Very Beautiful Poem For Those Who Have Lost A Child

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Jodi - July 2

I too, like everyone in here has had a rough time with my miscarriage that happened on May 7, 2005. My sister who is very sweet and caring, gave me this poem to frame. I have it sitting on my entertainment center with a ceramic angel next to it. Here it is and feel free to write it down so you too, can hang it up to always remember. How am I to love you, If I do not have you near? To see you precious little toes, And see your smile so dear. How am I to love you, If I cannot hold you tight? To sing to you sweet lullabys, And rock you Through the night. How I'm going to love you, Is to hold you in my heart. I'll send you kissed in my dreams, I've loved you from the start. So goodnight, sweet child, my angel, Such a wonderful thing to be. Goodnight, sweet child, my angel, I'll meet you in Heaven, you'll see!


* - July 3

I was just wondering if anyone has read this poem yet?


marie - July 4

the poem is gorgeous, i wrote it down in my memories book.


jo - July 4

Hi Jodi, thanks for sharing such a beautiful poeming with us. Its very touching. Take care i wish you all the best. x


X - July 4



crisy - July 6

Hi Jodi. Thank you for this poem. I am feeling so sad today and am I here at work reading this wonderful poem. It's exactly how I feel. I am so desperate. I lost my baby on April 25th and the pain is still here. I was feeling better for a while but the pain never goes away. The rose bush I planted in the memory of my baby is beautiful. It's growing as if my baby should have grown in my tummy. As I am writing this I cannot stop crying. You are an angel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am also sorry for the loss of your baby and for the loss of other women like us. I don't know what is wrong with me today I can't stop crying. Sorry for my rambling. Take care.


Lucy - July 6

It is beautiful. Thank you!


Jodi - July 6

Hi Crisy, Sorry for your loss. I am so glad that you like the poem. I wouldn't really call myself an angel though. I never thought of a rose bush. That is such a great idea. We did plant our garden the weekend it happened and I'm amazed at how well all the plants are doing. They are all so huge. Well anytime you need to ramble, I'll listen!! I too like to ramble sometimes.


crisy - July 6

Hi Jodi. Thank you it means a lot to me.


Julia - July 6

Thank you Jodi for sharing this beautiful poem. I love it!



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