Vaginal Ultrasounds

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Daniellle - May 9

I had a va___al ultrasounds at 6weeks of pregancy. I then began to spot and eventually lost the baby. A hear beat was detected. I have questioned that the ultrasound might have caused a problem. Has this happened to any of you?


jena - May 9

no, i had one at 6 weeks, 8 weeks, and 9.5 weeks. i don't think that the u/s caused it because they are pretty common. but that is scary that you saw the heartbeat and then lost it - I'm truely sorry...


staci - May 10

danielle-I am so sorry for your loss. I too had a m/c on 3/27 and was 6.5 weeks and 3 days before we saw the heartbeat on a ultrasound. they are so common I would have never thought about it causing a m/ is natures way of taking care of a child that was not healthy from what my doctor said...hang in there, each day does get better, you dont think it will but I prmise it will. I am pg again, not sure how far along b/c I didnt have a af in between my m/c. think positive!!!


sarah - May 10

I had a ultrasound (v____al) at 6 weeks, 8 wks, 12 wks( so often cus I was spotting too) heard the beat at 15 and lost it at 18 wks! I was 4 months!! I DONT think you lost it because of the ultra sound especially at that early BUT they do say after a ultra sound and a heart beat you have a 90 % chance the babys good to go! sometimes a misscarriage just happens, there was a problem with the baby..!! I know it doesnt justify anything but at least you were only 6 weeks and youll get pgnt again!! SOOOO many people I know misscarried!! So I dont understand why it happens so much either its so fustrating and doesnt help to constantly ponder on it it just makes you crazy! Move on and get pgnt again youll get through the next one!! Sorry:( Good luck! Sarah


kk - May 14

i had a d&c on november 11 and a second natural miscarriage on may 10. with my second pregnancy, i had 2 ultrasounds, one at 4 1/2 weeks and the second at 6 weeks. we found a heartbeat during the second u/s but starting spotting 4 days later. m/c the following day. we were told by the doctor that the chances of m/c was only 3% after a heartbeat is detected, but m/c nontheless. i'm wondering if the multiple u/s had anything to do with my m/c being in the 3% chacnce.


Cyn - May 20

It's funny how this question popped out. I too suspected the v____al ultrasound could have indirectly caused my m/c. I went to the doctor during 5.5 weeks and a resident doctor first did the ultrasound on me and it was very uncomfortable because she was trying to look for the sac. Anyway, the sac stopped growing by 5 weeks 3 days as measured in my 7th week when I went for the second ultrasound, and it just coincides with the date I went for the first! My mum actually believes that the doctor has disturbed it when she did the ultrasound on me.


Cyn - May 20

Sorry one more point to add, could this actually be the reason why so many miscarriages are unexplained for????? I may be wrong in this but as far as I know, in the older days, miscarriages are rare and doctors didn't conduct v____al ultrasound on the patients.


Denise - June 14

I agree with Cyn. I had a v____al u/s and I too had a missed m/c shortly thereafter. I had mine at 6weeks, 3 days and I went in again at 9 weeks and the baby only measured 6 weeks, 4 days. I think it may have done something to do with it.


Jenn - June 14

I was bleeding and cramping and then at the ER had the v____al u/s. It was during that night i m/c. during the u/s they never said a word about whether or not there was a heartbeat, but she had problems finding my left ovary. I think i would have m/c either way but, you never know. best wishes to all of you--i know how hard this is.


Sara - June 14

I would in the ultrasound dept of our hospital and I also had a m/c. But I can a__sure you that a v____al u/s did not cause your m/c. It is perfectly safe. That is like saying s_x can cause a m/c, (and trust me s_x is much more rough on the v____a than a vag u/s.) As sad as it is, and it hurts me to say this b/c of my personal experince a m/c will happened not matter what you do. I have seen hookers, on drugs, with STD's including AIDS that abuse their bodies carry a baby to full term. And the next person could pat their stomach with their hand and cause a m/c. If a m/c is going to happen it is b/c something is wrong fromt the start. Even before a home pregnancy test detects pregnancy. I feel your loses because I just m/c in april too.


Skye S. - June 26

I had one June 1st at 19w4d I lost my baby girls the same day. I also thought maybe it had something to do with it (since I was told I couldn't have s_x due to high risk preg then they put that inside me didn't make much sense... ) But, I don't think it could have cause a problem... they are pretty safe I suppose?


Eza - June 26

Why would they do a v____al ultrasound on you when you were 19 weeks. thats so strange they usually start the abdominal around 14 weeks.


ama - June 27

I had 3 vag.u/s. At 5 1/2 wks, 6 wks, and 7 wks. My baby stopped growing at 5 1/2 wks, but at that 1st u/s my baby's HR was 91-95 (very low), so after research, I was pretty certain that I would m/c. It just took til' 7wks to completely m/c. 2nd u/s there was no heartbeat, which I expected. Last u/s was just to make sure I did not need d&c. I do not believe the vag. u/s caused my m/c, I do believe it is God's way of taking the baby b/c something was wrong.


Marie - July 13

I had the same thing happen to me. I went in at 6 weeks had a v____al ultrasound where the heartbeat was detected and then 2 weeks later I started spotting and lost the baby. I don't know if there is a corrolation between the two, but I will try to avoid a v____al u/s next time.



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