Utrine Polyup Or Misscarrage

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Pat - March 1

In July 2004 I was bit by deer tick. Started with the most powerful anti-biotic they had and was on it for a month. In the middle of taking it I realized there was a chance I was pregnant but knew that I needed to finish my treatment. In September my period started going nuts. Spotting, only a week off between them. I was thinking I might be pregnant and was ready to by a test when the heavy period started again. I thought that meant there was not chance of being pregnant. Final got in to see Ob-gyn in DEC. Did Ultrasound in Jan. They said the Uterine lining was to thick to see anything clearly so an MRI was scheduled for FEB 1st. That day before the MRI a big piece of flesh came out. I had been bleeding heavy since Jan 9th till FEB 14th. My doctor said there was a legion and a polyp and a d&c Hystotocmy was recommenced. Sunday a week ago other pieces started passing. Over a dozen now, but the worst was Friday night. Now I haven bleed since the 14th, just had this tissue come out but this on looked like a left arm form shoulder to fingers about 2 inches long. I examined it closely. The little fingers clung to the tissue just like a hand would. The next day I called Doc he had me take a home pregnancy test. I was confused about the results because I swear I could see the faintest line where it would have appeared to be positive. He told me it would have been bright red. His conclusion that it was not a fetus and I felt really stupid for getting me and my husband so upset. Today is my procedure at 12:30. But I still can’t believe that I was about 4 to 5 months pregnant. They will be doing a blood test and I intend to find out what the hcg is for my own peace of mind. I just found this site so I know that there probably won’t be time for a response but if anyone has any suggestions or something similar I would love to here it. Thank you.



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