Uterine Scarring D Amp C Issues

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gina - November 19

Hi all, I lost my baby at 22 weeks and had a D & E done. The likely cause of the stillbirth was a large uterine septum. Unfortunately, some tissue was left in me and I had to go for a d & c a few days ago. At that time, they found alot of scar tissue where the tissue had been left behind. I am devastated once again. My pregnancy was my first (I am 38 years old) and I fear my last. I am scared that even with corrective surgery for the septum, now the scar tissue will mess up any chnace I may have. Also, wasn't the purpose of the d & e to avoid this from happening? Now I am having alot of pain 4 days after the d & c and am scared even more damage is taking place in my uterus. I get only vague answers from the doctors, who are now trying to cover their butts after screwing up the original d & e. I have no idea what my prognosis is and have no idea if what I am feeling right now is normal after having a d & c. I only have light spotting with mucous. I feel so scared and alone. i want to know if other people have any experiences with these topics. Thanks.


Kara - November 20

I am so sorry to hear about all that you have been going thru. I have this book called "Getting Pregnant" and they talk about scar tissue. They recommend reconstruction done by laproscopy instead of like a D&C and taking an anti-inflammatory two day following the procedure to reduce the chances of your body forming more scar tissue. As for the septum, my doctor was actually hoping that was the cause of my three m/c's since it is so easy to fix. (had HSG and that was not the case) I personally know two women who had problems due to a septum and both have went on to have uneventful pregnancies. Good luck to you!


kai - November 20

You may find some more information on the ivfconnections board; look under ivf by cause and then asherman's syndrome. There are many success stories, where further surgery has corrected the scarring, but obviously you want to make sure you have the very best and most cautious doctors treating you.


Stef - November 26

You could also try some natural stuff. red raspberry tea is supposed to strengthen the uterus before suring and after pregnancy. I would also try abdominal ma__sage...it works miracles if you get someone who know what they are doing. Look up maya Abdominal Ma__sage and see if you can find someone. Good luck and God bless!



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