Type Of Work And Miscarriage

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~alone~ - April 20

I wanted to thow this question out to everyone & if they would be able to shed light into this. I have 3 year old son. I recently had a miscarriage Feb 4th - the fetus ceased to grow at 10 weeks and I found out at a routine ultrasound at 12 weeks. My question is, does the type of work that my husband may do affect the sprem? My husband works with chemicals to get rid of oil/grease in kitchens...When I had my son, he did not do this type of work...so I wanted to know if anyone had some thoughts....but then again it may be because I experienced severe morning sickness 24/7. There times where I would go to sleep hungry because I was too sick to eat anything...could this be it?? I just feel as though there was something that I did which I could have controlled to prevent this! I'm just frustrated, perhaps still not over it...what adds to all of this is that I know 3 people that I work with who are pregnant as well...and my best friend is also due when I should have been....I know things happen for a reason...God does know best and works in mysterious ways...but ... it's just one of those days I guess :(


elyse - April 21

hello alone first i would like to say sorry for your loss, we all look for reasons why we m/c, the what if? i blamed my self for being so anxious after so many years difference from my last two children even to the point had to have blood pressure tablets, and i know i worried over nothing really,but at the end of the day there is nothing we did or could have done to prevent the m/c unless you have a medical problem of course. I f you are worried about your husbands job ask your dr he will know about those types of risks with chemicals and may ease your wondering as for the morning sickness i had that all through with my first son and went hungary as you did and he was fine . you must not blame your self for any of it it's just nature i suppose. take care and good luck.


~alone~ - April 21

hi elyse - thanks for the kind words...yeah i was thinking of asking my Dr. about the solvents that may be harmful but i thought i'd ask this question on the forum...i actually found this link by fluke and it's been one of the best things for me...it's helped me quite a lot to understand and to know that I am not alone there are other people who have gone through what I have and some have even gone though worse .... i'll be going for my yearly physical at the end of May hopefully if all goes well we'll try again and this time i pray that all goes well! again elyse thanks for the kind words :)



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