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RyanswifeAllie - May 16

CONS, we're dying here! UPDATES??? Has the bleeding stopped? Have they checked your levels??? How are you??? Mico, it does not sound weird that you miss bf. I was sobbing the other day when she wouldn't bf and I thought we were done! I know that bf was something special between you and Aidan.....but you know what? He DOES know you're his mom. I'm sorry you feel like you don't have the time with him that you want to though....I know that's tough. Be he knows. :) We lowered Rachel's crib about a month ago, right before she started crawling and pulling up!!!! Good thing we did!!! She got her first owie yesterday when she was pulling herself up onto her knees on the stereo, then lost her balance and plunk, her nose gouged into the stereo. :( Poor little girl! Yeah, LB, what about that baby contest?? Cer, I hope the move is going well and the hoity toity Dallas ladies aren't too snobby. Ha ha. Much love to all of yoU!!! Cons.....we're thinking of you EVERY SECOND! Please update us soon. Love to Kiza, Wags, Ade, Tam, Liezel and all..


LB - May 16

Hey girls, mico aiden does know your his mommy. I am sorry you had to give up b___stfeeding. I know the longer you do it the harder it is to let go of it. I am sure you will have no problem finding new special "mommy and me" time together with aiden. Cons how are you feeling? i would say you are pregnant. Especially since the lines are still darker. Good sign! as for the contest, I havn't heard anything yet, but fingers crossed! Well girls time to go watch tv for a biThere is no more friday nights out late anymore, well for awhile anyways. Hi to everyone! talk to you all soon. LB


waggzy - May 16

Hi everyone!!!! Cons, OMG!!!!!!! YOU ARE PREGNANT!! my eyeb___s just about fell out when I read your news! CONGRATS!!! I am super excited, soooo jelous, and Jess don't even think about it- wait for me! LOL, I already announced it all over our nursing station and everyone is wondering if we're related coz "why am I so excited?" haha, and I too think you are VERY PREGNANT, especially since the lines keep getting darker, and the u/s looked good. but I feel for you about the bleeding coz that is the worst think to have to go through, but like everyone has said, some people bleed quit abit in the 1st tri- remember how I kept bleeding on and off with Joshua? so please don't lose hope, I know you are going to need alot of rea__surance at this tough time and we are all here for you sweetie, just keep us posted or you will have us calling you on your cell at odd hours of the day :) Liezel, so sorry to hear about your grandma, it must be so stressful (((hugs))), I pray your family will feel comforted. Tam, i too still have quit abit of b___st milk, it sometimes even leakes through my bra and onto my shirt! I have noticed it usually picks up just before my period, so I wonder if it's coz my b___sts swell up or something? glad to hear I'm not the only one :) Kiza, so glad o hear you are doing well, Ceru- good luck with the move- sounds like you are going to be super busy for a while. Hearing all this talk about Aydan standing up and Ava rolling over and Mira and Rachel standing up in their cribs makes me realize how much our babies have grown! Joshua is 10 months now, and boy, yesturday we went to my sister's graduation and he was sooo good and behaved, even though it went past his bed time. He stands up in his crib too, but I am a sucker- I always go in there and rock him back to sleep. but it is really taking a toll on me though coz sometimes he gets up 3 times, and I end up getting about 4 hours of sleep in bits, especially when I work and get home after midnight :( and if it happens enough days in a row, I end up so overwhelmed. So I have said to dh that we have to figure out a different way, maybe let him cio, but dh isn't much for the CIO method- ofcourse, he's not usually the one who gets to take the night shift. what do you girls think? any advice? I could really use some ideas on how to deal with this. Allie, I can relate with what you are going through with the b___st feeding, it is so hard to go through that transition where she may be bf'ing less and less, I remember days when I would go a day or two without bf'ing coz I was "done", only to feel like "i am not ready" and start bf'ing and pumping again, but Joshua was refusing the b___st coz he knew that bottles bring it faster, so it was easier for me to finally let go. Anyway, I am so proud of you and Jess (and anyone else who may have- I know Denise said she bf'd for a while too) for bf'ing so long, it's not easy so kudos to you! ok, I better get some work done, I love you all!


