TTC Immediately After A Miscarriage

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lesliedp - September 3

He girls- thank you for letting me know that! I am on Day 18- using the Clearblue fertility monitor, charting AND regular OV kits- (stocked up on them at the dollar store)! I got a high on the computer but no oV yet and no positive on the kits. I feel better knowing it took y'all 3 weeks- thanks for letting me know and I will keep you posted! GOOD LUCK everyone!


lozzy - September 3

Hi everyone, how are we all doing? AlliJas - I know how you feel about wanting to get back to normal. I'm the same I hate not knowing what is going on with my body, especially as my cycle has always been so regular. Lesliedp - got my fingers crossed that you ovulate soon. Let us know how you go. Tricia - how you going? you must be pretty close to having your ultrasound by now? Got my fingers crossed for you too, hope all goes well, keep us posted!! well as for me, the wait is killing me lol. Its been 5 weeks tomorrow since i miscarried. No sign of my period yet, did a test a few days ago but it was negative but its prob too early to test but I couldnt help myself haha. Still really tired and felt sick yesterday but I think at the moment I'm just looking for symptoms that might not even be there. Gonna do a test on sunday if I dont get my period by then so fingers crossed!


lesliedp - September 5

Hey lozzy- I am so thinking of you for tomorrow!!! Keep us posted! I am always guilty of taking the preg. tests so early LOL! I am awaiting OV- I will definitely let y'all know as soon as I get that dark line! Man I hope it is this weekend- today is day 20!


lozzy - September 6

Thanks Lesliedp but unfortunately I got my period yesterday :( I'm not really too bothered tho this month cos at least now I know my body is back to normal and when I do get pregnant it will be easier to track.


TryingTa__sie - September 6

Hi Lozzy, very sorry to hear you got your period yesterday. I am in exactly the same boat as you.. at the moment I am not 100% sure where my cycle is... if I am right then my period is due next Tuesday... so I guess I will just have to wait and see but like you I am also ok with it.. because at least if I do get my period then I am going to know my dates for next time!! Goodluck!!!


lozzy - September 6

Thanks TryingTa__sie, its horrible not knowing where your cycle is isnt it? It was surprisingly a sense of relief to get my period cos at least now I know where my cycle is at, I just hated not knowing. Am going to the drs tomorrow tho cos just dont feel right if that makes sense, still feeling really tired and run down not sure if its to do with the miscarriage or something else? anyone else feel like that or is it just me?


lesliedp - September 7

lozzy- I am sorry about AF but like you said it is good now that you will know where your cycle is! Good luck! Start the countdown! Did you go to the DR yet? I'm STILL awaiting OV- day 22 UGH!


lozzy - September 7

Hi lesliedp - yep ive started the countdown ive got it all marked on my calendar so I can track it easier. My poor boyfriend lol i think he thinks ive gone crazy! went to the drs this morning they just did blood tests to check my iron levels, he didnt seem too worried he said its pretty normal to feel like that after what your body goes through after a miscarriage. Your still waiting, you poor thing I hate waiting. I wouldnt worry tho ive read it can take up to 6 weeks but I really hope you dont have to wait that long. Hopefully it will happen in the next few days. keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!


lesliedp - September 8

lozzy- I am glad that things look good by your Dr! are you taking vitamins? Ugh- the waiting is CRAZY! LOL! I am on day 23 and just hoping with all my might that it will happen soon! Thanks for thinking of me! I promise to keep you posted- at this point we could probably almost OV at the same time! LOL!


lozzy - September 8

I'm still taking my prenatal vitamins and iron tablets but no other vitamins, ill see what the Dr says when I go back to get my blood test results next week. Well im on day 4 at the moment, im not too sure when I usually ovulate as ive never charted before we just left it to chance last time. I hope you ovulate before I do cos I know the wait must be driving you crazy, its horrible not knowing what our bodies are doing.


lesliedp - September 8

you are too funny! Yep- it drives me crazy but it would be great if we both OV soon!!! I hope we do! This is making me crazy though- the daily "let-down" on the negative OPK is making me nutz!!! Here's hoping though......


TryingTa__sie - September 9

Hi Guys, Lozzy and lesliedp your posts have been great and have really been keeping me going!!Lesliedp I really really hope you ov soon.... I can totally understand how the negatives make you feel!!! Our d__n bodies.... why do we go through this!! :-) and Lozzy it must be a nice feeling to have your cycle back on track.. although I am sorry you didn't get a positive result ... Well.. I have absolutely no idea what is going on... today is 4 weeks since my D&C.. although it feels like months ago.. and I was 90% sure I had AF the following Tuesday which would mean I am due this coming Tuesday... IF I was right... my husband keeps asking me when I will know.. and I keep having to tell him that I really don't know at the moment!! My husbands father was also diagnosed with a brain Tumour last Thursday.. so the last week for us has not been a good one... I must admit though it has taken my mind of the pregnancy thing.... which is porbably good!! I will keep you posted as to how things turn out next week!!


lesliedp - September 9

Hey Tryingta__sie! Your post makes me smile! It is great that we have a little network on here isn't it!? I am so sorry about your FIL- God bless and i hope he will be able to make his way through treatment. I hope AF will be regular for you- the waiting is soooo crazy! I know that one day I will look back at this.. but for now I just sooooo want to OV! I will def. keep y'all posted- let us know how things go for you and your family.


lesliedp - September 9

One more question girls- for those who said they OV'd 3 (ish) weeks after the M/C.. was that INCLUDING the 6 days or so f the M/C or was that 3 weeks after the last day of bleeding? Just wanted to check that! XO-L


lozzy - September 9

TryingTa__sie - I'm so sorry to hear about your Father in law. Keep us posted with how everything turns out. Thinking of you. I know I love our little group lol, its so good being able to talk to people who understand what your going through, because as much as they try guys just dont get it, well mine doesnt anyway haha. lesliedp - your still waiting?? :(I ovulated 3 weeks after the first day of bleeding.


lesliedp - September 9

lozzy- yep- STILL waiting!! AGH!!!!!!! Gonna loose it! LOL! And thanks for the timing info- maybe 4 will be my lucky week.......



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