Wanting To Try Again 23

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consy - February 6

Lucky 23! Haha although is anyone actually trying? (Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssss lol)


tam242 - February 6

What about you Cons?!? what with your "rumpy pumpy" time!!!!! He He. Sorry been mia again, been a bit of a hectic time again,- all 5 of us went down with colds, but are getting over it now! Really tough looking after 3 sick kids (4 including d/h!) when you feel pretty rough yourself! Course d/h always thinks he's got it worse,- typical case of man flu!......Anyway so glad you had contact from Vicki, Jess, and sorry I was unable to try and contact her again, but glad she's home and baby Jack seems to be doing well. Can't wait to see some pics.........Congratulations on the u/s scan Kiza, can't believe you're that far already. Hello to everyone else and hope everyone's well. XXX


JessC531 - February 6

Hi girls! Kiza, I am so glad everything looks good. You must be so excited! I know I am! I can't wait to see those pics. Mia, sorry you had a lonely weekend...and that you ended up sick! Anytime you're lonely, feel free to give me a call! I'm usually here. :) And I'd love to chat. I know what you mean about dh. My dh is amazing, and I really can't complain, but Mira is still usually with me. If I want to go out, I have to make sure he's home, make sure I pump a bottle, explain to him when she needs to eat/nap, etc. He just gets up and goes. Oh well. I'm sure it will get easier once they're a little older. In the meantime, you should definitely tell him how you feel. Maybe he doesn't know. Men can be so clueless sometimes! Cons, how is Matthew doing? Is he officially crawling yet? I'm thinking Mira might not crawl at all. She HATES being on her tummy, and has made no attempts to get around. She hardly even rolls over, although I know she can. She always wants to stand up though, and tries to jump out of my arms when she's standing. :) Tam, sorry to hear you were all sick. That's got to be rough when you've all got it! I hope things are well otherwise. Hello to everyone else. Sorry I don't have time to post to you all. So I got my period today. My first one since October of 2006!! I woke up the other morning with HORRIFIC cramps. I actually thought I must be miscarrying or something because it hurt so bad - in my back and everything. But no blood until today. Wierd. Anyway... at least I know I'm ovulating again. BUT... I finally called the doctor to ask about how long I should wait for a VBAC, and she said VBAC or not I should wait a year. :( So we can start trying in July. (She said that's close enough - lol). I guess that's a good thing. Then Mira will be a year old, and we really should probably wait until then anyway. I don't want to have any complications with my next pregnancy. God knows I'll be worried enough without any extra issues. So 23 won't be lucky for me. Sorry Cons. LOL. Mira has officially become a catnapper. She takes about 4 20-30 minute naps a day. It's killing me! I miss my 1.5-2 hour stretches to get things done. And she's not happy when she wakes up - she's exhuasted and cranky. I don't know what the deal is with that. Hopefully we can straighten it out soon though! Ok... gotta run. I'll ttyl.


consy - February 6

yeeeeeees there has been a bit of rump pumpy...maybe even a bit of rootie-tootie (thats the other one we have lol) but i take my pill each night like a good girl so not for me just yet. But it does beg the question, when will i start trying again? August? Dunno but it will be nice when it happens. I can't comprehend being pregnant again, or being able to love anything as much as i love Matthew but i know I will. Man...yeah i totally can't imagine it. Gee it will be wonderful though...I was telling this girl about being in the hospital and having Matthew, and i was just completly overwhelmed with 'wow that really was the most awesome experience of my life'. Well today was interesting, went to visit a friend and then when I came home, discovered I was locked in as there were police everywhere and they had sectioned off roads. Anyway I eventually got home, turned on the news and discovered it was because Michelle Williams and her little girl had arrived and were staying with the Ledger's in Applecross, and I live about 2 suburbs out. Perth has never had anything like this, but I am hoping we don't go crazy with all the celebs turning up for his funeral because its so distasteful. Well Dh flys out tomorrow for New Zealand to be a groomsman for a wedding, and so I will be a single mother for 5 days and nights. Eeeek. I am a little nervous, i have never been away from dh that long since we were married, and being on my own with Matthew is a little daunting too. But i am sure i will be fine. I have the internet lol. Ok girls well i better turn in for the night, i am thinking i might have to offer the rumpy pumpy tonight seeing its the last time i will see him til tuesday. ;-)


