Wanting To Try Again 21

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JessC531 - December 2

Congratulations to Jodi on the arrival of Peyton Elise! Here's hoping Ava will follow very soon! :)


JessC531 - December 2

I'm too tired to post right now girls. It's been a hell of a weekend. I hope you all had a better one than I did! I'll try to post tomorrow. Night!


waggzy - December 2

Oh! how adorable is Peyton!!! what a little cutie, so precious! Congrats to you and dh Cer, great job! I can't wait to hear how you are doing. Loving the little bow on Peyton's head :)


waggzy - December 2

Jess, thanks for starting us on part 21.


waggzy - December 3

I just read some of the first posts and they are sooo sweet, I read when some of us got our bfp's, and some of the girls who have been here and are not any more. I even came across the story about a girl (Bree) who lost her baby at 16-20 weeks, I couldn't help but shed a tear. anyway, we have come a long way and it is really therapeutic to be able to look back and see where from. It makes me realize how blesed I am to have all you girls. Here's to great friendships!!!


consy - December 3

Hey Jess thanks for starting the new thread and for putting the pic of Peyton up for us... she is so gorgeous!! Cer you did a great job, she looks so perfect and content - have been sending you lots of good vibes from here in australia so hope you are getting them over there!! Hey waggz I STILL wonder how ryanswifeallie is.... I wonder whether she m/c because she suddenly disappeared at about 12 weeks remember and we never heard from her again. She was the one that looked like reese witherspoon remember lol.


Vicki - December 3

Hi. Thanks Jess for starting part 21. I've been over to Piczo and I think that you're looking great Liezel, you're absolutely blooming and not even a hint of the bags under the eyes that I have. Peyton is such a little cutie, I can't wait to see more photos of her and to hear the birth story. I always wonder most about BlueBonnie. The last we heard from her was that she still hadn't had her first af after her m/c and that she had decided to wait until after Christmas before thinking about ttc again. I hope she is getting on ok and that she and her dh are looking forward to their own imminent arrival.


KitCat - December 3

Congrats on the little baby girl, Cer!!!! I tried to look up the pics on piczo, but it asked for a pa__sword and I don't remember what we used. A little help??? LOL I hope everyone is doing well. Me and my family are doing great and are getting ready for the holidays. I can't wait until you have your baby Liezel. I remember when we first started chatting here and everything you had to go through to get pg and I am soooo excited for you!! Everyone take care!! XOXOXO


LB - December 3

Morning ladies, Peyton is so cute she is so precious. I can't believe how close she looks to her 3d ultrasond photo. I wish i had one done now! Jodi i can't wait to hear all the details, i hope you had an easy labour and settling in well. Jess hope you feel better, hope your weekend wasn't too bad. Waggzy i wasn't on this board when you guys started it, but you are all an amazing bunch of women and it is so nice to have such good cyber friends that care and are great listener's i am so happy to have met each and everyone of you. Hey cons, how is matthew's swimming lessons going? is he still loving every moment of it. I still can't get my mind wrapped around having a hot winter, we are expected to get 15 to20 cm of snow today! and it has already started. I am hoping for a white christmas. I do hope DH knows where his shovel is, i told him to come home early from work if it really starts to storm incase i go into labour! ha he says yeah he will but he doubts i will be in labour, he says i want him home to shovel snow! :) actually i want him home before the roads get too bad, but he is confident in his 4x4 so he is not too concerned men! Kitkat, jess put it to private so noone but us can access it. If you want you can send me a personal email and i will send you the pa__sword. My email address is lovelybee123 at yahoo dot ca I had to type it out this way because they won't let you type web addresses on this site. Liezel i can't wait to see who will go first me or you! Personnally i hope it is me:) only because if you go at 38 weeks and i am 40 i am going to be so green and begging to be induced at that point. I heard toronto got dumped with snow, and guess what we are getting the same storm system down here now. Environment canada says this is going to be a cold winter, one we havn't seen in a long time. Great, it is going to cost a fortune to heat the house with the price of oil and everything:( oh well what are ya going to do? How is everyone else? oh by the way i posted some nursery photo's on the website and i will get some preggo shots up as soon as i can get someone to take them for me. Talk to you all soon Lynn


