Uterine Infection After Miscarriage

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jrcuykendall - March 29

I had a miscarriage about 8 weeks ago. In fact it was a blighted ovum. I was about 10 weeks along. I was prescribed a medication to induce the miscarriage in hopes that I would not need to have a D & C. The medication worked and at my next OB visit my doctor did an ultra sound and said everything looked good. About 6 weeks after the miscarriage I had my period. It was very, very heavy at first then slowly became lighter. I had a tremendous amount of cramping. The bleeding stopped about 5 days later then I started to develop a fever with severe abdominal, back and leg cramping. I then began to have horrible, foul smelling discharge. I went to my doctor who told me that I have a uterine infection. He put me on an antibiotic which I have been taking now for almost 4 days. I am not feeling any better and the discharge is just as heavy. How long should I expect for this to last? We are wanting to try to get pregnant again but a little scared to do so any time soon due to this infection. Any suggestions?


smmom2 - March 30

JRCUY....I am sorry for your loss. A uterine infection can occur when you let your body m/c on its own....sometimes its takes to long to happen on its own ( the reason you need meds to help induce the labor) and it can cause infection with the pa__sed baby sitting inside of us. If you feel the infection is not gone ( you know your body) then I would talk to the dr, you may need a stronger antibiotic. As for ttc again, The general rule of thumb after a m/c is to wait atleast 1-2 cycles ( some drs will say 2-3 depending on how far along you were when baby pa__sed) This is to insure the lining of your uterus will be thick enough to sustain a viable pg the next time you get pg and also for dating purposes. I would definitely ask your dr about a stronger antibiotic for the infection. What did they give you for an rx? And also make sure you are emotionally ready ( some of us are the moment we get pa__sed the bleeding from the m/c and some of us it takes awhile). Again..I am sorry for your loss and I really hope this helps you. !!


olivia2010 - August 30

I had a similar situation. I had my 10 week ultrasound and the baby was only showing at 5 weeks. I figured my body would expel the fetus because I was so early. A few days later I woke up with a fever and went to the hospital and they admitted me. I had to get a d&C b/c I got a uterine infection. I was in the hospital for 3 days trying to get rid of the infection. I'm also on antibiotics. I'm scared of not being able to conceive in the future:(


smmom2 - August 31

Olivia...there shouldnt be any problems concieving again after what you went through. There sometimes are factors tha happens..like scarring in the uterine wall (during a D&C) but that is not as common. Sometimes people have problems but there is usually an underlying cause. Most women dont have problems getting pg again...Sorry for your loss and good luck with your ttc efforts!!



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