TTC Immediately After A Miscarriage

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lesliedp - August 26

Allijas- I am SO happy for you! Good for you for asking the Dr. to help you out. I hope this will give you peace of mind when you conceive- it sounds like your Dr. has a great plan lined up for you! I hope that the 3rd time will be a success for you! Can't wait to hear more!


lozzy - August 26

Hi AlliJas, Thats great they are willing to do tests, it sounds like you have a great Dr. Hopefully it will be third time lucky for you!! Good luck with the testing, thinking of you and praying for good results!!! Keep us posted with how things go :)


lozzy - August 27

Just a tip Ladies, since buying ovulation and pregnancy tests every month can work out pretty expensive. I just looked on ebay and you can buy them in bulk for pretty cheap, i just got 20 of each test (hopefully I wont need that many tho) for $20 (Australian) just thought id let you know cos I know I spent a fortune on pregnancy tests last time we were TTC :)


TriciaM - August 27

Hello Ladies, Sorry it has been a few days... Well today i am 5 weeks 2 days. Still pretty scared as you never know till the first ultrasound. But extremely happy. I truly wish you all the same luck I had when you try again. It is great to hear so many stories that are like your own and to know we are all out there to support one another.


lesliedp - August 27

Tricia- keep us updated! I am so excited for you! lozzy and everyone else- if y'all have Dollar Tree stores by you (US store) there is a great secret I just learned from my TTC friends- they have both Ovulation Predictor kits AND Pregnancy tests for ONE DOLLAR! Wow! Awesome! I bought several of each- can't beat the price! Just wanted to pa__s that on!


Daisygirl - August 28

Hey everyone! Thank you for making me feel a little more positive about things. I just found out today that I had a miscarriage...I had my suspicions a couple days ago though. It was a natural miscarriage and incredibly painful...thank goodness pregnancy isn't supposed to feel like that. I think morning sickness would be much better that what I experienced. Reading your messages has made me feel so much better about things. I'm not ready to start trying right away...but maybe next month. The u/s I had yesterday showed I have a cyst on one of my I'd like to make sure everything is ok in that dept. first. Take care everyone and I wish you luck and happiness with everything.


lesliedp - August 28

Hi Daisygirl- I am so sorry for your loss today. I know that the first few days can be so raw feeling- I hope they will pa__s quickly for you and that you will soon find new strength and happiness. You seem to have a great att_tude! Please keep us posted- I wish you all the best when you decide to try again!


TriciaM - August 28

Daisygirl, I am so sorry, sure just brought a lot of emotions. You seem extremely strong and definitely let yourself heal and get mentally ready for the next time. Keep us posted on everything.


Daisygirl - August 29

TriciaM and lesliedp, thank you so much for your sympathies. I kinda had a feeling that something was wrong anyway because I had had a lot of spotting for the last 2 I didn't let myself get too excited about the I kinda prepared myself ahead of time...but it still didn't help much when I found out for sure yesterday. I don't think you can ever be too prepared for that. I'm sorry for your losses as well and I hope everything works out for you both. TriciaM...congrats and good luck at the ultrasound...I'll have my fingers crossed for you.


lozzy - August 30

Hi Daisygirl, so sorry to hear of your loss. You have definatly come to the right place for support, this forum has been great in helping me get through this. The first week is definatly the hardest but it does get easier and you seem like you have a positive att_tude which is good. Keep us posted :)


TryingTa__sie - September 1

Hi Everyone, it has been a week or so since I last posted. Daisygirl I am so very sorry - I can understand when you say that you think it is ok because you have prepared yourself for the worse... but it is still a terrible shock. I hope you are travelling ok and I wish you every luck for next time. Well my husband and I had a lovely warm holiay with my family, we took a very casual TTC approach this months I ovulated during that time.. so who knows! I am not too concerned this month, if it doesn't happen then it will give me a chance to get my dates all back in line as it is only 3 weeks since my D & C. How are you all going? Would love to hear from you all.


lesliedp - September 1

Hey TryingTa__sie- Wow that is wonderful! Keep us posted! I am waiting on the BIG O- this is day 16 so it will be a long cycle- when did y'all OV after a M/C? Hope everyone is well!!!


lozzy - September 1

Hi TryingTa__sie, glad you and your hubby had a nice holiday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!! :) Hi Lesliedp, I ovulated a week and a half ago which was exactly 3 weeks after i miscarried, so am doing the dreaded two week wait at the moment. Been feeling really tired this last week, been in bed by 8.30 every night so hoping thats a good sign but I could just be run down.


TryingTa__sie - September 2

Hi Lozzy, that is so exciting I will have my fingers crossed for you... that d__n two week wait.... I hope the time goes fast for you so you can find out one way or another! Hi Lesliedp - lets hope the BIG O comes soon. I OV after 3 weeks from the D & C.


AlliJas - September 2

Hi Everyone, TryingTa__sie - glad you had a nice holiday - crossing my fingers that you will be pg this month! Lesliedp & lozzy - good luck this month as well, the waiting is never easy! I am waiting for my period since my d&c - will be 5 weeks this Friday....just want to get back to normal!!! I think I OV a week and a half ago but wasn't normal (which my doc said probably won't be). I have always been regular with my cycles and knew exactly when everything was happening, the wait is killing me. We hope to start ttc after 2 periods, so this is only holding me up..grrr:=) All the best to everyone!


lesliedp - September 3

He girls- thank you for letting me know that! I am on Day 18- using the Clearblue fertility monitor, charting AND regular OV kits- (stocked up on them at the dollar store)! I got a high on the computer but no oV yet and no positive on the kits. I feel better knowing it took y'all 3 weeks- thanks for letting me know and I will keep you posted! GOOD LUCK everyone!



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