Waiting To Concieve

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Sharon - January 5

I gave birth on the 7th of december to my baby who was stillborn...i was 26 weeks along. I had an infection called Strep B which they found to be the problem. My widwife said that after the infection had gone theres nothing to stop me start trying again. Its now the 5th of january and im clear off infection, but doesnt a month seem not long enough to you? should i ask my GP instead? How long have you been told to wait? Baby Dust! xx


Kim - January 6

Hi Sharon: Gosh, I am so sorry about your loss. 26 weeks seems so far along, I cannot imagine. I've gotten the okay to try after 1 period for both of my miscarriages (8 wks and 9 wks). I think the general rule of thumb is that if your lining is not sufficient then the egg will not implant anyway, so there's no harm in trying again. I have a friend on another thread (Lilu) who had a stillbirth and her doctor said all she needed to wait was 2 cycles to be safe. I think every doctor has a different opinion. As long as your physicians are saying all clear, I would trust them and go for it if you're ready. Good luck to you! xxoo


K - January 6

Hi Sharon, so sorry for what your going through. I lost my daughter at 28 wks in Nov. My specialist told us to wait 3 cycles then go ahead. He said its to give you a chance to heal, getting all your hormones back and stuff. I haven't even ov this month so I guess your body knows when its ready. Maybe speak to your dr if your not sure. Good luck with both the healing and the trying. xx


Tara - January 6

Hi sharon I gave birth to my daughter who had Turners Syndrome on November 26, she was only 18weeks 5 days and pa__sed during delivery. Im still bleeding from the labor, so s_x is out of the question until I stop spoting. I was put on Birth Control to give me a few cycles before trying again. I was told to wait at least 3 months after the birth, but I think when you feel ready then give it a shot! Lots of prayers for a healthy future pregnancy for you!


Lilu - January 10

I had a stillbirth in August and my doc gave me okay in 2 months. I'm not pregant yet but we've been trying since the end of October. Im not pregnant yet. I think as long as you had a healthy delivery it's okay. I mean it will happen when you're body is ready. There are people who had healthy babies and got pregnant b4 their 6 week check up. I would at least wait for your 6 week check up. Because that's when they check you to make sure you healed okay and you're cervix is closed. There's another thread with ladies who've been thru the same who are trying to conceive. It's a great thread that will give you hope and answer any questions and concerns with their experiences. *GOING FOR SEPT&OCT BABIES* Good luck & baby dust to all


Melissa - January 10

Do you have an obstetrician or gynecologist? I would consult one of them instead of your GP or midwife. While I know they are also very knowlegable, I would feel better if I had a sonogram to ensure everything was OK. I think a month might be too soon after a miscarriage that far along. I don't even think your hormones would be back to normal yet. Having a miscarriage at 26 weeks must have been devastating. Are you sure you are ready to get pregnant again so soon? I thought I was ready right away, but I did what my doctor asked and waited and come to realize that I really was not ready to try again so soon.



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