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sashasmama - October 13

I just found out from my blood work results (after having one healthy preg. and 2 miscarriages in a row) that I have a blood clotting disorder...Factor 5 Leiden...and something is up with protein Anexin also. My dr. told me that all I would need is a baby aspirin every day. But I've read a lot about it not being as effective as heparin AND aspirin would be together, but my dr. said that I don't need a prescription blood thinner. What do you think? Any suggestions greatly appreciated. And question number two, I've started having very mild cramps between my periods, no bleeding or anything. I've never had any cramps besides when I'm on my period, so this is kind of scary. Is this normal?


cynnababy - October 13

Lena, I am not familiar with any of the clotting disorder you mentioned, but i want to wish you good luck!! if you are not comfortable with your doctor's decision, get a second opinion.


Tasman Bay Butterfly - October 13

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that being on prescription strength bloodthinners is pretty hardcore stuff. If the Dr. thinks aspirin is sufficient, then I would go with that for now. Heparin is really hardcore and is usually by IV or injections. Living on prescription blood thinners can be very difficult as any cuts or bruises you get can be very difficult to manage. I had a friend that has to be on prescription blood thinners for life and it is very frustrating to live with. If it is not critical for your health, I would not pursue this. I also have family members on prescription blood thinners and it can really make life miserable at times, think about your period, if you have hemorrhoids, etc. I also work in the medical field. As far as the cramping between periods, I would not worry, just monitor whether or not this is a new pattern every month. Hope this helps!



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