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anasta - January 30

We just found out yesterday during ultrasound that I have blighted ovum... meaning, there is a sack, but no baby is visible at 9 weeks. We are devastated for sure! I am 36, we conceived after 3-4 months of trying and were so happy. I feel terrible emotional pain. The worst thing is that the sack is still in so I was given pills to take which will cause me to miscarry it, or they will do an D&G. It was such a devastating experience to look at the screen and see that empty sack!!!! I would not wish it on my worst enemy. My husband is a physician and he was with me and he could not even keep it cool and started to cry with me in front of his colleagues...I am so worried. We want children and I am so pesimistic now...God Bless you all and may you find piece. Please wish me the same.


Kristin72 - January 30

I am so sorry for your loss. If this was your first loss there is a high chance that it was just a fluke that this happened. This however does not heal the scars of a loss..so I am truly sorry for that. I am 41 and have had 5 losses (3 within the last year)but am currently pregnant and saw the heartbeat at 6w5d. I am now 8 weeks hoping things will progress normally. Try to move forward and remember the months follwing a loss are often very fertile ones. All the best to you.


anasta - January 31

Hello Kristin! Thank you for your reply and for your kind words. It means a lot! Yes, this was my first pregnancy; I am a newlywed. I am sorry for the losses you experienced...my heart goes out to you! Have you ever had blighted ovum? Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am going to keep you in my prayers so that it all goes well! All this is new to me...I feel almost guity for feeling such a sadness...I am trying to "explain" to myself that this was just the begininnig, things like that happen all the time, etc, it was not a formed baby, etc.....and I seem fine for a while. All of a sudden though, a wave of sadness comes over me and I cannot stop crying. I am very scared of swallowing Citotek or having a D&G, and what scares me the most if that I would actually have to scoop out whatever comes out ( sorry, I do not mean to be graphic) and put itin a jar they gave me..the psychological pain from seeing my "baby" in a jar seems too much! ! I also find myself bitter and sarcastic now...I guess that is al a normal part of the grieving process, which I am sorry you had to experince so many times. Please let me know how the things are going and I am keeping you in my prayers in the meantime.By tyhe way, congrats on being so persistent...you will be blessed with a healhy, beautiful baby soon!


Smile1 - January 31

When I read your post, I simply had to reply. My husband and I had the exact same experience yesterday! We are both 31, and have been ttc for about 3 years now, and for about a year I have been on meds (Clomid & Oral Progesterone and then Clomid & HCG Injections) in order to regulate my hormones, especially progesterone. Today makes 7 weeks from the first day of my last period, so we expected yesterday's u/s to be a lot different! Like you, we saw an empty sac, which measured 5 1/2 weeks instead of 7, with no cardiac activity. The doctor said it was small enough to pa__s naturally. I think it may take awhile though because for the last couple weeks, I've been receiving progesterone injections, so I figure it will take my body some time to realize it's no longer pregnant. Also like you, I am having my ups and downs. It was such a blessing to even become pregnant after all this time, but it all came crashing down yesterday, and its tough thinking about telling friends and family. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband. Keep in touch.


anasta - February 1

Hello Smile1 and All, Thank you for your reply. I am so sorry to hear about your loss! I am getting ready to swallow Cytotec soon, so it comes out...really freaking out about it! I keep wandering why and why and why this happened! However, we need to keep our heads up!!! Remember, we all got pregnant, some sooner, some later, but the fact is we WERE PREGNANT, meaning we can (with God's and medical help) do it again and there is a new chance!!! I told just a few people and I just wrote a ma__s email to them and explained. Try to do something similar, as it is horrible having to repeat it all over again to each individual! Good luck to you and keep in touch! May we all be blessed with a healthy baby in the near future!!!


Ten_W - February 4

Hi, I am so sorry for your loss. I experienced this exact same tragedy back in 2006. Being our first pregnancy neither me or my husband knew what to expect so when they confronted us with the horrible news, it was such a shock. The emotional strain was very tough for both of us to get through and I needed to take some time off work to deal with the loss properly because I felt like couldn't cope. It comsumed me for a period of time. We were told at the time to not try for another baby for at least 6 months and that it could take up to 2 yrs+ to fall pregnant again. About 9 months after I had the d&c, we had a positive reading on a pregnancy test which frightened the hell out of us! I demanded an early ultrasound to rule out another blighted ovum and to our delighted, was a little tiny bean shaped bub, its heart racing away. It was one of the best moments of our life. That little bean shaped bub is now a healthy 17-month-old boy and he has a healthy little 5-month-old brother. I hope and pray that a similar outcome is in the near future for you and your husband. Good luck!



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