Vaginal Odour After Miscarriage

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sam - May 27

2 & a 1/2 weeks ago I miscarried at 9 weeks. I am still lightly bleeding, yesterday I noticed a bad odour which I didn't have previously, is this normal? can it be an infection? If anyone experienced this before can you please offer me some info. Thanks in advanced, your help is greatly appreciated.


crisy - May 27

Hi sam. I'm a nurse by profession and I worked in postpartum before. Are you having any fever? What colour is your bleeding? Do you have any pelvic pain? Are you pa__sing any clots? I have seen this in some women after they gave birth or after they miscarried. They had endometritis which is an infection of the mucus membrane that lines the inner surface of the uterus. They all had treatment with I.V. antibiotics. I suggest that you consult with your doctor in order to make sure that everything is ok. When I had my miscarriage I only bled for 9 days. The doctor said that I should bleed for a max. of 2 weeks. I am very sorry for your loss. I hope that you are OK. Please go to see your gyno. to make sure that everything is normal. Take care honey.


Sam - May 27

Crisy, thanks so much for the info. I feel pretty healthy other then my continuous bleeding and now the odour. No fever, no pain, in the last couple of weeks I've had maybe 2 or 3 tiny clots, my bleeding seems to be a normal colour and not heavy, however I'll definitely take your advice and go see my doctor. Thanks again for your help.


crisy - May 27

Hi Sam. Your welcome. Keep in touch.


sam - May 30

Ends up being I still had a clot in my cervix, that was the reason for the odour and bleeding, as soon as it pa__sed my bleeding and odour stopped immediately thankfully. So my advice to others is if your still bleeding after 2 weeks please get yourself checked because you never know if there is any further problems. crisy thanks again for your help.


crisy - May 30

Hi Sam, I'm glad that you are well now. Thanks for letting me know that you are OK.


JessieeLou - July 27

Hello Crisy, I saw on the earlier post it says that you're a nurse. I just want to ask you something. I had a miscarriage on the 7th July 2014. After going through the most pain I have ever been through and bleeding really heavily I finally got through it. 2 weeks later I started bleeding again, it varied on how heavy or light it was,this only lasted 3 days. I am now getting this really bad odor but no bleeding whatsoever. I have noticed that my discharge has increased. I have lower back pain and occasional stomach cramps. Is this normal? Thank you!



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