Want To Express My Thanks And Give The Good News

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Nicole - September 2

I have talked to many of you over the last month. I had a D&C on July 15 and many of you were there with support. I got news that I was pregnant 4 weeks later and many of you were there with words of support and prayers. Last week I had a u/s and we didn't see a hb but we hung in there and today we saw the heartbeat and everything looked great. I have had 2 m/c and have never seen the beating heart. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone. It really does help to have the support of women around you. I wish eveyone the best of luck and I know one day we will all have what we are looking for. You all are in my thoughts and prayers!!


Jessica - September 2

Great news...Good luck and congrats...


Alison - September 2

Yay Nicole! Glad to hear all is still going well-I had a good feeling about you. I am so very pleased for you!!! Bless you and your little one xxx


KimD3 - September 2

Nicole, That is great news!!!! So happy for all three of you!!!!! I went to the dr today and all they did was give me a pregnancy test and talk to me and tell me to come back in 2-4weeks if my period dosen't come. I told him about my other preg. tests and the one I took Sunday came out with a faint line. They never took blood and that was that. Should I go to my regular doc not my gyno/ob?? Need some advice??? Thanks Kim


Q - September 2

Congratulations Nicole! How exciting! I'm so glad everything looks good and I hope you have a great pregnancy! It helps all of us to hear happy stories after m/c :)


Nicole - September 3

KimD3, I would go to another Dr. wether it is your gyno/of or your regular Dr. I did not like the way my ob handled my last m/c so I have picked someone different my friend goes to...I have had a completley different experience. Every Dr. is different and you need to find one that makes you feel comfortable. My insurance didn't cover the second u/s I just had but my Dr.'s offices called and said she is high risk and jumped thru hoops so they would pay for this $540 dollar test. You need a Dr. who will work for you. I would want to know what was going on if I was in your shoes. Good Luck! I hope you find out soon if you are expecting or if your husband is going to get lucky this month.



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