consy - February 6

Aaah yes my son is a cat-napper too Jess... its a killer huh. Well Matthew is crawling....and climbing out of our sunken loungeroom...and just tonight he crawled over to the couch whilst we were having dinner, grabbed onto the edge and pulled himself to standing. SOMEONE GET ME A FREAKING PLAYPEN ALREADY lol I don't know why he is on the move though?? Strange. But what is nice is he is getting cuddly, and putting his head on my chest when people try to take him off me. Mummy's boy. ;-)


Cerulean - February 6

Hey ladies...just a quick post. I was out of work for the past two days. I have been sick as a dog and my sister (who is watching Peyton has been even sicker). Kiza - YAY!!! I am so glad that everything is progressing smoothly. I will continue to keep everything crossed for you! =) Vicki - Glad that little Jack is home! Can't wait to see pictures! Waggzy - You had asked about if I was pumping at work..I actually stopped b___stfeeding at 8 weeks. So Peyton is 100% on formula now. Jess - I am wondering how Peyton is going to do when she gets to the crawling stage too. She absolutely throws a fit when I put her on her stomach. She will be fine for about 30 seconds and then just looses it. Cons - Wow! Matthew is up and around! You must have your hands full! That's cute that he's being cuddly. I always love it when Peyton wants me over someone else. hehe Well ladies - I posted some updated pictures and a new video. The video is really boring though because she refuses to smile when she sees the camera...she just stares at it like a dear in headlights. hehe There is a picture of my new haircut, but I don't like the picture much. I need to loose 30 pounds. yuck. Anyway, I better get back to work. Hope everyone else is doing well. Love, Jodi.


RyanswifeAllie - February 6

Hi there....I've been MIA for awhile too....I've actually been reading some posts, but not posting as I don't even know what to say!!! :) About the short naps thing....Rachel does that too....although today she finally had a 2 hour stretch of a nap....but most days it's like 40 minutes!! AHHH! And she still hasn't gone back to her sleeping through the night....I miss it so much! She usually wakes up an hour after we put her to bed, and then usually I check on her, but if she's okay, I just let her cry for a bit....she usually goes back to sleep....then she wakes up at 4 ish.... Anyway... I cut my hair too! It was getting SO LONG!!!!!!! It was in the way when I was trying to nurse and all this stuff, so I cut a lot off and now it is just beneath my shoulders. I'm so happy for Kiza..... and I don't want to bring up bad memories, .....I know Kiza lost two around 20 weeks or so....and from reading this post it looks like little Noah had something wrong?? What about your sweet DD?? Again, I'm sorry to bring this up....I didn't know if there was infection....or do you have an imcompetent cervix?? Do they give your a cerclage??? Just wondering.... I'm so happy your little one is well!!!!!! I keep thinking about the next baby too, everyone, but I'm going to wait probably about 18 months from Rachel's birth....I've heard that if you have preterm labor you should wait awhile.... besides, I have to lose a ton of weight. I'm not doing that well. :( I hope all the moms who are sick get better! It stinks when you're sick... Take care everyone!


consy - February 7

Oh Vicki he is beautiful!!! He looks amazing since he is so early, what a little cutie!!!


