Waiting To Try Again

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Emma - November 2

I know this has been addressed within other threads but I am wondering about trying to conceive after miscarriage and whether there really is an increased risk if you fall pregnant before going through a cycle (or 3 - seems dr's differ on their recommendation). I was told by the nurse after my followup scan that the only reason they say to wait a cycle is so that they can date the pregnancy properly, not because it would make another miscarriage any more likely. Would you actually actively try to avoid pregnancy by using birth control? I am rearing to go and reckon it is up to fate if/when I become pregnant again.


Ellie - November 2

Emma- if you have been given the all clear then follow your heart. i feel exactly the same way. How long ago since your miscarriage? I lost my baby on 22nd Sept at 17weeks. 6 weeks on i have now got my first period and i feel metally and Physically fit to try again as soon as my cycle starts. There seems to be so many people with different advice from their Gps but i have never been told this by mine.I have only been told it is for date purposes. The only thing i can say is we may all want to be pregnant again NOW but you need to deal with your loss first. Just make sure you are 100% in your mind ready, everyone deals with things differently. I wish you all the luck x


Melissa - November 2

I had a miscarriage 9 days ago and a D&C 7 days ago. My doc told me to wait until I had my first period. He also said that many women get pregnant before that and it's fine. But then the nurse in the hospital told me nothing should enter the v____a for 4 weeks, so I don't know if the recomendations are based on whether or not you had a D&C performed or pa__sed the tissue naturally.


Emma - November 3

My miscarriage was mainly around Oct 23-25, then the embryo came out the 28th. I stopped bleeding shortly after and from my scan Tuesday they said there's just a tiny bit of lining perhaps but probably not even enough to bleed. I do feel mentally ok, because I pretty much felt like the pregnancy was doomed when my symptoms stopped at 5 weeks. My husband and I resumed relations last night since they said that would be fine once I stopped bleeding. Ellie - so sorry to hear you were so far along, good luck.



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