Ttc Right After M C

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A.W. - July 16

Has anybody ttc right after m/c even though dr. says to wait 3 mo.? My dh and I don't really want to wait as this is our 2md m/c. First one in feb. and 2nd one july 7. We waited the first time, but we don't want to wait another 3 mo. I don't want to upset my dr., but I here so many stories of succesful preg. right after m/c.Any opinions or suggestions?


Christina - July 17 doctor told me to wait 2 periods and another told me to wait 3. Based on what I have been reading from this site, many women start to try right away. Some seem ok that they will be able to have healthy baby to term and some say they have miscarried again. It was my first pregnancy and md m/c. I also think it has alot to do with the person, if you are healthy and taking care of yourself, you may be ok. It is very scary. My husband and I were going to wait 3 mos. to start ttc again. I am actually scared that I might be pregnant now only 4 weeks after d&c. I will be able to take a test next week. But I am worried at the same time. I have tried to see what other have done and read their stories...I wish all the best...


Q - July 17

AW, I have just been told that I am going to miscarrry for a second time. I am having a really hard time trying to decide if we should wait or try again right away. My first m/c was in Feb as well, so we had waited two month to try again last time. I know many people go on to a successful third pregnancy, but I am scared of going through this all again. High hopes, not knowing, and ultimate disappointment. But if I don't try, then we won;t even have the chance. My doctor advised me to wait until physically I have had one period. Then we can try whenever we want, but to be careful emotionally as it's pretty hard. Anyways, keep us posted on what you decide. I'd like to know how things turn out for you!


A.W. - July 17

Thanks ladies! I am just so torn. My heart says try again now, but my mind makes me think of all the things that might or could go wrong. I would just hate to get preg. to quickly only to have another m/c. My dr seems to think that everything will be fine next time, but he also said that after the first m/c. Good luck Christina if you are preggers so quickly. Hope all goes well, please keep us updated.


Kim - July 18

I specifically addressed this issue with my doctor after my miscarriage 3 weeks ago - you have no higher chances of miscarrying a pregnancy immediately after a miscarriage then you would any other pregnancy. Some women miscarry a second time, some don't, whether you wait 3 months or not at all. The chances are still 1 in 5 no matter what the circ_mstances (unless, of couse, there is some other medical or genetic problem). For me personally, I just had the most fertile cervical fluid I have EVER had and there's no d__n way I'm missing out...if my body is ready to conceive again it will, and if not, it won't. Happy trying!


A.W. - July 18

Thanks for the chuckle Kim!! I agree, if my body is ready to ov. then why not give it a shot!!


Kim - July 18

AW, You're welcome! I hope I don't sound too glib - my heart goes out to you that you have been through this twice, and of course - would NEVER want to experience this again...what a total hell. I am so sorry for you. I wish you ALL THE BEST with each pregnancy and all of your sweet babies to come!


Christina - July 18

Hi ladies... Unfortunately, we all know first hand how difficult this is and it is amazing to me how strong us women are. I will keep you posted...xoxo and luck to all...


LadyJ - July 20

Despite my doctor's advice to wait 3 months, I'm going to try again right away. I'm trusting that when I'm meant to be pg again, then I will be, whether I wait or not.


Jenny - July 22

AW, I m/c about same time you did on july 6. I was 6 wks along and it was my first pregnancy. I am ttc right away but have no idea when i'm going to o since my cycle is out of whack now.


Christina - July 22

well, i took a test today (which based on my calculations), I would expect my period on Sun. So I thought it would be an ok time to take the test. I got a negative. So I am staying positive. I still haven't gotten my period, so I don't know for sure yet. AND if I do get my will be my second one after my d&c, so we can start ttc again. Thanks for all your support!


Melody - July 22

Just wanted to let you know, A.W. that I was 2-3 weeks pregnant and I miscarried on July 1. My husband and I are trying again right away. I just wondered if anyone knows if there might be any higher chances of another m/c if I don't have a period inbetween pregnancies?


LadyJ - July 24

Melody, My doctor said there's a SLIGHTLY higher risk of m/c if we conceive within 3 months of my m/c. However, she also said that although the dr.s might recommend we wait 3 months, it's not a big deal if I'm pregnant before then. I'm not trying too hard, but I'm not avoiding bd'g on my fertile days, either. I'm trusting that if I'm meant to conceive and carry to term, then I will.


A.W. - July 24

Well ladies I o'd on the 20th and, well let's just say we didn't do anything to prevent it!! he! he! So I'm now 4 dpo, the dreaded waiting game begins! I still have some aim preg tests that detect 20miu/ml, so maybe I can test at 10-12 dpo. Wish me luck!! baby dust to all!!


Kim - July 25

AW and CHRISTINA, Congratulations!!!! I know, I know, you don't know anything yet, but I figure that everybody can use a congratulations after going through something like this. So AW, congratulations on ovulating and Christina, congtratulations on not getting your period yet!! I think I am about 10-12 dpo, and I took a pg test this morning - still negative. So I am in Christina's boat right now...that is so frustrating! But no period yet, so I just have to wait it out and see. I'm trying not to take more than one pg test a day, but that's really hard to control. I have those early detector pg tests, which, did NOT work on predicting my first pregnancy...I didn't find out until I was past 5 weeks! So maybe there's still hope that I'm pregnant this time around. I hope you both get good news!!!! Let us know what happens.


Christina - July 25

I did get my af. So, I have to look on the bright side and think that we can ttc right after. My doc. also told me to wait 2 periods. Kim, thanks again for your support. Please keep us posted!


Kim - July 26

Christina, just posted to you on another link. I am really, really sorry. I know you were kind of thinking it felt right for you to wait for a couple of cycles, based on what your doctor told you and how you feel about it emotionally, but I can imagine it is still hard to have a period anyway. I hope this will be week 1 of your next pregnancy and best of luck to you this month. Can't wait to get an update.



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