Waiting For AF After Miscarriage Anyone Else Waiting

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Laura - October 14

Anyone else waiting. I had a m/c on 9/3. I have no sign of AF. I want to move forward and ttc again. My cycle is a 29 day cycle I am long past that. My hcg levels are negative. Thank you for your support.


Help - October 14



Sue - October 14

Hi Laura, I am so sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage in May of this year. I had to have a D&C. It took a while before my cycle started. Just be patient. Good luck!


Helene - October 16

I am also waiting. I had a miscarriage the weekend of Sept. 24 and I am waiting for my period (I keep seeing people write a/f -- is that what it means?). I had very minor,minor spotting two or three days before and the dr. said to take it easy after work and call if it picked up. I thought I was doing better so I didn't go in. Then Friday morning 9/23 about 4 am I woke up and realized I was bleeding. My dr said to go to the hospital (she didn't want me to risk the long drive to her office) and so we went to the hospital where the bleeding picked up (as I was changing into the dressing gown, I bled all the way down my leg, and broke down into tears). The dr examined me and said my cervix was closed, and kept me in the ER until the u/s technician came in. At about 8:30 they did an u/s and there was an embryo, a yollk sac and a heartbeat. The techniican said the baby measured only 6w 2d although date from lmp had me at 7w 2d. ALso, they didn't tell me this, but I overheard them talking outside my room saying that the hcg levels seemed low for 7 wks (the hcg were 2850). They sent me home and put me on bed rest and gave me a 50/50 chance. I stayed on the couch all weekend. Friday night into Saturday morning my stomach ached and I bled, but no cramping, and no tissue pa__sed. (I think that was when the baby pa__sed; it seems most likely). Monday, my sister drove me to my dr and the dr said my cervix was still closed, the bleeding was slowing, and she gave me a 50/50 chance and ordered bed rest for at least two weeks or until the bleeding stoppped. Monday night the bleeding started to pick up again and I pa__sed something. I went to the emergency room again and the dr there said my cervix was still closed and that it was a blood clot. But they drew more blood and the levels had dropped to 350, so he said you are probably miscarrying. My dr sent me for an u/s the next day and they said the womb was completely empty, so luckily no d& c. So here I am, three weeks later, and like you I am waiting for that first a/f so I can get back to normal. I think that is the hardest part for me, and most people just don't understand. People understand the rest better. My doctor originally said wait two cycles, but when I mentioned my age issue (37), she said, well if you feel up to it, wait one period and try again. I had one blood test on 9/4, and while the levels of hcg were going down, they weren't gone, so I just had another one done on Saturday (hopefully they will have gone down to 5.0 or zero, or whatever it is). SO now I am hanging around waiting for my a/f so I can get back to a normal cycle and make plans. At least when you get your period while TTC, you know when the next ovulatory phase is and can at least plan ahead. But now I have no idea when it will start up again and so I can't even begin to guess and this feeling of being in limbo is just so aggravating. I feel ilke I have sorted out my feelings so well and made such progress emotionally -- now i just need my body to fall inot line (ha, ha!). Before I went on the pill,I was always a 30 to 33 day cycle, but since I went off the pill last May, my period kept coming every 28 days, so I think we are basically in the same situation. My dr said 4-6 wks, and from what I see on many of the threads of this website, that seems pretty normal. How far along were you, Laura? Anyway, the waiting stinks, and I have to admit that I get annoyed when people say to just be patient (not you, Sue, I know you understand from experience), but that is easier said than done. Glad to know that I am not the only one frustrated with waiting.


Julie - October 17

Just wanted to say that I had a miscarriage on July 27th and got my first period on Sept 21st. I did have a week in August where I had light spotting for a week and then ovulated two weeks later.



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