waggzy - May 18

Oh Kiza, you can always come to us about anything! I am so, so sorry about your grandpa. you must be going through so much right now- you poor thing! I really hope things slow down enough for you to take a rest and get re-grouped. I can't imagine having had to go through losing a loved one while very pregnant, not to mention taking care of 3 young children. I've said it before and I'll say it again: you are super woman girlfriend, and I pray that you will heal and get through this ok. I'm glad to hear Mia is doing well, let your hubbie and other fam members take care of you too- don't try to do it all by yourself, do it for Mia :) it just seems like so many parents and grandparents are pa__sing on lately on this thread :( COULD WE PLEASE BE DONE NOW?? I hope and pray so. Con, how are you doing? is the bleeding all gone now? did you get your hcg levels checked? I have been thinking about you all day- as I am sure everyone else has, and we are dying to hear how you are doing. hugs and kisses sent your way! (and belly rubs too :)) Love to all, waggzy.


waggzy - May 18

Hi girls, a little quiet in here this weekend, huh? I'm at work, was just checking to see if Cons had posted yet. I am soooooo drowsy coz (I forgot to tell you girls with all the excitment regarding con's pregnancy) that I had 2 teeth (molars-sp?)pulled out on Tuesday coz they had bad cavities and were aching like crazy, so now I am on narcotics for the pain and I just feel like I want to sleep the afternoon away :) I took 3 days off work and when I got back I tried going without the narcs and just doing ibuprofen, but I just couldn't handle the pain. I don't really think it's supposed to hurt this long or this much for that matter, my cousin had the same done and he didn't have this much pain. I think I'll call the dentist tomorrow and see what they say. And guess what happend to Joshua this morning? he fell down the stairs!!! I was besides myself and screamed and cried, I couldn't believe it as I was standing right there and I think coz I yelled out for him to not go any further he got scared and went further and tumbled right down 7 steps. THANK GOD he seems to be ok, i took him to urgent care right away and they said he looked ok, they said to watch out for pupil changes, behaviour changes, etc. I feel like such a bad mother and embara__sed to even be talking about it coz it really shouldn't have happened , if we had baby-proofed better it probably wouldn't have happened. I just thank God that he is ok, and tomorrow dh and I are going out and proofing till even WE can't move from room to room. alright, enough sulking from me, I hope everyone is having a good weekend, it is soo nice and warm outside over here. take care girls and ttyl!


waggzy - May 20

WHERE IS EVERYBODY?!? it's starting to feel like a ghost town in here LOL, I hope you are all ok and just busy or something :) well, I called the dentist today and they said to go in, turns out I have a dry socket, which means my jaw bone got bruised in the whole process of pulling my teeth so I got the cavity where my tooth used to be filled up with a piece of gauze with some medication in it and it's supposed to keep it numb for a couple of days, then I have to have it replaced. Well, so far it's working but I sure hope I won't have to do this for too long coz I'm sure my insurance won't cover it all. dentist said it should heal in another week so we'l see... Joshua is doing great! I was sooo woried that some injuries would show up later after his fall but he seems to be doing just fine and is his same old self. Well, onve again I hope you are all doing well and hope to hear from ya'll soon :) Love, waggzy.


kiza - May 20

Hey Waggs, I am sooooo glad Joshua is ok, you poor thing I would have freaked out aswell. Stairs are a big problem with little one's. I was thinking whilst reading your first post that you might have a dry socket & by the time I got to the second one there it was. My Aunty had one last week & was in soooo much pain. They packed hers with this sea weed stuff & it helped heaps, it gave her really bad breath though. LOL. Cons has been away in Melbourne for a couple of days which is why she hasn't posted. She's on her way home now. Not sure what's happening with all the other girls though, super busy I'm sure. Anyways I'm off to bed, we have Grandad's memorial service tomorrow so I need to get some sleep, the old insomnia witch has been hanging around again. Will catch up soon Take care. Kiza xxxxxxxxx


JessC531 - May 20

Hi girls. It has been quiet in here. Sorry about that. I've just been busy. Mira is alllll over the place and keeps me on my toes, for sure. :) MIa, I totally understand missing bfing. I know I will once we stop. The freedom will definitely be nice though too. I have yet to have a day (or even half of one) to myself without having to stress about trying to pump a bottle first - which is near impossible for me. Anyway, Aidan knows your his mommy! Nobody loves him like you do. Maybe you could come up with something new that's special to the two of you... A walk to a special place, a special book you read together, I don't know... I'll keep thinking. Oh, and we did lower the crib mattress. I knew she was going to do it soon, so we lowered it a few months ago. Allie, poor Rachel bumping herself. I guess they just have to get through it though. I'm sure there are lots more bumps and bruises to come! Waggz, sorry to hear about Joshua's fall and your teeth! Ouch! You're not a bad mommy at all... those kids are just quick!! We have to get gates for the stairs still too. I think I'll get them quick after hearing your story. Glad he's ok though... and that you got some meds for your teeth. Kiza, I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandad's pa__sing. You sound like you're doing pretty well, but I can imagine how hard it must be for you. I think distancing yourself a bit is a good idea. You need to have as little stress as possible right now. I'm thinking of you. Hello to Lynn, Jodi, Jamie, Liezel, and Vicki (wherever you are!!!). And Cons... We need an update, woman!!! I hope you're feeling well. Ok girls, off to the shower for me. It's going to have to be a quick one... again. :( I'll ttyl.


