Virus Amp Miscarrage

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deborah - March 4

anyone out there have intestinal flu & vomiting causing a miscarriage? I read that some viruses cause miscarriages early in pregnancy, anyone know of specfic types of virusus that can cause them before the 12th week of pregnancy thanks


Gem - March 4

Mumps can cause miscarriage but that is not flu like and does not make you vomit.


Susan W - March 4

Several viruses can cause a m/c at any point during a pregnancy. Colds, coughs and the flu do not cause a m/c. Vomiting because of the flu or food poisoning (although some bacteria that cause food poisoning can cause m/c, like listeria) does not cause m/c. . . . . Chickenpox is suspected of causing first trimester mi/c, but 95% of American women are immune to chickenpox. Fifth disease (aka erythema infectiosum or slapped cheek disease), a disease of children in winter and spring, can cause m/c and has a terrible effect on second and third trimester pregnancies. At least 50% of women are immune. Rubella causes m/c, fetal death and congenital rubella syndrome, but women are tested for rubella immunity and should have been vaccinated. Measles and mumps can cause m/c but most are vaccinated for it. However, none of these diseases cause intestinal symptoms or vomiting. . . . So, to wrap up, there are viruses out there that can cause m/c, but most people are immune and that means the risk is actually very low. Over 60% of first trimester m/c are due to chromosomal abnormalities with the embryo that do not repeat. It's just a fluke of nature with emotionally devestating results. Does that help?


deborah - March 5

thanks for the info it really helped


Kara H. - March 7

Deborah - I too am recovering from a nasty intestinal flu. I was just sure those abdominal cramps were going to be the end of my pregnancy. But the little guy is hanging in there! Do be careful of fevers, though. I ran a high fever 102+ and lost the pregnancy. Keep regular strength tylenol on hand and don't be afraid to take it! My fever went from a little 99 degree temp to 102 in a matter of hours (what started as a cold ended up with viral pnuemonia.) I was very anti-medication and really waited too long to call the doctor. So my doctor told me with my current pregnancy to just play it safe when it comes to fevers. She said to take tylenol for anything 99 and up and call her for anything over 100. Most fevers are nothing to worry about, but we should still be proactive with them.



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