micorazon - December 3

Hi Girls...thanks for starting the new thread Jess. Peyton is a cutie...LB the nursery looks great. I can appreciate what you mean about keeping it simple until Ava has a preference. I was thinking about that the other day, that as much as I love the theme for Aidan as a newborn he is probably going to want trucks or cars or something in a couple of years and we are going to have to do it over. So I went ahead and didnt wait until my 6 week check to do the deed with dh. Its been 4 weeks and I didnt have any issues so I figure its ok. We didnt use any protection but with me b___stfeeding fulltime Im hoping it will be ok. It was a little irresponsible seeing that right now we arent planning on having any other children but honestly I didnt think about it until after...its been so long since we have even thought about using birthcontrol. Today is day one of me trying to get on a normal schedule and I have failed miserably...lol. Aidan was up until about 1 am and slept until 5 am which is good for him. He was up from 5-7 and then we both fell back to sleep until noon. I have to try to stay up and not take that nap with him in the morning but its so hard. I guess that snow has come my way Waggz...we are covered in it now and it is still going. Jess - Is it snowing in CT?


RyanswifeAllie - December 3

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FOUND YOU!!!! Consy, I can't believe you remember me! I've thought about you guys this past year too, and I'm sorry I disappeared. I do have good news!! My daughter Rachel Christine was born on August 9th at 1:28 am!!! :) She was born at 34 weeks and 6 days...... I struggled with pre-term labor for two weeks and she came on August 9th. She weighed 6 lbs 15.5 oz.....which was HUGE for that gestation....perfectly healthy. Needed a little bit of extra oxygen for a little while, but is 15 lbs now!!! I disappeared in February/March because I had bleeding and I was sure I was losing the baby...but we went in and there was the little bub....she was okay! But I quit my job and was scared to death until about 24 weeks or so.....then, she did decide to come early. I think I was having miscarriages because I needed progesterone......I used progesterone with this pregnancy and I got past the scary part..... My doctor said I will use progesterone until 37 weeks next time because progesterone has been proven to keep women at risk (like me) from going into pre-term labor. I just wanted to share my JOYOUS news! I'm a stay-at-home mom now. I'm so happy you still remember me! Please tell me about you all!!!! I know you all know about each other's babies and such, but I don't, would you please share!!!


Liezel - December 3

OMG..... here I was just reading along with all of todays posts and seeing what you ladies have been up to and then Cons mentions Allie and I am like "yeah... I wonder whatever happen to her?"... and then I get to the bottom and here you are... after all these months and you have a daughter!!!! How awesome is that... my jaw litterally dropped open. I love reminiscing about way back when this board was just a newbie on the block. Sometimes I still can't believe how far we have all come. Kit Kat, I miss you... I have been talking to you since the end of 2005! You have actually been there with me through every step that I have taken to get this far. This week I will be 35 weeks... I still can't believe it... sometimes I just sit there looking at my belly and ask myself... is this for real??? LB... don't worry, you will definetly go before me... I won't do to you what waggzy did to connor...LOL... (joking). Once you go, I will be sooooo excited because then I will know that I really am next! Jodi... your little princess is soooooo cute (thanks Jess for posting it). I can't wait to hear all the labour details. anyways ladies, i am pooped... time for bed for me... work today wasn't too bad, but I gotta go back tomorrow for another 12 hour shift and I'm not sleeping that great now, so the sooner I hit the sack the better... sad thing is it isn't even 9pm yet...lol.....ttyl....Liezel...xxxxx


