Waiting To Test Part 3

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madison - July 7

just wanted to start another thread since the other one was getting so long! this has been a very lucky thread for many women ttc after miscarriages and there are still a couple of us waiting for our BFP's! welcome to those of you who are ttc or those who are already pregnant and want to share and support others in this journey! here's a little about myself to get the new thread going: i am 29, married 3 years, no children yet, m/c in feb. and ttc now. DH and i got preggo after ttc for 3 months the first time and now we've been tttc for 4 months so i am hoping it happens again soon!


Morrison1 - July 8

Hi Madison! It's been awhile since we have talked (maybe since the TTC in April thread), but I have followed the Part One thread a little bit, and thought I might pop back on here for a bit to see how you are all doing. Don't know if you remember, but I am 36, DH is 29 and I have had 2 m/c since Jan. One on 2/17 and one on 4/27. I have since started acupuncture and changed all my eating/drinking habits and things are going very well. I have not started taking any drugs other than progesterone during the 2nd half of my cycle. I am on CD12 today and we have started BDing and I think I will o on CD13 or 14. No + opk yet, but will test later today. So, I am officially in the 2ww again soon. In the last month, I have had ALL the tests done (blood, HSG, Chromosome, u/s, etc.) and the only thing they can find is a slightly raised FSH. It isn't horrible and my RE thinks I have plenty of time to still have a few babies on my own. They also found one fallopian tube is blocked, but it has nothing to do with m/c and may just have been a muscle spasm from the pain of the procedure. If I don't conceive this month, I'll go back to have it checked/cleared. That's my update in a nutshell. SUZZIE - CONGRATULATIONS on your new pregnancy!!!! You have sure waited your heart out for this and I hope this is all smooth sailing for you. BABS and MADISON - glad to hear you are doing well and that everything is rolling along. Sounds like we are going to be in the same boat here in the next few weeks. BABS - I do know that SUZZIE tried clomid for awhile and it was pretty yucky to her. Many people report that it causes them problems that they didn't have before. I personally have chosen to stay away from it since ovulating does not seem to be my problem (keeping the fetilized egg is my issue). And, I have also been using OPKs for awhile with no problem at all. This month, I used a new brand per my RE, but they have not worked at ALL, so yesterday I went back out to get the brand I like. I use a store brand called Rite-Aid, but pretty sure you don't have that pharmacy where you are. Anyway, I hear your frustration on that for sure. I won't veer away from this brand again! I haven't had time to read up on everything, so hope to continue catching up with all of you. Take care and lots of baby dust to you all!!!


Morrison1 - July 23



suzzieq - July 24

Hi everyone! Haven't been on in a long time. Madison, I hope it happens soon for you too! I was very shocked to actually be this time! Morrison and Babs, the very best to you as well!! Thanks for the congrats Morrison! I am 9 weeks and 2 days as of today! And probably 3/4 of that time I have been vomitting but thanking God that I am pg!! My ds wonders what the heck is going on that I am always so sick. Babs, I haven't caught up with the reading yet but I did try Clomid last april and may. I ended up in the hospital for a while, but the doctors can't say what really happened. Clomid isn't supposed to make a person react the way I did. I had seizures for several months. But like I said, that was a very rare thing that the docs couldn't even explain. So where are you girls in your cycles?


madison - July 24

hi everyone! morrison, its good to hear from you and thanks for repsonding. i have also been "away" from this site for a while and i've also been out of town for a couple weeks. (i am a teacher so i have my summer off.) well the past couple of days were really hard on me, i was very depressed about not being able to get pregnant again. i was supposed to get AF last thursday but she didnt show so i took a test on friday and it was negative. i just a__sumed i was late like i've been the past 4 months or so. well this morning i decided to take another one and guess what - it was positive!!! i cant believe it. i think i ovulated late in my cycle. and that's why i am just now getting a positive at day 32. i thought i had a positive opk on day 14 but then around day 20 i started having ewcm again so i took an opk and it was positive so dh and i bd'd again. i think i conceived then, what do yall think? i havent taken any more tests yet, i am going to buy some today and take another one tonight to make sure. i really can't believe it. i am so happy but also very scared! i'll let you know what the next test says. i have a dr.'s appt on friday, too. well, babs and morrison hang in there, i know it will happen! i am shocked about my positive, i just pray this one works out. suzzieq, sooooooo happy you are doing well! :) take care everyone and i'll write more soon.


madison - July 24

oh, one more thing, i havent had any symptoms or anything at all to make me think i could be pregnant. if i am, i should be due around april 1st or so. my sister-in-law is due around march 1st so that would be neat to be so close.


