Want To Be Preg Again

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jules - May 24

Hi everyone, Just want to say how sorry i am for anyone who has experienced a m/c. its 6 1/2 wks since i miscarried. I still havnt had af. I desperatly want to be preg again and feel like i'm going crazy cos i'm stuck in a rut until i get my period. i have had my levels checked and they have come down alot, but still not at zero. does anyone think this is a long time to wait for af, and what do you think the chances are that i could be preg again?? Any input would be very welcome! Thanks!!


princess_20 - May 24

Hello Jules sorry to hear about your m/c, i found out i was having an ectopic pregnancy on May 2nd. took the Methotrexate shot for it and still havent started my period (i know its only been 3 weeks) my levels were back down to 0 as of the 12th of May. But i have started feeling some of the same symptoms i had when i found out i was pregnant, like lower back aches, mood swings, hungry all the time, peeing alot, and cramps but not like period cramps these are more dull. but back to your post...i was told by my doctor that as long as you still have some of the pregnancy hormones left your body will still think your pregnant so because of that i wouldnt think you were pregnant (you said your levels were not at 0) as for the no AF i would ask your doctor about that because that does seem like along time to wait for it. are they still checking your HCG levels?


jules - May 24

Hi Princess, Thanks for replying, and sorry for your loss. Wow, your levels went down really quick. Wish mine went that quickly. Yeah i'm stil having mine checked, last week they were down to 6, going to get them checked again tomorrow. Do you know if your levels have to be right down to 0 before af comes?


oregano - May 24

Hello Jules, sorry for your loss. As far as I know your levels need to be zero for af. Did they check to see if everthing had come out. My levels were not going down to zero after the miscarriage (they were dropping though), and sonogram showed that there was some tissue left after 5 weeks. Then they did D&C and my levels were zero right away. But I also know that with some people it is just slow. I would just check with the Dr. Good luck


suzzieq - May 24

Hi Jules, I am very sorry for your loss. I am also sorry to say that you cannot be pg again since your levels are still positive. I was like you, took forever to get to negative, if you don't mind I will share. I miscarried in the first week of February, bled until feb 21st. Feb 23rd docs said I was all cleaned out but hcg level was going up slowly still, apparently not all tissue was cleared out. Any how I went into March thinking my body was back to normal since on March 5th I got af, and never a positive on opk, and another af on March 28th. Finally by April 4th my levels had dropped to below 2!! Yeah, did take forever. And the af's were really just residual bleeding, another "lovely" reminder of what happened. I was so upset during that whole time, wondering why in the world was it taking me this long when everyone else seemed to be back to normal the next cycle. Well I am finally in the trying to concieve game again and so far, no luck! So I think I can really understand how crazy you are feeling, it seems relentless some times(most of the time) doesn't it?! I guess just keep getting those levels checked and realize that for some reason our bodies just don't want to let go of what was there. It is very hard and I am truly sorry for your experiences. I hope you will soon be in the trying game soon and that nothing but goodness comes your way!!! Take care! Sue


jules - May 25

Thankyou to you all for your kind words and support, it really helps to have such caring people on this forum. I am sorry for all your losses too. I am going to get my levels checked again this am so i am praying that they have hit zero finally! Anyway thanks again. ***Baby Dust to everyone!!***


Eva29 - May 25

Hey Princess, My story sounds a lot like suzzie's! To make a long story short I had to have a D&C and a repeat D&C due to residual tissue so it took 11 weeks to get af as my levels were still high (in the 200's 8 weeks after) But 6 is very low and I was told that it is considered zero when it is < 5. I was also told that I would get af 2-4 weeks afetr it reached zero (<5) which is what eventually happened. So hopefully your will return to normal very soon!



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