Very Nervous

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tk07 - January 19

Hi ladies, i am usually on the problems getting pregnant board but i got a bfp today! but i am so nervous because i had a m/c last april. i don't know what caused it and i was only 6 weeks. but i really don't want it to happen again. any thoughts would be appreciated! or happy stories! thanks!


KitCat - January 19

Congrats on your bfp! The only advice I have for you is to remember to try to stay calm. *breathe in.....breathe out* LOL....good luck to you.


hailey07 - January 19

I am having my first pg/mc. I am scared to death to lose another baby when the time comes for us to ttc. I understand what you're going through, I ahte to say it but you may not fully relax until you hear the baby's first heartbeat or first u/s is clear. But hang in there, and let me know what happens... I need a little encouragement for the next one. If it makes you feel any better my doctor told me that many women have mc's and go on to have perfectly healthy babies. Hope all goes well and keep me posted!


jessica72 - January 19

Keep hope girls. I lost my first baby at 8 weeks last May and now hubby and I are almost 25 weeks with our second. I was and still am quite nervous, but as each milestone is reached, I have felt better and more confident. Nothing in life is guaranteed, but the odds are totally on your side to hold a precious baby in your arms very soon. Hugs :)


tk07 - January 19

thanks! i am trying to stay calm. i just keep thinking it could end at anytime though. but i am almost trying to not let myself get too excited incase something does happen, and then if everything goes well i will be even happier. i know, i probably won't feel better until my first appt is done at the 8-9 week mark. i am going on monday morning for a blood test though, so hopefully that looks good. thank you!


DownbutnotOUT - January 19

congrads! I had a missed m/c in May and am currently 19 weeks and 5 days preggers with a very active wee one. I am still nervous at times especially since I have mysterious spotting but the u/s today showed a veyr active and healthy baby. I know it is so hard and every step you hold your breathe but for me once I reached the 12 week mark I felt alot more relieved. Congrads again and take care


tk07 - January 20

thanks! i like to hear good stories of people who had a loss and then went on to have a healthy baby! i hope that is me and the first one was just a fluke chromosomal thing. only 8 more weeks until i can start to relax!!!


jessica72 - January 20

That's most of the time exactly what it is a fluke chromosomal thing. Someone put it this way for me and it gave me some comfort: You'll always miss that first baby, but when this new baby arrives hopefully healthy and happy, you will realize that if baby #1 had been gone on to term and been born with a possible life threatening problem, you wouldn't be holding this new little baby. You'll be in my thoughts :) Let us know what happens at your appt. Hugs


tk07 - January 21

you are right, it is just hard not to think bad. i will be so happy when i have my baby! thanks! i will let you know the test results too!


chandellina - January 21

hi tk, congratulations on your bfp! that was on your third round of clomid, yeah? best wishes for a healthy pregnancy.


tk07 - January 22

thanks! yes it was my 3rd round, i guess 3rd is a charm! i just hope a sticky charm! my Dr appt is today to get my blood test, i hoep it all turns out good. i probably won't know until tomorrow though. thanks everyone!


tk07 - January 23

so far so good! all my levels are great right now and i have an appt in 2 weeks for my first u/s. it might be a long 2 weeks but at least i feel better at the moment!


suze42 - January 25

TK, I am 15wks pg w/my 2nd after 2 m/c. The first trimester is such a waiting just have to take those vitamins, take care of you and baby and wait for the time to will...slowly, but it will. Join the First Trimester board, everyone is doing the same "waiting game" there. Best of luck!!



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