Vitamin C Amp Bioflavinoids For Helping Maintain A Pregnancy

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SaraH - June 22

Hey all. I don't know how accurate this is but I thought I'd share. I was reading a natural remedies book at some friends house the other day and under miscarriage it listed bioflavonoids and vitamin C (ascorbic acid). There have been a couple of studies done (sorry I don't remember the name of the researchers). Anyways women with consecutive m/c were given vitamin C tablets containing bioflavons on top of a diet which contained an ample amount of vitamin C. The research was done on a relatively large number of women who had had consecutive m/c (I think the number of women was in the couple thousand but not sure) and were trying to become pregnant again. The study found that about 90% of these women did not m/c and delivered healthy babies (which seems like a pretty high percentage to me) during the study. So, like I said, I don't know much about it but sounds good. I doubt medically they have a lot of info on it since the book only listed one study and a second study that backed it up, and I tried googling it and didn't find much, but since vitamin C and bioflavonoids can’t really hurt you I figure it's worth a shot. It does make some sense b/c vitamin C is extremely important in the body. It is the main component of collagen, which is the basic building block of connective tissues (collagen protein is involved in building healthy blood vessels systems, bone, skin, etc.). Obviously the formation of these connective tissues, such as vessel systems are vital to fetal health. Bioflavonoids (aka flavonoids) are obtained from plants, are mainly known for their antioxidant properties, and are part of plants secondary metabolites (meaning they aren't directly involved in growth and development). Something I recently came across, although I'd never heard this definition before, defined them as "any of a group of biologically active substances found in plants and functioning in the maintenance of the walls of small blood vessels in mammals." The formation of the placenta obviously requires a lot of blood vessel formation so… I haven't checked around much for C tablets that contain the bioflavins so I don't know if they are easy to get or not, but I have been taking some vitamin C as well as drinking a bit of orange juice everyday. Can’t hurt you and hey if it doesn't make a difference I’m no worse off, but if it does... So, just thought I’d share. Baby dust to all those ttc again after m/c.


SaraH - July 31



SaraH - July 31

Mentioned this post to someone in another post so I just thought I'd bump this up if anyone is interested. I have done a bit more research on this since I post and everything seems to support that this stuff is good, needed, and can't do any harm so.... Oh and I found that you can get vit C tablets containing bioflavonoids at your local food co-op or a health store.


JuJu - July 31

Thanks SaraH! Any extra info like this is great. Over the past few months I have also found out some interesting tips regarding diet during pregnancy. Taking fish oil supplements during pregnancy are great for every woman, but especially those who have blood clotting issues (like me!). The omega 3's in fishoils are great for circulation, and are very safe to take. Flaxseed oil is also great - and again, very safe. I am also having a fresh juice every day made from raw fruits and veges (apple, orange, carrot, celery, beetroot & ginger) - and I feel so much better for it! My DH is also drinking it for geneal health, and so far neither of us have got sick this winter (touch wood!). The difference the juice and flaxseed fish oils have made is huge - after b___stfeeding my DD for 15 months, travelling a lot, and having two miscarriages all with a few months of each other....I was pretty run down, so to me these small changes to diet have been wonderful . Hope this helps someone else :) Good luck ladies!!


roxy01 - July 31

Thanks Sarah and JuJu. These are some great ideas! SaraH, do you think it would be worth taking those before getting pregnant again? I'm guessing that after 2 mc's, my body could do with all the help it can get.


Kristine - July 31

I am on my 4th pregnancy after 3 m/c's. I'm only 6 weeks along but my acupuncturist told me last week to eat lots of oranges, (not the juice though). I'm all for natural remedies.


SaraH - July 31

roxy01, I would think that taking them even before getting preg would help. These things are obviously needed for helping create vessels and tissues in the baby, but these are things that our own bodies are always repairing and fixing too, so I'd think it would be good for you to take. The vitamin C is obviously good for you for reasons I’m a__suming you already have heard of, and the bioflavonoids are huge antioxidants so that in its self is something that would help your body. Also, I don't know if anyone has heard of taking chlorophyll capsules (it’s just the green healthy stuff you get out of green plants). I've been taking them since my last pregnancy as they are suppose to help with hemoglobin production, cleaning properties of the blood, and I believe it's also suppose to help support the female repro system (but not sure of that last one). Anyways, a friend of mine who is a chiropractor and deals a lot with natural medicines said that it was something I should be taking and that he gives it to both men and women who are ttc so that may be something else you girls are interested in. JuJu, that same friend is the one I get my prenatal from and he told me to take the ones that contain the fish oils (The prenatals I get from him have about 10 different tablets to take every day -yuk but worth it). Also JuJu do you just blend up whole fruit or do you put it through a juicer. Is it better for you to juice it than to eat it whole? Does your body absorb it better that way? Kristine, do you know why your acupuncturist said to eat the orange but not drink the juice? I would think you'd be getting the same things from the juice as long as you were using fresh or “not from concentrate” juice, wouldn't you? Just wondering. Anyways thanks for the info girls, here is to healthy pregnancies for all of us.


Kristine - July 31

I think he was concerned about it having too much sugar. He said it's better to get the nutrients right from the fruit itself. How far along are you Sarah?


SaraH - July 31

Kristine, thanks for the answer. I'm only 4w 5d.


JuJu - August 1

Hi Sara; I put the fruit through a juicer. By juicing you are basically just removing the fibre - so yes; the juice is more easliy absorbed into your body than as a whole fruit. The removal of fibre dowesn't worry me, as I get more than enough from my general diet through breads, pastas, other fruit & veges and mostly by my morning cereal! The important thing is to make your juice with decent fresh fruit and veges, leave the skin on where possible (not with oranges though, ughh!) and to drink it immediately after juicing, when the minerals, vitamins etc are very active.


Kristine - August 2

What do you ladies think about organic rasberry tea? I have been drinking it daily for a month. It is said to tone the uterus.


SaraH - August 3

Kristine, I've never heard of organic rasberry tea for helping tone the uterus but hey doesn't sound like it could hurt.


Kristine - August 3

They also have one called Pregnancy Support that I began this week.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Will you be having an early u/s? Mine is slated for Monday.



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