Vitamin B Thoughts

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Kristine - December 29

Hello ladies, Is anyone taking any type of vitamin B besides a prenatal vitamin?? I've had two miscarriages this year ....8/22 and 12/6. They have ruled out Thromobophilia and I am awaiting results of chromosome abnormality tests they took of my husband and I Iast week. The doctor said we will try progesterone supplements when I become pregnant again.I have read somewhere on these posts (and can't find it now....) that it is good to take vitamin B. Your opinions or experiences would be appreciated.


Erin - December 31

My progesterone levels jumped dramatically after a few months of vitamin B complex therapy.


Kristine - December 31

Erin, Can you tell me specifically which type of B's you take? How many per day? Have you had a successful pregnancy?


Erin - January 1

I had a successful pregnancy years ago, but not again as of recent years. Although my progesterone was low with that pregnancy and I did not take supplements. I self medicated after my 4th mc with double the recommended folic acid and 5x the recommended B6 and B12. My progesterone level before was 11. After two months of the B vitamins it was 26 and 27. I am actually pregnant again now, but don't really want to talk about it yet as it is very early and I don't want to set myself up for more disappointment.


Erin - January 1

I took pills at first, by the way, but then switched to something called emergen-C which has very large doses of vitamin C (good for keeping colds away), but also really high amounts of B6 and B12, although not much folic acid. So I continued to take the folic acid pill. Emergen-C is a powder you mix with water and tastes OK. You can drink two or three of them a day. I am now on a prescription B complex called FOLTX because I was diagnosed with a chromosomal mutation that inhibits the bodies abilitiy to process B vitamins. But my progesterone levels did go up from the self medication before learning about my condition. Good luck to you and I would definitely recommend giving it a try.


KRISTINE - January 1

Thank you so much Erin for all the information. My husband works at a nutrition store and i'll ask him to look into it. Best of luck to you. I wish you lots of baby dust.



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