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pink_roses - April 4

i just had a d&c this afternoon. my baby stopped growing at 12 weeks. how does one go about trying to think about ttc again? i come from a medical background and even though my head is rationalizing the loss, my body feels so sad. i know it is something that goes wrong in development, that it is common for first pregnancies etc. i heard the heartbeat at 10 weeks so this was particularly hard for me. DH is great and being so supportive and he so sad as well. i am kinda scared to try again someday and worry about going through this all again. i am 31 and worried i am running out of time or i am just too old to have a viable pregnancy. i know it is early to even be thinking of trying again but i will have to face it someday. i guess i just need to vent a little. thanks for listening... i could use some other peoples happy endings after miscarriage... i need to know there is hope for me.


Suebee - April 4

pink_roses.. I'm very sorry for your loss . I also had a m/c in Dec however I did not have the opportunity to hear my babies heartbeat because in Canada our first ultrasound is at 12 weeks unless something isn't going right. BTW, you're not too old to have a viable pregnancy. There are many women on here older than 31 that are well into their pregnancies. I'm 36 and ttc#2 and am in my TWW, testing this weekend. You'll find alot of support on this forum from women going through the same thing so feel free to "vent" and ask questions. We are all here to support each other. One day you'll feel like ttc again but until then take the time to relax and just spend some time with DH and family. Every day gets alittle easier. You'll never forget obviously but one day you'll start to think about ttc again and before you know it you'll be posting a BFP. Again, I'm really sorry for your loss and the pain your going through but hang in there. It will get better. Take Care. P.s.. the women on here are fantastic and very supportive!


goldfish - April 4

I m really very sorry for your loss .I know exactly how u feel.I had a D&C 2 week ago. I was 20 weeks preggie.I had seen my baby on the ultrasound too.anyways let both of us try coming out of this dear. We both have to think poistive and hope for the best.iam just thinking the baby was so weak that god took the right decision.Mis carriage is god's way of not bringing a weak life into this world. anyways everything WILL SURELY go FINE.


pink_roses - April 4

thank you goldfish and suebee. i know i just need time. it is nice to hear from people who have been through it too. i know it happens for a reason, it 's just so sad anyway. i keep going from being positive to crying. it is nice to know that there is a resource like this board to help people through this.


Susan W - April 5

I had my first baby at 31 and am pregnant again with baby #3 at 33, so you are not too old. But I totally understand. After my m/c in January, I could not understand how some women just seemed to move right on. I felt like I was reading on here constantly "I just had a m/c and when can I try again?" and it made me wonder if there was something wrong with me that I wasn't ready to try again. God took it out of my hands when I conceived accidentally 3 weeks after the m/c, but it was very hard at first. I was still mourning my loss, and that goes on for quite a while. I'm a medical professional, so I know the medical stuff, but that never prepares you for the emotional onslaught. It will get better though. It took me a couple weeks before I really felt I could get through a day without crying, and it was another 6 weeks or so before I was sad. You never forget, but you grow stronger. Hang in there.



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