madison - July 24

hey its me again- sorry for another post! well i took another test and it was again bfp. it wasnt as dark as the one i took in the morning but i'm a__suming it's because i took it late in the day after drinking lots of fluids today. i have one more test so i might as well take it tomorrow morning and see. i go to the dr.'s on friday to confirm. well good luck baby dust to you all out there and hope to hear from you soon!


kc - July 25

Hi all, I was just popping in and saw that this thread had come back... Madison, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry about the shade of the line...a line is a line!!


babs - July 27

Hi - Madison WOW! I can't belive it, you must be absolutely thrilled! Suzzie, I'm so pleased all's going well for you too, you guys really deserve it! I have been a bit out of action for a while too, loads of crazy family stuff going on which has kept me really busy! I found out last cycle that my 50mgs of clomid were'nt working anymore (can't remember if I told you guys that or not??!!) so had my doseage upped to 100mgs this cycle and......got a +ve opk today, which I'm so pleased about! (Ridiculous to be happy about that I know, but I was so down about my body's reaction to 50mgs, I'm just really relieved that it's working now!!) The best thing is that instead of o'ing on day 21 like I was on 50mgs, I'm now o'ing on day 11 which means that even if we're not lucky this month then we only have to wait a few weeks to start trying again!!!!HOOORAY! I'm going with my sister for her 20 week scan next week which I'm really looking forward to. Suzzie- have you had any scans yet? How about you Madison, any appts through yet. Great to catch up with you guys, and I'm so happy for you. Morison - haven't heard from you for ages either, hope all you're doing ok, are you having any tests done, or will you wait to see what happens over the next few months? Are we anywhere close in our cycles now? It would be good if we were! Anyway, take care guys, great to catch up, x BABY DUST!


madison - August 1

hey everyone, how are you all doing? i just wanted to let you know how i was doing and check in. i had my hcg levels checked: last friday they were in the 400's and on monday they were in the 2,000's so i am a little more relaxed now. i now have to wait 3 weeks for my first sonogram. it feels like forever! i dont have many symptoms, just some light cramps off and on, probably a little more tired, and sometimes gas/bloated. well, i am wishing more BFP's for those of you ttc! babs and morrison, how are you doing? lots of baby dust!!!!!! suzzieq, hope you are doing great! keep me posted everyone! :)


suzzieq - August 4

Madison, that is absolutely wonderful!!! Your numbers are going great! I didn't have symptoms for a few weeks and then that sickness hit me 24/7!!!! It is finally down to just feeling sick and no more vomitting. I had lost almost 15 pounds from all the vomitting. I did have an ultra sound and the babies heart rate was like 175! I don't have another until maybe september I guess. Isn't it such a shock to get a bfp after so many let downs, it is like you expect to see a bfn. I am very happy for you! How is everyone else? Morrison, how is everything going for you? Best wishes for all!!


madison - August 11

just checking in to see how all of you are doing? morrison and babs, have you tested lately? suzzieq, how are you doing? i have 2 more weeks to go until my first ultrasound so i have lots of waiting to do. i am trying to stay positive for now. i have some light nausea and other "light" symptoms but really i feel "normal". many prayers and sticky baby dust to all of you! i hope to hear from you!


Morrison1 - August 11

Hey all. Madison, congratulations on all of your numbers and your symptoms!! That's so exciting! I am really happy for you that it's all panning out. Suzie - same to you! That's great. Not the best way to lose 15 pounds, though, eh? Hope you are feeling better. BABS - what's going on with you? Where are you in your cycle? To answer your questions Madison...I had a very long luteal phase last cycle due to changing how I took my progesterone from oral to v____al. It seemed to throw things off a bit....then I got AF and on CD8 I had my first ewcm. I ended up going for a Fallopian Tube Recanulzatoin on CD12 because my HSG showed I might have one tube blocked. As it turns out, that blockage was probably from spasming as the FTC showed both tubes clear and open. However, it looks like I o'd the same day as the procedure (CD12) so there is no way of knowing the egg would have survived that or when I actually ovualted (before or after the surgery). We bd'd that night, just in case, but I didn't expect to o early. Anyway, this month COULD be a bust, or it could work, but I won't know for another week. I am on CD15 today. My temps are all over the board, and I'd almost say I don't think I have o'd yet except that I haven't seen any ewcm in the last few days, and my OPKs have been negative all week. I didn't even have a + opk because I started testing on CD11 and the line was dark, but not +....the tests have been getting progressively lighter since then. I am thinking maybe I would have seen a +opk if I had tested on CD10, but I will never know. What a mess. It's hard to decipher this stuff sometimes, you know? Anyway...that' s my update. Not real exciting, mostly just confusing. Hope you are all doing well!!!



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