Cerulean - February 7

Oh I agree Vicki...he is gorgeous! Congrats!!! Can't wait to hear your birth story. =)


JessC531 - February 7

Vicki, Jack is so precious!! You must be so happy. Jodi, Peyton is a little cutie. Mira usually does the same thing when I take out the camera - she just stares at it. Oh, and I love your hair!! I can't wait to get mine cut. I don't know if I'm brave enough to go that short though. I think my face is too round for it. ;) Cons, I can't believe Matt is crawling and pulling himself up!!! Holy c___p. I can't wait until Mira can do that... I think I've got a ways to go though! Allie, I want to see a pic of your hair too! So yesterday Mira did her usual wake up after about 30 minutes, and I decided to leave her in there for 15 minutes to see if she'd fall back asleep, since I know when she wakes up crying she's still tired. Well, she cried for about 10 minutes, and it was SO hard not to go in there, but then she fell asleep for another hour!!! Her next nap she woke up and cried for about 2 minutes and then went back to sleep (only for 15 minutes though). Now I just heard her stirring after 35 min, but she didn't cry - and she's still sleeping. It's been almost an hour! WOOHOO! Ok, I've got to go get dressed. I should probably do that before noon. LOL.


micorazon - February 7

Hola chicas....Vicki - Jack is beautiful and so alert. Congratulations. Cant wait to hear from you. Cer - I love your haircut . You are so photogenic. Did you just stop b___stfeeding cold turkey or were you weaning Peyton prior to going back to work? I am starting to consider stopping as well but when I dont feed him or pump after about 5 hours I get so engorged. Peyton is such a cutie by the way. AIdan just stares at the camcorder as well. He is so used to my snapping pictures of him with my cellphone that is the only way I can get a picture or video of him smiling. Jess - I may need to follow your lead with Aidan and his naps. Lately he has been waking up every two hours all night long. I have been nursing him thinking maybe he is hungry or something but I think we are just starting a new bad habit. I may have to let him cry it out a little and see if he goes back to sleep. Cons - I cant believe Matthew is crawling. He is moving along so quickly. Aidan is like Mira...he hates his tummy time so I dont expect him to crawl early. I will be surprised if he even rolls anytime soon. Tam and Kiza I dont know how you do it with three children. There will be a day where I think how much I would love another baby and then the next day AIdan will wear me out and I reconsider :-) Kiza - Im happy to hear that your ultrasound went well. Heres to a happy and healthy nine months. Liezel - you have been quiet lately...everything going ok? Ade - Avery is so handsome. I love his face expressions...LB - how are things going with you? Allie - maybe we can be weightloss buddies :-) I need to get serious about dropping some pounds. Now that I am starting to feel like myself again Im ready to look like myself as well. I joined Curves today...everyone in there today was over 60 years old so I will be in there with them but at least I will have at least 30 min of excercise in my day.


LB - February 7

Hi ladies, bet you thought i dropped of the planet? well motherhood has kicked in full swing and i really find it hard to find a moment to myself( not complaining though) just miss chatting to you gals. Anyways vicki jack is gorgeous i just love the one with him holding his fist to his chin, what a sweetie. So glad that he is home with you and can't wait to hear your birth story. Cer peyton is so beautiful i can't believe she is sitting in a bumbo chair already! what a strong girl. Cons you and jess have a race to see who gets preggo first. There is noway i am trying again until well into next year. Kiza i am so glad that everything is going so well, you are the only one pregnant at the moment so we will just relive all our preggo moments through you. I do miss being pregnant though, all the kicks and wonder but not the anxiety. Speaking of anxiety i took ava to her appoinment on tuesday and the doctor was checking her heartbeat and he thought he heard a slight murmur, he says that alot of babies have what they call an "innocent murmur" and it usually goes away on its own and it's not a cause for concern because it doesn't affect their health or growth but he is sending me to a pediatric cardiologists just to make sure that it is one. I think the blood literally drained from my face as he was talking and he could see it because he rea__sured me ava is perfectly fine and she is thriving, eating well and her color is perfect. She is by the way 23.5 inches long now and almost 12 pounds. Her percentile is off the charts and she is a big healthy little girl. She really looks like a three month old and she isn't even two months yet. She will be 6 weeks on monday. I am so scared to take her to the cardiologists, even the word alone makes me scared and the thought of anything wrong with my little girl keeps me up at night constantly checking her so i really am not getting any sleep. She is stirring... i will be back soon, big hello to all you other ladies i will do a proper post soon, got to go out to dinner tonight. It is chinese new year and there is always a big celebration going on. Most of our babies were born in the year of the golden pig, which is especially lucky because it only occurs every 600 years! this year it is the year of the rat. The chinese zodiac is so funny to think of ourselves as being characteristics of animals. I was born in the year of the dragon. Talk to you all soon, Lynn oh i will post new pics of ava soon, so you guys can judge and see if she looks like a three month old!


