40 in october and he's asking for delays! i don't even know what to say anymore. he doesn't seem to understand/believe me that time is really almost out for me/us. sorry to be all about me, but where i should be in the tww, i'm in the middle of the ocean. yesterday he said he'd be willing to try again in august - we'll see... anyway, maybe it makes the tww seem a little less of a drag for those facing it - it's better than not being the tww. again, sorry to be all about me and a downer at that... but now i'm extra crossing my fingers and sending good sticky baby dust to you all... c'mon bfps!!


Lynne - July 11

Hi HCW: I am sorry your hubby isn't cooperating. They are b___ts like that sometimes. My hubby told me he would prefer not to know when I am ovulating, he says there is too much pressure. I have been studying on this in my mind a bit. I sometimes think that if we don't get pregnant immediately then men seem to think that they are not quite "manly". All men like to think they are virile and can get you pregnant when "they" want to do it. (At least my husband thinks he has super sperm, we will see what happens this month, if I am not preggo then we know thats bull). Maybe this is how your hubby feels. I have tried to explain to Jeff that it takes alot of luck and trying to get pregnant, but in his mind he feels like if he puts the sperm there at the right time, then we will be pregnant. I think if we aren't preggo this month (first official month of trying) then he will understand that it takes actual work to get pregnant and its not as easy as he thinks. Heck, maybe I am nuts, I usually don't overa___lyze anything!! Anyway, I am sorry you feel this way and are having difficulties with your hubby. Maybe this month he can clear his mind and be ready again next month. -L


Julie.N - July 11

Hi again girls! KitCat, Glad your ds got the all clear! Hcw, Sorry to hear you & dh are having a rough patch. I know you must be upset right now about and must feel like this month has been wasted, but try not to let it get you down. As much as we love our dh's i think they dont quite undstand how all this ttc gets to us and affects our day to day lives. We are contstanly thinking about it, whereas for them i dont think the ttc process really affects them. (Does that make sense?) Does he have reasons for wanting to wait a couple of months? (not being nosy, just curious as to why he would say this!) Hope you sort things out soon. ((((Big Hug))))



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