TTC Immediately After A Miscarriage

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CRUSHED - November 12

HI all im new to this forum but i have read everybody success 31y old and i've been diag with pcos for 3ys but al my teenage yrs i always have irregular i was put on bc for ever so went i met my dh i got off bc and ttc with no success so my ob send me to see a fertility dr who diag me with pcos and put me on metformin and after 3mts give me a rx for clomid who im suppose to take 3-7 so on sept when i didnt see my periods i was thinking well now i have to wait for oct.i feel so sick tired nausea sore i decided to take a pregnancy test come back positive i was over joy and my dh at 2am wake up every body in his family to let them know of the good news.the following week went to my dr have an us no heart bit i was 5.5 weeks preggo.send me for hcg it was 300 so 2days later for another 316 after 4days 373 so the dr told me that it was ectopic i was crushed i cried my eyes out anyway went to the hospital i hopte to get the shot cuz i didnt want no surgery cuz i cant efford to loose a tube.i hade a dr appt yeterday my hcg level went back to 14 thank dr state i can try again after the holliday or when i get a normal pd.the emotion that come with losing ur first baby word can discribe it... so now i have a rx for clomid so im just waitting baby dust to all of u


jodie - November 12

Hey ladies! I am new to this forum too! I am supposed to be 9 weeks but after 2 weeks of ultrasounds and nothing forming after my gestational sac and yolk sac, my doc recomended a D&C which I will be getting on wednesday. I plan on ttc right away also. You guys seem like a great support if you don't mind I'm sure I will be back!!


bramirez1727 - November 16

Hey everybody. I also am new to this board, and was happy to find it because it helps me to understand more about my miscarriage. I had a D&C on Oct. 13. I was 10 weeks pregnant and it was my first baby. My boyfriend of seven years and I would like to get pregnant again ASAP. I'm just so confused about everything that is happening with my body. Since the surgery, I've been spotting off and on. It hasn't really stopped. Is this normal? It's been a little over a month now. I can't tell if the bleeding is my regular cycle or if I'm still bleeding from the surgery. I still cramp and have been throwing up and feel dizzy. I actually visited my doctor about a week ago because I thought I was pregnant again. I was so excited, but I turned out not to be. I have five sisters and I'm the only one that has no kids. My whole family was very excited about me being pregnant. It is so heartbreaking. How long should it take for my cycle to be normal again. My doc said I can try again after my first regular cycle.


oyesok - November 19

hello bramirez1727 & everyone else...... i'm very sorry for your loss!! i aslo experienced a miscarriage in sept at 8 weeks but unlike you i had a natural dr told me that it takes a little longer for your body to regulate after a d&c but 3-6 months is the range of course everyone is different so it depends on your body... & for all the ones who dont believe that you are super fertile after a m/c im living proof!! i didnt believe it thought it was all hog wash well made a fool outta me!! i m/c in sept had a period in oct and pregnant in nov due july soooo good luck with future pregnancies and healthy happy babies!!!!!!!!!!!


bramirez1727 - November 19

Hello oyesok...thank you so much for replying. This whole ordeal has been so frustrating for me. I just got off the phone with my doc. I had my d&c on Oct. 13 and have kept bleeding (spotting). He said it's normal, but not. He said if I don't have my cycle within the next two weeks, I should schedule an appointment to see him. It's scary because I have been having pregnancy symptoms and have taken home pregnancy tests almost daily, just to make sure. I want a baby so badly; I just pray that my body will hurry up and get back to normal. Congrats on the good news! I hope I can have one soon, too.



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