consy - December 3

OMG!! Ryanswifeallie!! That is excellent news, and I am so happy you found us to share it with!!! lol we have been reminicing a fair bit recently, with everyone starting to pop so its so nice to see (lol) you again!! We have a piczo page where we put our photos on, but i will wait until jess comes on because she knows the address. Or you can email me and I will send you the link and the pa__sword, my email is conorstallard at iinet dot net dot au. You will love the pic's of our bubs, and we would loooove to see yours!!! Hey Mico don't worry about a routine yet, just get lots of rest. Its hard I know, and i was a complete idiot in that first 6 weeks.... my house is messier now then when i first had matthew, but the rest is important. Yay that you got to have s_x... i found it really helped in making me feel that everything was going to be ok, and that nothing had changed in our relationship. Today I am just chillen at home, had swimming yesterday which took it out of me. Its a beautiful day so I have to get the washing done at least. I think my b___stfeeding days are over ;-( I just don't produce nearly anything now, and so formula is becoming more and more frequent which is sad, because I just loved it so much. I loved it when Matthew is really upset and I know I can comfort him with b___stfeeding. Matthew is nearly 4 1/2 months now, and will be starting solids in a couple of weeks so I think i did a good innings, but i hope with number 2 i will be able to b___stfeed for much longer. ;-) Will check in a lot today, inbetween washing and nappies. Love you all. xx


RyanswifeAllie - December 4

Hey there!!! Consy, Liezel, I'm so glad to see you. Congratulations, Liezel!!! I do remember you and I'm so glad you're pregnant! I'm going to have to go back and read a bunch of posts I think..... Consy, you must have had your little boy in August too? Rachel's birth was very fast and quick (probably because I was sort of laboring on and off for about two weeks or so there).....she came quickly! Almost didn't have any time for pain medication...... I did get an epidural when I was 9 cm dialated....I can't believe they gave it to me that late, but they did! Consy, I will email you and I would love to see your babies....and you guys!!! I feel like we need to get reaccquainted. I'm Allison, by the way, I live in Iowa (USA) and I'm 26 years old.....27 on December 9th!


peggsann - December 4

God evening all; congratulations cerulean; what a blessing a dd is for you and your dh. I thank God everyday for my dd; I know that each and everone of you ladies do or will be doing the same. I wanted leave a quick post and update you. I had my hcg and u/s the level is down to 6 and the u/s didn't show any remaining tissue that would require a d&c. I was so relieved. The re wants to meet with me on Thursday to go over our future plan; after the appointment was made dh told me that he has a department meeting at the hospital he works at and can't make the appointment. He said it is my choice if I want to reschedule. I told him I was going to go and just hear what the re has to say so that I can take the next couple of months to think and heal. Thanks again for all of the words of encouragement. ---Peggs


micorazon - December 4

Hi Girls...Im having a bit of a bad day. Today was dh's first day back in the office and basically when he got there his manager told him that he is going to be laid off. Luckily there is another dept that wants him so he still has a job but the downside is that all of our daycare plans for Aidan are kind of screwed up now. We only registered for two days with the impression that we would each work a day or two from home and he works second shift so we would be able to help each other get our work done at least half of the work day. Now he wont be second shift or be able to work from home for a while so Im concerned. First that Aidan will have to be in daycare full time now which I didnt want and second the cost of full time daycare is so high that it is going to be quite the financial strain. I know it will work its way out but it was such a b__w when everything had been going so well. Luckily we still have another month to sort it out but I feel bad that is what he is greeted with his first day back. Thanks for letting me vent...Im going to go make an attempt at cheering him up.


Vicki - December 5

Hi girls! Allie it's great to hear from you again. Congratulations on your baby daughter and I'm pleased that she is doing so well after what sounds like a difficult pregnancy. As for me I am now 28 weeks pregnant. Mico, what a welcome back! Did they even bother to say hello before they dropped that little bombshell on him. Hopefully, things will settle down with the new job soon and you should be able to work out your baby care accordingly. I do agree though that I hate the idea of my baby being looked after by a childminder full time. Dh is even looking into quitting work or just taking on a little part time job so that he can be a stay at home dad. Fortunately my wages should just about cover the monthly bills with a bit left over. Peggsann, I'm glad to hear that your bodyis getting back to normal quickly after the trauma you've been through as it doesn't need to be extended further with surgery etc. Good luck with Thursday, hopefully what your re has to say will give you hope for any future plans you may decide on once you have had chance to heal.



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