Very Silly Little Questions But It S Been Nagging Me

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GimmeaBub - October 27

Hey Girls, I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks, but my baby only measured 3 weeks, it was a natural pretty much straight forward miscarriage went for about 6-7 days.This was 2 weeks ago. Anyway Me and Df bedded pretty much through my miscarriage up until now and even now, I suppose i was pretty stupid for doing that as i should have waited a cycle before having unprotected s_x. Anyway Here it goes, I actually feel pregnant again, now i know my levels are back at 0, my dr's results confirmed that last week, But it's stupid, how do i explain it? Okies It's like a switch going on in my brain. I cant explain it, ya dont think i could be pregnant again so early? I dunno i know there is an unlikely chance but i still feel it. And here comes something really really embaressing and i am so ashamed to say it, I actually wet the bed last nite, I couldnt control it, i been peeing like a camel all day! I know it's not a bladder infection, I had headaches every morning, i get nauseus, it has to be early right? I know these are symptoms are not brought on, cause to be honest ttc again kinda ledt my mind for a while. I know I am stupid i should have thought twice before having s_x. Netherless do you guys think it's possible? Theres no way in heck i will be testing until my next AF id due to come around. Thanks heaps, and Baby Juice


Tory1980 - October 27

After my first miscarriage I fell pregnant straight away and have a gorgeous 18month old son to show for it! It is possible to fall pregnant straight away. As for the weting of the bed - I can only a__sume that isn't a common occurance? LOL! I would see your doctor as there could be an underlying problem. As for being stupid about the s_x - I was told after both of my miscarriages (one in first tri and one in 2nd tri) that is was up to me whether I carried on trying to conceive straight away or leave it. They would rather I would leave it to allow for dating and the womb to 'replenish itself' but it was ultimately my decision. The pregnancy sympotms though - especially after only two weeks, could be leaning more towards you ovulating rather than actually being pregnant. AF may show on time or it may be slightly delayed - even with number back at 0. Good luck either way!


GimmeaBub - October 28

Hey Tory thanks heaps hun. YEah i still got that nagging little voice telling me. I dunno if it's possible but like i said i really have not thought about ttc again since my miscarriage like i have wanted to but i know in my heart give it about a month for my next AF then try again. If i am i would be overwhelmed and very happy, what an awesome surprise but at the same time scared, nervous wondering if it's my fault if i miscarry again. Cheri the Baby Pyschic reckons i will iether concieve next month, get my bfp next month or give birth in november. Iether way i dont mind, Another thing i forgot to mention, i have had the hiccups and indigestion, and also i had twinges or what i thought was maybe ovulating pain last week. I dont think i should have these symtpoms so early, it's not my mind i know it's not, i am not bringing them on! Also lots of discharge and nipples are very itchy, everything that related back to my last and recent pregnancy. But I will not test, oh no siree, i plan on waiting until the 13 th to the 14th of next month till i start testing that way i know it's been about a month since my Miscarriage. Anyway Heres hoping. Lol Baby Juice



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