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ahay - February 5

I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks pregnant on January 19th. I had my last lab test yesterday and my HCG levels are back to normal. This was my 3rd miscarriage and I have a son whom is a year and a half old. I guess what I am wondering is how soon can I get pregnant? And what can I do to improve my chances of getting pregnant? HELP...I am so ready for a baby


sososleepy - February 5

ahay, I'm sorry you're here too. I was 9 weeks when I mc last weekend. Was there a reason they checked your hgc after, or do they always do that? They called me in early to check mine because after mc began in full force on Sunday, they did a dnc on Monday and didn't find evidence in the matter they sent to the lab so thought it might be ectopic. I'm sure it wasn't because I observed what I lost carefully.... guess I should have brought it in, but just couldn't go there, and they didn't tell me to when I called. I started charting my temp yesterday to see when I ovulate (which I never did before but now I just want to still be pg so badly!) I'll also keep a close eye out for cervical mucus. I think we can get pg fast... was furious at having to wait 2 weeks because I'm afraid my body will ovulate as though the mc were a period because I figure the same hormones (ie progesterone drops before af) that trigger a period must trigger the mc after the fetus and placenta stop producing the hormones that prevent it, and I'm afraid I'll miss it by waiting as he insisted I do. I really really don't want af to visit... I want to be pg. I can't seem to drag myself away from the pc lately, and one odd thing I found while researching was a post asking about cough medicine for conception. So I looked that up too and found that some people think guaifenesin (an expectorant) is helpful because as it thins the goo for your to cough up, it also acts on all mucus in your body so thins the cervical mucus making you more moist and allowing the sperm to swim through more easily (I can't say if it works, and will be careful not to take to much and to only use it when the time is prime, but I did go buy it today just in case. I figure I'll notice if it makes a difference because I'm paying very careful attention to my body these days.) That got me looking up the adverse effects of lubricants on sperm and duh, no WONDER it took us so long to get pg! NO more of those in the middle of the month any more! He'll just have to take longer first (smiles). So I don't know whenyou can, but I'll let you know if I get there soon, but I think you can improve your chances by taking your temp, charting it, watching how fluid things are while you do so and jotting that down to so that each month your timing gets better, and, um, I guess we all know the basics because we did get pg at least once to be here on the loss pages... I read on another site that your cervix is "soft, high, open and wet; like pursed lips" just before you ovulate, and "firm, low, closed, and dry; more like the tip of your nose" when it's not the best time. Since the doc forbade any penetration until at the earliest our visit Monday 12 Feb, I haven't checked... but I will when I can. There are test kits for sale that measure your LH which pesks around ovulation, but I'm not into spending (yet) to try. If you find or know anything I missed, please post so I can do that too!!! Best luck, I hope you get pg very fast (me too!!)


sososleepy - February 5

that was peaks, not pesks... wish we could edit typos as no matter HOW many times I re read it I always leave a few gurr


ahay - February 6

They took my blood every two days to follow my hormones back to zero. They went to zero after 12 days. I really hope I can get pregnant right away. I never have a problem getting pregnant it is just KEEPING them that is hard.


stefkay - February 6

Hi guys, I might suggest coming over to the "Signs of Pregnancy" forum...before my last pregnancy I started over there as it is all women trying to conceive and I learned soooo much over there in a few months. The first month I charted was the month I got pg (and then recently m/c) but I started there a couple of months before charting and also read up a lot on different things that help etc. So if you have any questions feel free to ask and check that forum out. I don't post a lot there right now, but I check in on several people there to see how they are doing and answer any questions that I can. I'm thinking that I won't worry about trying again until at least I get my first AF after the m/c. I think my spotting stopped today and for the past few days it has been mixed with cm, so I'm not sure how to chart that, but my temps are low and consistent with pre-ovulation temps, so I'm hoping to see if I even ovulate this month as well. Good luck!!!


stefkay - February 6

oh, forgot to add...last Tuesday they took blood and my hcg was down to 25, so today they took it one more time and should be negative the nurse said. She explained that I should stop spotting when the hcg is gone.


ahay - February 26



stefkay - February 26

WOW! Congratulations, ahay! Did you ever get an AF, or did you conceive before that?


sososleepy - February 26

Congrats!!! And thank you for the hope. Did you have af first?



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