Waiting To Try After Natural Miscarriage

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JC - May 14

I just stopped bleeding from a natural miscarriage 2 days ago pretty much right after I passed the placenta, I miscarried at 8 weeks, but the doctor figures the embryo stopped developing a week or 2 before. I have a 19 month old little boy already, and had a really easy problem free pregnancy with him, I am also only in my mid 20s so this miscarriage came as a bit of a surprise. We conceived my son the first month, and the 2nd pregnancy was also the first month... so i'm pretty sure i'm quite fertile, my Dr. said to wait 3 months to try again, but I've heard others say only one cycle... I was just wondering what the risk (if any) is if we conceive before one cycle, I'm anxious to try again as I'm emotionally doing OK, and want to keep the age difference between kids at about 2 1/2 years?


Kate - May 16

My doctor told me I jsut needed to have one normal cycle before ttc. I believe the risk goes up slightly if you get pregnant before your af


Kim - May 18

I just stopped bleeding yesterday after a natural miscarriage starting on May 11. I was about 7 weeks along. My doctor recommended waiting 2 cycles. I am feeling the same anxiety. I'm 29 and have a beautiful 2 year old daughter that we conceived the first month we tried. This pregnancy was the same way...I have the same ?s about risks. I just want to try again. Any recommendations?


Tara - May 18

I had a natural m/c in March & had the same questions some of you are having. My doctor told me to wait two to three cycles after the m/c to build up the uterine lining. She told me the risk is slightly higher to have another m/c if you don't wait. However, I think it depends on the person. I know several people who got pregnant before having a period & had a healthy baby. I think it's wise to wait at least one cycle. Best of luck with your decisions.


Rosa - June 8

My doctor told me to wait for two regular cylces but i am very very anxious to try again. I than asked him if we were to get pregnant before a cylce what would happen. He said that there has been times when people miscarriade again but there is no proof that it was from not waiting for your regular cycle. I am confused and i am not sure if i should just go for it and try with waiting and take the risk or at least wait for one cylce. I need advise PLEASE!!!


Tara - June 8

Rosa: I understand how anxious you are, I was the same way in March after I had my miscarriage. My husband and I decided to wait the two cycles after the miscarriage to try again. It seems like forever, I know, but I think it is worth the wait. Some people do have a healthy pregancy without waiting the two months, but there are others that end up having another miscarriage. We decided to wait b/c if I did have another miscarriage, we would be back to waiting again and feel responsible b/c we did not wait. It really does depend on each individual, so it's hard to give a definate answer. Good luck with whatever you decide!


Rosa - June 8

Tara, Thanks for replying back to me. We decided that ww will just let nature takes it's course. We won't use any protection but if it happens, than maybe it is happening for a reason. I work with a lot of people that are prego and it makes it hard on me to wait cause i can't get my mind off my other pregnancy and every week that goes by i tell myself i would have been this far along. I think the only cure for me is to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy. I am going to keep you, myself and the rest of the girls going through the same thing in my prayers. I am a firm believer that thiongs happene for a reason even though it hurts us. Keep you fingers crossed for me. Thanks again Tara! :)


crisy - June 8

Hi JC. I am 27 yrs. old. I had my miscarriage at 7.5 weeks pregnant. It was my first baby. It did not take me a long time to get pregnant. As soon as we tried, the next month I was pregnant. My miscarriage was on April 25th. I got my first af last week. Now we are trying to conceive again. My doctor told me to wait 2 cycles. After we lost the baby, we did not use any protection and I thought I was pregnant. It's up to you how you feel. Some people say that you are more fertile after you miscarry. I don't know if it's better to have one cycle. I know that in theory that's what they say. I was dissapointed that I got my period but now I have hope that I will have a better chance to get pregnant again.Lots of baby dust to you and to all the ladies ttc.


Erin - June 8

I had a similar experience having a miscarriage at about 7 weeks. Dr. said it was an anembryonic pregnancy. I bled for two weeks with extreme cramps. My Dr. also said 3 months, when I asked why he simply said from his experience it's right emotionally and physically. We've been trying again about 3 weeks after I stopped bleeding. Had my first period May 27th. I'm trying to use an OPK but I don't seem to be getting a surge in LH... it's really frustrating because I think I'm ovulating because of the discharge I'm having but I'm not certain what's going on. I was wondering if the test line on the OPK gets darker as the days come closer to surge or if just one day it just spikes.


Rosa - June 9

I was 7 weeks on May 27th when i missed carried. I bled heavy for 2 days than 4 days was like a regular period bleedding. We are not currently trying right now but we are also not using protection. Have any of you ladies ever experienced a pregnancy right after a miscarriage with out having a period? What was your experience with that pregnancy?


Kleigh - June 29

I am 8 weeks and 2 days along for the past 3 days i have been bleeding. not heavy,but there has been blood clots. the blood as been mostly brown sometimes red. I just went for an ultrasound they said it was too early to see the heart beat,but the yoke was still there. When i went back to my doctor he cancelled my next appt. and made me another ultrasound appt. noone has said im having a miscarriage though they havent said im not.its the not knowing whats going on that makes it harder this is my first pregnancy me and my husband are very nervous can anyone offer any advice or knowledge as to whats going on with my baby? we would be so greatful. p.s. good luck to the rest of you i wish you the best


ama - June 29

I have experienced a similiar situation as all of you. I m/c naturally June 7th at 7wks. I began spotting at 5 1/2wks, and I was able to see my baby's heartbeat at that time (it was very low 91-95). Three days later I began bleeding heavily, went to Dr and no heartbeat. Five days later began having severe cramps w/ heavy bleeding. Went to Dr, and I had m/c completely. My Dr told me to wait one cycle before ttc, and this was for dating purposes. I have continued seeing Dr for blood work and last week my hcg levels were at 22 (need to be 5 or lower before af), so still waiting. I will get this weeks results back tom. My husband and I have been using protection since m/c. We do not want to take any chances on this happening again. I think it is truly up to the individual though. So many women have gotten preg. w/o waiting and delivered healthy babies. Good luck to all ttc. You are in my prayers.


To kleigh - June 29

I know that this is probably not exactly what you want to hear, but...Dr usually says not to worry unless bleeding turns from brown to bright red or becomes very heavy. Also, the Dr should be able to see heartbeat at 8wks, with v____al u/s, especially if they could see yoke. You said that you are pa__sing clots, when I began to m/c I was pa__sing mostly brown (sometimes dark red) clots. They were almost grimy (TMI). It was so sparatic and confusing for several days. Nothing like a period. Then I began to bleed bright red heavily with large clots and severe cramping. I hope I am wrong, but it sounds like you might be m/c. I suggest taking it easy and laying down any chance you get. ***Whatever you do, do NOT loose hope until all hope is gone. Thinking the worse will not help. Good Luck and let us know how you are doing! I will be praying for you.


CP - June 29

I think as long as you feel you are ready, you can start trying. I got pregnant again by the second cycle after first m/c, unfortunately I am miscarrying now again.



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