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consy - May 12

26?? can you believe it??


consy - May 12

Ok so i had my scan this morning and it showed that I am exactly 5 weeks pregnant, and the pregnancy was in a good position and good blood flow and he could see the yolk sac. The bleeding was implantation most likely he said, as there was nothing in the uterus to suggest that it wasn't a normal pregnancy. Soooo.....thats means I am due on Jan 13th 2009. Dj, for all my concern, was bouncing off the walls and talking about his super sperm so men..go figure ;-) as for me I am feeling much better. Its still not the timing we planned, but now that I at least know whats going on I am starting to feel excited. Jan is going to be a gay a__s time to have a baby as it will be in the middle of our revolting summers but then imagine the maternity clothes i can wear haha. And all in all i think this is the right thing for us, it will be so nice for Matthew to have someone to play with, and i have to admit the thought of being able to have the whole 'new baby' experience again thrills me. And Matthew at 18 months (which he will be....almost ***gulp***) will be very different to what he is now as in he will be walking and talking. So it will be fine. I can feel Jess and Allies eyes boring into me with jealousy already haha who will be next? Thanks girls for listening to my rambles and thanks LB for your post, i was reading it on the way to the scan and it made me feel so much better. Will post again later, i can hear matthew opening and closing the toilet seat again lol


micorazon - May 13

Cons - That is great news. Im glad everything turned out to be ok and that you are able to start getting excited about your pregnancy. This is exciting to have 2 pregnancies on the thread. Im curious to see if Liezels theory proves true. If so, it should work out perfectly. You will get a girl and Jess and Allie will have boys. I am sure we wont be trying for at least two years, although I need to do better with birthcontrol. I didnt want to start any kind of hormonal birthcontrol until I lost more weight because it can sometimes make it more difficult, but I guess I better do something. I dont think my dh would be as excited as Dj :-) Well I better get back to work :-( Hope all is well with everyone. TTYL.


JessC531 - May 13

Oh Cons, that's fabulous news. I am so happy for you. I knew dj would be ok with it... sounds like he's more than ok actually. :) And I'm glad you're feeling better. And yes, I am incredibly jealous. But... we're trying in 2 months, so I think I can handle it. Hopefully we'll get to be pregnant together again!! Jan 13th, huh? I had Mira in the middle of the summer, and it wasn't too bad. Just plan to have the air pumping all the time. Our electric bills were through the roof!! LOL. Anyway, I'm so happy for you. Lynn, woohooo on having s_x again. Dh must have been soooo happy. LOL. Mia, it's so good to hear you say you will be trying again some day. I'm so glad dh decided that he wants to. How's Aidan doing? Hello to the other girls. I"m off to hop in the shower. TTYS!


micorazon - May 13

Aidan is doing well...he is becoming such a big boy now. He sits, rolls and this week has figured out how to pull himself up to stand as long as he holds on. He doesnt seem interested in crawling at all though. He still hates tummy time and is more interested in being upright so we will see what he is going to do. He has come back a little spoiled from his week with grandma. So now he wont sleep in his crib again...so now we are back to having him cry it out every night . How is Mira doing with her sleeping habits? Also, I was wondering for all you mommies with older babies when you started to introduce meats into your baby's diet? Im still giving AIdan fruit and cereal, but Im thinking about starting to add other things in. LB - you have a very patient dh...Im glad that the two of you are back to normal.


