TTC Right After Very Early Miscarriage

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ry - November 7

I know everyone and everything says to wait at least one cycle before ttc again after a miscarriage but I have a question...I just miscarried last week (I was about 5 weeks along). I took 4 pregnancy tests because the positive results were so light I thought I was imagining them but after 4 tests I realized they were real enough. And I was ESTATIC!!!! My dh and i were so excited to have another baby on the way. BUT I ended up bleeding on sunday and Monday morning an u/s revealed no sac and my blood test actaully said I was NOT pregnant. So I am very confused. I know I was pregnant, I even had symptoms but my doc said my levels must have dropped very low, very quickly and I must have been very early in pregnancy. The thing is, if I didnt know any better i would have just thought my period was a couple days late and a little heavier than usual. so do I still have to wait to concieve again? I am really having a hard time with all this and just want to be pregnant again! sorry so long, thanks for reading


Tory1980 - November 7

I didn't wait after my first miscarriage at 6 weeks and we let things occur if they were meant to. I ovulated late (was charting after second baby) and fell pregnant straight away. He is now 18 months old! Doctors ask for one period for two reasons (or so I was told by my doctor) - one, to date another pregnancy and two, to make sure the woman is ready. If you are both ready to try again then do so, if you need a little bit of time then take it. Good luck on whatever you decide.


april baby - November 8

ry - Sorry for your loss. I say go for it!! My dh and I started ttc right away and I was 10w3d when I m/c. Good luck to you and take care. It will happen.


larsoe - November 8

Hi ry, I had an m/c at 5 weeks too and was very excited when I got the positive because my dh and I had been preparing for it. (Just didn't expect it to happen on the first try). Anyway my doctor said to wait one period and so we haven't been TTC but my AF still hasn't shown up and it's been 6 weeks now for me. So hopefully your body gets back on schedule faster than mine is. I know how you feel but just one word of advice. Make sure you are really ready to try again because for me right after mine happened all I wanted was to be pregnant again too. I'm glad I am taking time out to sort out my feelings though, it's helping me heal. It is definetly a personal preference thing though so if you are ready, go for it!


cyndilea1973 - November 9

Ry--I just had the same type of thing happen to me a couple of weeks ago! I was expecting af and after a couple of days of waiting took pg test and it was negative..but checked a couple mins later and it was faint pos.had blood drawn and hcg was 17..started spotting..redraw on blood and levels were HEAVY af next day..doc said it was just a late af..yeah right..I knew I was pg..I would consult doc, but I would see no reason why you couldn't try again right away. Was this your only m/c?



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