Waiting To Miscarry

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Elka - November 24

I am 7 wks gest. I have suspected for the last week that my pregnancy has stopped - very light bleeding (red/pink) and my symptoms just vanished. Had hcg levels done 2 days ago - they indicated 4 weeks. I had u/s yesterday - sac appears empty and measures 4 or 5 weeks. So now with my diagnosis confirmed (blighted ovum) I just have to wait for the miscarriage - I don't know what to expect or how long I will have to wait - I know that there isn't even a baby in there, but I still feel really cheated and sad. Has anyone else gone through this?


kat - November 24

first im sad for your loss i do really feel for you. The waiting is the worst part. I lost my baby 4 weeks ago i was 9 weeks but when i went for a scan because i had light spotting my pregnancy had ended 3 weeks earlier. I went for a scan on the thursday and had to wait till the sunday for it to happen. it was the worst 4 days of my life the waiting is very painful physically and emotionally. i had bad cramping from the friday till the sunday and heavy bleeding till the tuesday. The doctors called my pregnancy a missed miss-carridge. I had never heard of it until i researched it on the net. Its nice to know that there is alot of women who have gone through the same or somthing simular, i hope this helps. Take care i hope you dont have to wait to long kat xx


Elka - November 24

Thank you Kat for your support - I just feel like such a zombie - I'm not pregnant anymore, but I can't start to move on until I miscarry - I just want it over. I'm so sorry you had to go through this too. Thanks again.


Stef - November 24

I just went through the same thing last week. Started spotting lightly on Sun....went for u/s monday and the baby had died about a week and a half prior. We have even seen a strong heartbeat. Tuesday started some light cramping. I decided not to wait and to give it a push naturally. I used crystalized Vit C. I took 500 mg every hour for 12 hours. About the 9th hour it came out...intact in the sac. So I did what the doc asked me to do if it happened that way and bagged it so they could test and possibly get some answers. That really made me sad...but I did it and put it in the frig. Creepy I know, but I didn't know what else to do. I must say tho....I felt SOOOOOO much better after it had pa__sed. I was sad, but at least I wasn't in so much physical pain. I felt like I could move on. It was my 3rd mc and now I am seeing a specialist...so hopefully we will ahve some answers. Good luck ladies....I truly feel your pain. God bless!


Q - November 26

I'm sorry for your loss Elka. I had a blighted ovum in Feb 05, followed by another m/c by d&c in Aug 05 after not seeing a heartbeat. We're trying again right now. But I know what it's like to walk around feeling pregnant but not pregnant. Your body will do what it needs to, but if nothing happens within a week or so, you should see your doctor again. I was told when I had a blighted ovum that a natural m/c would happen usually within a week of finding out. Anyways, best wishes and I hope you are doing ok.


Ashley - November 30

Thats what happen to me about 2months ago i was pose to be about 8 or 9 wks an when i got an ultrasound i was only 5 so the doc. was tryin to see if i had the right date of my last period. however at that time the baby had a heart beat. it was about 3 wks later that i miscarred. it took me some time to stop cryin so much. i am doing better just can't go to the baby dept at all i break down.


elka - December 5

hi thank you all for your stories - it's amazing how many people go through exactly the same thing, yet no one ever talks about it outside these forums! It is roughly 3 weeks since my pregnancy stopped and I finally started to miscarry yesterday. I must admit that I am relieved - the waiting was really tough - there is too much time for "what if"s to pop into your head (like "maybe my dates were way off" maybe everything will be okay"). It's good that I can move on now. I'm sitting this out at home rather than go to the hospital. I'm glad we decided to wait before telling anyone about the pregnancy now. How is everyone healing emotionally?


teresa - December 7

poor dear, yes I too am "waiting" but my advise to you is to get atleast one mre ultrasound if your bleeding doesnot worsen. @ 6.5 weeks my ultrasound showed only sac, but then 5 days later a fetal pole! no heart beat detected yet but will look again monday.


Julie - December 7

I too was diagnosed at 9weeks with a blighted ovum. My u/s determined that the pregnancy stopped around 5 weeks. The only symptom I had was some light spotting. Because I had the non-viable pregnancy for more than 4 weeks with no sign of immediate miscarriage, I was left with three options. I could let nature take it's course and see if I m/c'ed in a week; I could opt for a D&C; or, I could take Misoprostol. We chose the misoprostal to get the m/c started because I am 31 years old and still wanted another baby. My OB recommened not having a D&C because it can sometimes leave scar tissue and lead to some fertility problems. Plus, after 4 weeks of a non-viable pregnancy, the risk of infection rises which can also leave a chance of future fertility issues. I must admit, the Misoprostol was not pleasant. However, given my choices, it was the best for my situation.



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