Very Light AF 6 Wks After D Amp C

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duckiec - February 25

Sorry for the TMI ladies, but I was hoping someone else could relate/help? I started spotting on Friday (only when wiping) which got heavier on Saturday for some of the day... by Saturday night it was closer to spotting again and by Sunday morning until now, completely stopped. Anybody have this several weeks after a D&C? Has AF arrived? I know that AF might be wierd for the first time after a D&C... but does 1 day count? Thanks for any insight!


stefkay - February 25

Hi duckie! I saw you mentioned this on the other thread, but wasn't sure until I saw this post. I think it would be an AF, just probably light because I think when you have a d&c you are probably cleaned out better (sorry, i can't think of a better way to state it right now) than if you had m/c naturally? I have no idea really, just guessing. So maybe the lining of your uterus didn't build up as much this month, making the flow light? If there was bleeding at all that was more than spotting, then count it and maybe ask your doctor. I'm sure next AF will be back to normal!


stefkay - February 26

duckie, I think i'm in the same predicament as you! I woke up today and no flow at all, not even spotting! Heavy for Saturday, Medium for Sunday and nothing today! Maybe this is just how it goes after a m/c? Does anyone else have experience with this? How did the first AF go after m/c (either natural or d&c)???


duckiec - February 26

An update for anybody interested- I went to the dr for a "just to be sure" blood test (I'm having unrelated surgery Friday) and told them what had happened. They thought it was sort of odd so did a quick exam/ultrasound. Good news- no leftover tissue from the D&C. Indifferent news- my uterine lining does not show that an AF is on the way. Does that mean that 1 day was it? Or something was it else? Can't really tell. So we do blood work and wait. I also found out they did NOT check my beta levels when I went for my post-op appt.... even they don't know why not, since thats usually the first thing they do. So while I don't know that much more right now, glad I went.


stefkay - February 26

duckie, good luck and let us know what you find out! I had a tad bit of spotting today and that was it. This was the shortest period I've ever had! I know it had to have been one though because my chart showed a temp drop and I had heavy bleeding for the first day then medium then spotting today. Here's hoping the next one comes ok.



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