RyanswifeAllie - February 7

LB--- Let me rea__sure you.... THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO RACHEL!!!!! There we were at our 2 month appointment and the pediatrician said she could hear a slight heart murmur and she thought it was bad enough for us to be checked out by a pediatric cardiologist. I was SO scared.....I kept thinking, great, after all this struggle, I finally have my little girl and now she might need heart surgery to fix a murmur!!!!! I was so scared.....they had to weigh her little arms down with sandbags so they could take an x-ray and then they hooked up all of these wires for an EKG reading... turns out it was completely an innocent heart murmur that many kids have and he wasn't concerned about it at all. PHEW! But I know how you feel....I was so worried!!!! All is well though and I'm positive that is what will happen with Ava.... Sorry for the quick post guys, I've gotta run! I'm trying to make some cloth diapers for Rachel!


Cerulean - February 7

hehe Thanks girls. I am SOOO not photogenic though. If I take 10 pictures, I'll have 1 eye shut in 9 of them. haha Mico - It's funny, I am starting a "biggest loser" contest up here at work. Everyone is going to put $10 in and whoever looses the highest percentage of weight in 2 months gets the pot. I just have to wait for my boss to say it's okay. I need some serious motivation to lose weight. I want to lose 30 pounds. I think the curves idea is great. I started going there about a month before I got pregnant but then quit because I was too afraid of having another miscarriage. I like the idea of working out with only women. Who cares if they are all 60. =) Well I hope everyone is having a good day. It has been the longest day of my life over here. I wish we did have live chat right about now. I am so bored at work. =)


Cerulean - February 7

LB - I must have had my post window open when you posted. I am sorry you have to go through that. The neat thing about these boards is that you can always find someone that has been through the same thing. I bet she has the same thing as Rachel and everything is going to be just fine. When does she go to the cardiologist? Wow Ava is exactly where Peyton was at her 2 month visit. 23.5 inches and she was 11lbs 15oz. She's a big girl! I just spoke with a former co-worker of mine who had a little boy 12 days after Peyton. He is the same length, but 15 pounds at 7 weeks!


ade - February 8

Vicki he is so beautiful!!!!! I am so happy for you you!!!!! Kiza congratualtions I hope everything continues to go well and I am sure it will lots and lots of good wishes to you and your family. Cer I love your new hair cut I think it looks fabulous on you!! Ok back to reading .......


ade - February 8

Wow I am so glad everyone is doing so well. Cer, Mico & Allie I am with you my brief stint of losing weight is over and I am starting to gain again and I am just so d__n hungry and tired it feels absolutly impossible to lose weight urgh!! I need some serious motivation. Maybe we could just do some simple challenges like a gold star for waling 20 mins everyday or replacing a fruit or veggie for a carb each day I dunno something. As for trying again part of me can't stop thinking about the next. Part of me is so in love with Avery I don't want another he is just so perfect. And part of me is simply afraid I am still in pain, I can't sit for long periods and everything is so sensitive I realy can't imagine any more damage to my body. On a rumpy note I really need to work on my relationship with dh. 3 yrs of trying really put a damper on our s_x life and he isn't even interested anymore but will b__w up every couple months as its my fault. we have done the deed twice siince avery was born and I feel aweful about it. He is gone for the weekend so I am thinking about going to Victoria Secret its just so hard to feel s_xy with all this extra baggage> hmm I guess all I can do is keep on trying. Ok we'ver heard from Lynn where is Leizel?



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