RyanswifeAllie - May 13

First of all, Cons, I'm so very happy for you. I'm sorry about the bleeding scare. I had that too, but at 9 weeks with Rachel.....I'm so happy you had a great ultrasound and that you are 5 weeks pregnant!!! WOOH OO!!!! Bring on the morning sickness. All of this reminds me about how I first "met" you back in October 2006......we both had just had miscarriages and you were such a good friend and support to me.... I can't believe our pregnancy journey began way back in 2006!!! Jess was there too at the beginning....I can't believe we've known each other that long! It would be nice for you to have a little girl....Mico, I hope you're right and that Cons has a girl and Jess and I have little boys. DH wants a little boy SO BAD. He talks about it almost every day!!!***Liezal, sorry to hear about your grandma.....what a tough time for you family. Hang in there. **Kiza, hugs to you!!! I know you miss Noah, and just because he may not have had a quality life if he had lived, doesn't mean you don't miss him terribly....sometimes I miss my first little bub....who I don't even know or didn't even see. ***LB, I use a cart cover. It's great! I helps her sit up well too and keeps her toys from falling out. It can be a little bulky, but sometimes, I find a cart that's outside the store in the cart corral, and I grab it, put the cover in, get Rachel out of her carseat, put her in, and then we go into the store all ready! I think wiping the thing down with germ stuff is good too though!!! I use my cart cover on those restaurant high chairs too because Rachel is too little to sit in it by herself, but the cover gives her just enough padding to sit there!!!***** I NEED YOUR HELP guys....I think Rachel might be trying to wean herself.....She loves getting on to the b___b, but she is NOT drawing the milk out!!!!! I'm so engorged and my b___sts hurt so bad.... she will suck a bottle down so fast, but she won't draw my milk out. AND, I can't even pump! I tried pumping for 30 minutes and my milk would NOT LET DOWN! Is she ready to wean? I wanted to go to 12 months, but.....she's not nursing well....just playing and more for comfort. I might have to switch to bottles....I mean, like a bottle of forumla before bed.....other than that she's pretty much on solids.....**** Oh yeah, I forget who asked, but I introduced meats (mixed with veggies or fruits...they are packaged that way) at around 8 months or so.... LB, congrats on the s_x. :) I had s_x in the backseat of my car on Saturday night after a night at the casino! I feel so DIRTY! LoL :) And yes, it was with DH of course.


tam242 - May 13

AWOOOOHOOOO! Consy, oh my god! Congratulations girl, I 'm so excited for you. I'm sorry I keep going awol, it's just hard trying to find time to post, but I do keep checking in from time to time to check how everyone's doing, and couldn't believe it when I saw Consy's news, I almost felt tearful, how silly is that?!! Anways, Consy I wish you all the best for a very happy and healthy pregnancy. Try not to get too worried and anxious about having another baby, it's perfectly normal, trust me, I had exactly the same feelings twice over, with worries such as "How will I cope with another baby" and feeling guilty that the others might feel pushed out, but as soon as baby arrives, everything will fall into place and you'll be amazed how natural it all feels. So........Who will be next?! It's so exciting. Joshua's doing ok, can't believe he's almost 11 months. He's so big though,- a real bruiser. Here's a question - has anyone, who doesn't b___st feed anymore, still got milk? Know it sounds strange, but I still have a small amount of milk, only on one side, and it is only a very small amount, but I don't know if this is normal especially as I only b___st fed for a week and the fact that Joshua's 11 months. Any advice?! Hope all you other guys are well, Tam XX


micorazon - May 14

Cons - Im sorry you are going through this and I know its scarey but since you had the positive ultrasound and the tests are still coming back positive I would say that you should have hope until you hear otherwise. Did your doctor start testing your hcg levels?


consy - May 14

Yeah i think i will go and get my bloods done tomorrow. I just wish they could invent a way that they could get the results to you sooner.


