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AnytimeLittleone - February 21

I am approximately 6 weeks pregnant. From the very beginning, 1 week post conception, my HCG levels were insanely high at 8,000. Soon after my initial dating ultrasound, I began to bleed. I have now been bleeding for 2 weeks. During this time, my hcg levels went up.. but are now beginning to drop off slightly. I went for a 6 wk ultrasound yesterday, and the tech told me that there was still a sac.. and that it had grown since the last visit. How is this possible? If my HCG levels are going down, wouldnt the embryo not seem viable on the ultrasound?


sososleepy - February 21

Hi Anytime. I am not a doc - I'm guessing here. My first thought is did they check your progesterone to see if it's to low? Perhaps it's trying really hard to hang in there but needs more progesterone, and if they test it and it's low giving you some would stop the bleeding? My second thought is that's a long time to bleed! Is it heavy or light? My third thought is (guessing) it could be trying to grow but failing, and enough is still working that it's just taking a long time to give up. hGC going down usually isn't a very good sign. My final thought is disregard thought three, post what they've tested for so you hopefully get some better answers here from people who know more than I do , and bug your doc for tests and or answers. Big hugs, and I really hope it all works out for you.


chandellina - February 22

you may want to do a google search on blighted ovum. hopefullly this isn't the case but i believe you can have hormonal surges and the sac can develop for a few weeks without an embryo - it is called a blighted ovum. are they having you back for another ultrasound?


stefkay - February 22

Hi, like chandellina said, the only thing I can think of is a blighted ovum because I've read that the sac can grow normally, but there is nothing in it. Then again, 6 weeks is sometimes, but rarely too early to see much. I had my first u/s on my last pregnancy at 6w4d and there was a gestational sac and yolk sac, but i measured 4.5-5 weeks and later lost that pregnancy. My hcg was doubling. If the hcg went down at all, it probably isn't good as it needs to double every 2 days. From what I've heard here, even if it goes up, but doesn't double, that isn't very good either. BUT, I have heard of some that had a slow rise for a few days and then it started to double. I don't know...how is everything going now? Are you still bleeding?


AnytimeLittleone - February 22

Yes, definately still bleeding. This will be day 17. The bleeding is slowing down, and Im not pa__sing clots anymore, but my hcg is still dropping. The Dr. will be calling me back later today to tell me the reason for the m/c. Apparently if things dont progress by next week, then I'll be given Cytotec to speed things along. Thank you so much everyone!



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