Waiting For M C Was On Prometrium

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pdodero - March 11

Has anyone been told by Dr. to take oral prometrium (progesterone) and then hcg fallen? I am just wondering if my soon to be m/c is caused by the prometrium? Reading back thru some posts I see others who have lost the babies while on this med.


kotkot005 - March 11

iam on the same boat, my beta fall alittle last week , am on a similar progestrone medication called duphaston which i talke along with progestron injections everyother day. do not worry, progestrone supplements cant ever be related to a miscarriage. it is just the opposit, it reinforce earlly pregnancy and it iis one of the few factors to contrl miscarriage. so since your beta start falling did you keep on taking the progestrone? have you been bleeding while on the supplements or after you quite it?. for me, even my beta fallen alittle bit, my doctor instructed not to stop the supplements and the injections which may help in preventenig a threaten miscarriage. do not worry you didnt sth that caused the miscarriage. on the contrary you just gave your bean the best you can. keep me posted


stefkay - March 11

Hi pdodero, I was on progesterone my last pregnancy and miscarried as well. I am very sorry for your loss...I had really started thinking that once I was put on the progesterone that all would be well. I don't think the progesterone causes m/c, but what happens is that most women put on progesterone/prometrium in the first place are already considered "high risk" for the most part. My dr. told me that it would help me out if I have a progesterone deficiency (we didn't have time to test me before I got pregnant as she was a new dr to me), but wouldn't save a pregnancy that wasn't going to work out regardless...make sense? She said it would not hurt a healthy pregnancy either.


wantanotheraftertr - March 13

Thanks for you responses I have been researching it a bit more and I believe it is ok and this did not cause my mc. I am finally have the mc I was told last tuesday that my hcg was falling and to stop taking all meds. I however did continue to take my prenatal vit as I take it regardless. I started my mc Yesterday and had hcg drawn again today It came back - as was expected and which is also good considering I am mc. I would have been 6weeks this week. Kot how far are you? I think the hardest part emotionally was knowing my baby was gone and still carring it another week. I am finally starting to get better But I am cramping very bad as well so they perscribed darvocet for the pain. Stef I am not sure why I was put on the prometrium I think it is standard care at my Re office. I completely trust my RE and know he was right. I think I was grasping for a reason for my baby being lost. I had all my fertility testing done before my surgery in Oct. so I know everything came back great. KTO I did stop the meds tuesday night last week I did not start to bleed till yesterday. It took awhile let me know how things go for you.



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