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AmyF - February 22

Just wondering if anyone has had any luck ttc this week. I m/c 3 weeks ago and haven't seen any sign of af returning, but we started ttc again. Anyone at the same timeframe as me? I'm surprised I am actually okay with ttc again. (Well.. this week anyway.) It's so nice to know that somewhere out there... someone is in the same boat as me. <hugs> to you all.


Kelly G - February 22

Same here. I miscarried back in January, around the 21. We have been trying to conceive since a week after the miscarriage. No sign of af or a little bun in the oven, so who knows. Any idea on how long you should go without getting your period after a m/c before seeing the doctor?? It's only been a month for me, but just wondering. Hopefully the next time I have to go will be because I have a positive hpt!! Hugs and baby dust to all!


S- - February 22

I had a D&E on the 28th, so right there with you. We started ttc about 2 weeks after. Not sure what's going on with my body- brown watery dicharge and dk brown cm (stretchy). Also have some symptoms, btu not sure if they are af or pg. related. It's tough! Good luck to you both!


mulgajill - February 22

Well.. my m/c was december '04, had two periods since, the second one normal.... so am well and truly ready to ttc... did the ovulation predictor kit over the last three days (first time using one of these)... today got a positive... so there is an egg in the pipelines... eggs take on great significance at my age (over 40)... so will be getting busy tonight (Wed morning here in Australia now).... glad i got the soccer down on video earlier... this will make the man happy... he can watch AFTER.... and good luck to everyone.. *****babydust***** :-)


Alex - February 22

I had a D&C Nov 2004 and got my first period on Jan 11 2005. It has been 6 weeks and after 4 negative HPTs and 1 negative blood test (just got results today), I think I am ovulating since I have increased discharge (clear, wet). This would be in line with my normal cycle but my doctor cannot explain why I missed my period due on Feb 8. So we will work on ttc over the next couple of days and I'll see what happens next month!! I just turned 36 this year -- think I may try the ovulation predictor kit too!!


AmyF - February 23

Mulgajill- is the predictor kit hard to do? Good luck with it!!! I am 29 this year, so I'm not trying to rush, but I would like to finally be a mommy. No symptoms of AF coming close, so we'll see if she visits this weekend or not. I would like to try the ovulation predictor kit, but I think that I want to take things as they go. Maybe if I think I don't 'rush' it, everything will be okay with the next pregnancy? Everyone keeps telling me that I will get pg soon, but the waiting.... it can drive a gal insane. ~~BABY DUST~~


mulgajill - February 23

AmyF.... yes it was easy to do... five in a pack... start testing on day 10 if you have a 28 day cycle... (full instructions included) the tests will be negative until you produce the hormone which signals ovulation is imminent... have to start early so you dont miss out the positive day...only took 3 days (once you have a pos there is no need to do more)... some people have to use heaps... probably most useful if you are older or have irregular cycles... the first positive means the egg is on it's way, not that you have already ovulated, and as it is a long trip for the sperm they have to get in early to be there to meet it...


CP - February 23

For the first time in my life, I am hoping my period comes QUICKLY after the m/c so that we can ttc again. I m/c two weeks ago, no signs of ovulation, dunno how long I have to wait??????


mulgajill - February 23

CP.... I was the same... counting the days to my period... normally it is not something i am anticipating with excitement! Mine took 30 days...


Kelly G - February 24

I haven't had any signs of ovulation, af, nothing! I took a pg test on Saturday morning since it had been about 30 days since the miscarriage, I knew it would be negative. My period was never normal unless I was on the pill, so I don't know what to expect. Isn't thw waiting game horrible?


AmyF - February 24

Yes... the waiting game is sooo horrible. AF... where are you?!? The ovulation test sounds soooo cool! To know exactly what is going on inside is such a wonderful thing. GOOD LUCK with it! Lots of Baby Dust!! On a side note,I normally have a 30 day cycle, so I'm hoping I start this weekend. I have another friend (everyone is getting preggo around me) which completes the circle of everyone I hang out with are now pg. She thinks she is having symptoms, but she is young (21), so I don't know. I actually was okay with her telling me so I think I am doing better.


mulgajill - February 24

I think the ovulation test is coool too... now i know what that crampy thing that happens every so often is... yeah, ovulation, funny how one can go through life not knowing what is going on with our bodies .... now, you girls are waiting for af to come.... i am gonna start waiting for it NOT to come... a long two weeks.... :-)


S- - February 24

I'll be happy either comes or not. That way if she doesn't come yeah US, but if she comes- quicker I can try again. I am so impatient and HATE waiting!!


AmyF - February 24

I found this interesting... (for those of us waiting for af) ... Whether or not to start charting right away after a miscarriage is a personal decision. You may decide that you need to take time out, or you may find it especially gratifying to be able to see your fertility return after a miscarriage. You can chart immediately after a miscarriage, but check with your doctor to determine whether or not it is recommended to try to conceive right away. For charting purposes, the first day of your new cycle can be the first day of your miscarriage (full bleeding) if no D&C is required. If a D&C is required, you can start a new chart for the day of the procedure. Enter "menses" to start a new cycle and make a note of the circ_mstances in the notes section of your chart. If you were charting the cycle of your miscarriage, you should enter "miscarriage" on that chart. You may also decide to exclude that cycle from your cycle statistics as it will show an unusually long luteal phase length. Trying after a loss often adds another dimension to the trying to conceive experience. It is not unusual to be grieving your loss while still remaining hopeful and excited about trying again. You may feel anxious and concerned about the possibility of another loss. Your friends and family may be unaware of your loss, or they may not understand the depth of your grief. If you feel like you need support and understanding, the community "circles" on Fertility Friend may be especially helpful during this time.


Kelly - February 25

Hey can someone explain to me What is ttc?


mulgajill - February 25

kelly... ttc... trying to concieve..


AmyF - February 28

Well, the weekend came and went... still no af. How irritating!?!!



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