RyanswifeAllie - May 14

Oh Cons.... :( UGH. I hate that you are going through this!!!!!!!!!!!!! You HAVE to get your HCG checked....... and they will have to follow it for awhile..... as you know, it should double every two to three days. You know, I've heard of a LOT of women who bleed during their pregnancy.... I don't know why it has to happen because you automatically think the worst. I think the fact that your two tests turned up dark again is a GOOD SIGN. Are you cramping at all? You know, I had very little bleeding with my actual miscarriage and more bleeding with my pregnancy that lasted. Isn't that weird. When I had my miscarriage I had a TERRIBLE lower back ache...... I would be p__sed at the comments DH is making too. Since you already had a scan and things look good, I wouldn't be too worried yet....I mean, I know you can't NOT be worried, but don't a__sume it's over yet...... There's women who are pregnant like 4 months and don't even know they are pregnant because they kept having "periods" you know???? I wish I was there to be there and hold you and hug you!!!!!!! I know it's hard waiting for the labs. Ask them if they will check your progesterone level too...... if it is below 20 I would demand to have a perscription for progesterone...... Just hug matthew and pray and hope.... Just because you are bleeding doesn't mean it's over...... You already saw the yolk sac at 5 weeks exactly. Remember how scared I was when I was 5 weeks 2 days and they didn't see anything but a sack of fluid>??? Your pregnancy is developing..... PLEASE keep us posted. We are praying for you and hoping for all the best....... It is not over yet, sweetie.....BIG HUGS!!!! We LOVE YOU!! :)


RyanswifeAllie - May 14

Cons---is there anyway you can get in and have them draw your blood levels today???? Or maybe it is night time already for you....go in first thing in the morning and ask them to put a rush on the labwork to see if you can get it later in the day. I think they did that for me once. Are you bleeding now?


LB - May 14

Oh cons, I feel awful that you are going through this. I know a lot of women bleed during their first trimester. It is actually quite common. It may be that you had two eggs implant and one didn't attach properly and you are loosing one of the sacs which may explain the blood loss and clots. You may be loosing a twin, i know that sounds awful and i wish you didn't have to go through this but this may be the case and the other bub is just fine. Don't jump to conclusions just yet, wait it out and wait til the doctor finds out what is going on. We are here for you. I will check in soon, take care LB


Cerulean - May 15

Hi ladies - just dropping in really quick. We are picking up our moving truck tonight!! Ahhh!! So I am still in the middle of all this moving mess. I won't have internet after tomorrow because i won't be working here with my internet connection. Anyway, I just wanted to say Consy - I am so sorry you are having to go through this. To me...I think you are pregnant. I hear ALL the time of people bleeding throughout pregnancy and having a perfectly healthy baby. My own mother had her "period" for the first three months when she was pregnant with me. Please keep your chin up. We all love ya and I will and have been thinking of you! Love, Jodi


JessC531 - May 15

Hi ladies. Cons, I am so sorry you're having to go through this. I would say you are pregnant. People bleed all the time and everything is fine. My cousing had major bleeding during her 1st trimester - was sure she lost the baby and went to the ER - but he was fine. So don't give up hope. It sounds like your hcg levels are on the rise since the line keeps getting darker. I'd definitely have them test them though, just for peace of mind. I am thinking of you... Jodi, good luck with the move! This must have been the craziest week ever for you. Did you find a daycare? Are you staying at your same job? How long will the commute be? I hope it all goes smoothly for you! Allie, sorry you're having a hard time with nursing. Mira hasn't been doing as well with it lately either - she'd just rather have grownup food. I'd say keep trying - maybe it's just a phase. And if you're going to keep trying to pump, try putting a warm washcloth on your b___st for a minute first. That sometimes helps with letdown. Also, try not to look at the pump or think about it while you're doing it... That will slow you down. My lc told me that, and I thought it was crazy, but it's so true. Let us know how it's going. Lynn, I use a cart cover too. It's really not a pain for me at all, and it keeps Mira clean. Definitely worth the $20 and the little bit of extra work in my opinion. They've got some really cute ones too. Tam, great to hear from you. I can't believe Joshua's 11 months! Crazy! I'm still nursing, so I can't help you with the milk thing. I might just call up your dr and ask. Mia, Mira hated tummy time from the get go, and I was sure she wouldn't crawl because of it. But she learned to go from sitting to a crawling position, and then learned that way. I wouldn't worry about it at all. And if he doesn't crawl, big deal. Sounds like he'll be an early walker if he's already standing! Mira just started that about a month ago. So I just went to lay her back down in her crib for the 5th (I think) time and I think she's finally falling asleep. She's learning to sit back down on her own, but when she's so sleepy it's like she forgets how. She'll get it soon though. She's standing up on EVERYTHING now. It's crazy. My little baby is not really a little baby anymore. :( Definitely time for #2. :) Ok girls, I'm off to make a late dinner. I'll ttys!


