Two Positive Test Bleeding And Worried

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dsmom - December 1

this question probly gets asked alot but anyway,,,My period was expected around the 24th it didnt come and I started to feel sick, the regular pregnacie symptoms so I took a test on the 27th,,it was positive,the next morn i took another one and it was positive, so i called the doc to make an appointment its booked for mon,,but this whole week ive had bad cramps just thought it was normal cuz i had it with my daughter,,,but today i started bleeding, its just like a normal period,,,ive read about it on the internet but im still scared im having a early miscarriage, just want to hear if anyone else had this happen to them.. its hard not to stress and i know if i go to the hospital they wont do anything,,, ?


stefkay - December 1

Hi dsmom, I know this is a very scary thing! It sucks on a weekend too...I would call the dr's office back on Monday and see if there is any way to squeeze you in for a beta hcg blood test. A quant_tative test will tell your level of hcg by number. Then you would go back 48 hours later and have it done again. If the number is either going down or not doubling between the 2 numbers then it is most likely a miscarriage. If you can't get in right away (and I'm sure they can accommodate you especially since you are bleeding) maybe get some cheap tests and do them until you can get in. If they get lighter then it could be a bad sign, although pregnancy tests are NOT a reliable measurement tool to go by. Only the blood tests. Good luck to you and I pray it is only early pregnancy bleeding.


caras - December 1

Hi dsmom, I also know how scared you must be right now. I've been there 5 times myself. If the bleeding is as heavy as a period and it is a__sociated with cramps and you're pa__sing some small tissue matter as well, I'm so sorry, but it is likely an early miscarriage. If there is no tissue matter, or clots, and the bleeding and cramps improve, then it may have just been a threatened miscarriage. In any case, if you can at all try to relax and keep your feet up as much as possible until you see the doc (this does not prevent or stop a miscarriage, but it certainly can't hurt). If you're way too stressed, then it is perfectly fine to run to the ER and get checked out. They can perform a blood test and give you advice on what to do next. This may sound awful, but if you do find any tissue matter, you may want to save it in a sterile jar because your doc may ask for it to do further testing. I really hope that it is not a miscarriage. There have been many stories of women who continued to have "periods" during pregnancy. Try to stay positive and I wish you the best of luck.


dsmom - December 2

Well all night i was cramping and bleeding heavy and pa__sing big clots so im sure it was a early miscarriage. Im going to the doctor tommorow. What do they do when this happens. Is there a test to show I had a miscarriage this early?


stefkay - December 2

I would still go to the dr. and get a blood test. Take your pregnancy tests in too if you still have them. If the hcg is already out of your system it can't be technically in your medical history as a miscarriage, but YOU can count it and I'm sure your doctor will take note too. It just won't be a doc_mented pregnancy with test results, etc. If this is your first, sadly most doctors won't do much in the way of testing, etc. because miscarriages, especially early ones are pretty common. Most women go on to have healthy pregnancies even if they get pregnant pretty soon after the loss. Usually after 3 losses in a row is when doctors will do miscarriage testing, but sometimes after 2 if you push it. But, if you have a family history of clotting disorders, miscarriage, birth defects, etc. then your's may be proactive and test sooner.


caras - December 2

I'm so sorry for your loss. It is still important to get checked out to make sure that your hcg levels go back to 0, or at least less than 5. The good news is that your less likely to need a D&C since you were so early in your pregnancy. Just make sure that you have a caring and thorough doctor. I've actually had a doctor not believe that I miscarried because by the time they could squeeze me in, my levels were already back to 0. Needless to say, I no longer go to that doctor. Another important thing to be aware of is that if you are RH negative, you may need a Rhogam shot. Many doctors forget this small but crucial detail. Again, I'm so sorry. Early miscarriages are much more common than most realize so it is very likely that you will be able to go on and have another healthy pregancy.



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