RyanswifeAllie - May 15

Cons--- YOU ARE PREGNANT. You've seen the sac and the yolk sac!!! Woo hoo!!! I know the bleeding is SO freaky....but I think you really are pregnant....and your little bub is growing. And you're right, I'd wanna slap your brother and sister in law for the blah blah blah "I'm so sick" when you've basically just found out your pregnant. I didn't get sick until about 7 weeks.... I think some people say they are "so sick" and they're really not. Although I really was. Hmmm.... Maybe I shouldn't judge so much!/? LoL Keep praying sweetie. When will you get another scan to see the heartbeat!? Jess, I'm glad to hear that Mira is sometimes a stinker about bf.... Rachel is doing better now!! I think they are just getting older and it's going to change somewhat. Jodi, good luck with the move! Wow, how exciting!! Same questions as Jess, are you keeping the same job? Finding another? Have you found a good daycare??? Good luck! Hi to Liezel, LB, Tam, Waggzy, and Kiza!!!


micorazon - May 16

Hi girls...Tam - I still have milk although i only stopped b___stfeeding a month ago. From what I have read it can take up to a year for your milk to completely stop. Are you already starting to plan Joshua's birthday party? Cons - You are pregnant...I really dont have any doubt in my mind. Did you have your levels checked? Cer - good luck with your move. Hopefully you will have internet access soon so that you can tell us how things are going. What did you decide to do with your house? LB - when do you hear the results of the contest that you entered Ava in? Jess - Im glad you like the cart cover, I have been considering buying one as well. I think Aidan is getting a little heavy to use the carrier and I have also been considering moving him to a regular carseat. I struggle to lug him in that carrier. He doesnt like to be in it too long anyways. Now that he can sit up he hates to lie back. I didnt think about how hard it is going to be to get him to go to sleep once he figures out he can pull himself up in the crib. Did you have to lower the crib mattress? Right now we still have it up pretty high. Allie - glad to hear that Rachel isnt still giving you a hard time about bf. I miss bf somedays. I have considered starting again but he has been growing so much better since I stopped. Sometimes I feel like he doesnt even know if Im his mom or what. He spends so much time at the daycare and our time together is so short in the evenings, it was the one thing that we had that was something only we did. I dont know...it sounds funny, but that is what i miss about it. Waggz and Liezel - you girls have been quiet lately...hope all is well...How are you doing kiza? Cons - any word from Vicki? Ade - thinking of you and hoping that things calm down for you soon. TTYL.


RyanswifeAllie - May 16

CONS, we're dying here! UPDATES??? Has the bleeding stopped? Have they checked your levels??? How are you??? Mico, it does not sound weird that you miss bf. I was sobbing the other day when she wouldn't bf and I thought we were done! I know that bf was something special between you and Aidan.....but you know what? He DOES know you're his mom. I'm sorry you feel like you don't have the time with him that you want to though....I know that's tough. Be he knows. :) We lowered Rachel's crib about a month ago, right before she started crawling and pulling up!!!! Good thing we did!!! She got her first owie yesterday when she was pulling herself up onto her knees on the stereo, then lost her balance and plunk, her nose gouged into the stereo. :( Poor little girl! Yeah, LB, what about that baby contest?? Cer, I hope the move is going well and the hoity toity Dallas ladies aren't too snobby. Ha ha. Much love to all of yoU!!! Cons.....we're thinking of you EVERY SECOND! Please update us soon. Love to Kiza, Wags, Ade, Tam, Liezel and all..



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