micorazon - May 20

Hi girls. Kiza - Im sorry to hear about your grandfather. I agree that it may be in your best interest to distance yourself for a while. You really dont need any stress right now. Waggz - Im so glad that Joshua is ok. I can imagine how scarey that must have been. I hope everything with your teeth gets resolved quickly. Jess - thats a great idea for me to find something else that we do that is special. I try to read to him a few times a week but I should try to get more consistent. He seems to like the book good night moon. Cons - I have been thinking of you...I hope everything is ok. Aidan poked me in my eye on Saturday and by Monday it was very painful. It turns our I have a scratched cornea so I have been home the last two days. My eye is so sensitve to light I cant drive, even with sungla__ses on. The eye doctor put some drops in it to relieve the pain which was great but left my vision pretty blurry. Now I can see a little better but the pain is back. Im praying that this heals soon...it is very hard functioning this way. I have taken the last two days off from work. I have had to wear my sungla__ses around the house and Aidan has been looking at my funny all day. As much as my eye hurts, it has been nice to have the last two days home with him. I also became a godmother this weekend. My godson was born on Saturday morning. I dont know if this is wierd, but holding him reminded me of Alyssa and I started to miss her. Her adoptive parents havent sent any pics yet so Im starting to think they probably arent going to. Hopefully her birthmother will forward some to me if she receives some. Another question for all of you with babies eating solids...did they become constipated at first? I have noticed that AIdan has really been struggling over the last week with bms. I have tried only giving him fruits because I thought maybe the cereal was causing it but that hasnt helped. I also tried giving him some water and a little juice. Im not sure what else it could be. Well let me go...someone is ready for a nap :-)


RyanswifeAllie - May 20

Helloooo! :) I was lurking here awhile back but didn't post. I'm going insane worrying about Cons and checking to see what is going on. Each time we don't see her post I get so scared. Maybe she is just resting...... Hugs and prayers to cons!!!! Wagz, sorry about the teeth and I'm glad Joshua is okay! I feel like a horrible mother too because on Saturday, we were outside planting a rosh bush, so we took Rachel's jumperoo out and put it on our cement patio....I put her in it with bare feet, not thinking....soon after she was crying and screaming and I thought it was just because she wanted out, but I was busy planting so I ignored her....then I looked over later and there was blood all over the cement underneath her!!!!! I screamed and grabbed her and it turns out her big toes were rubbed raw and bleeding from jumping on the cement....and she couldn't stop jumping because it's the jumperoo so she was jumping on bloody feet!!! I FELT TERRIBLE!!!! Luckily, she's okay and we put hydrogen peroxide and bandaids on her.....but I felt TERRIBLE. LIke a bad mother. Jess, Rachel is into everything too and it seems like she always finds some kinds of paper and eats some of it! Kiza, how is your little one doing??? Are you able to relax or are your other kiddos driving you wild? Is DH finally getting into the pregnancy? LB and Lizel, hope your beautiful little ones are enjoying the warmer weather. Have you taken them outside much? Mia, I would have missed Alyssa too when holding a new baby. Please pray for my best friend's sister-inlaw everyone.....she just had a baby girl 7 weeks ago and on Saturday was rushed to the hospital with terrible bleeding and was diagnosed with a rare from of cancer that is caused by the pregnancy hormone going crazy..... She's going through chemo and radiation.... I can't believe that could happen, but it did. So my best friend is taking care of her baby.***** Consy, again, I'm thinking of you so much and wrapping my arms around you and your family! Please update when you can.


consy - May 20

Hi girls aaah im so sorry to worry you all!! For some reason the post i wrote fri didn't post and then i have been in melbourne!! Its almost one here so i will write tomorrow but im still very much bleeding and still very much pregnant, did a test last night and still the same bold line and some moening sickness to boot xx but wil tell you more tomorrow yawn xx


waggzy - May 20

Hi everyone, so good to hear from ya'll again :) Cons, glad you are doing ok, sorry to hear about the bleeding but glad to hear that the lines are still thick and blue! Can't wait to hear from you more... Allie, sorry to hear about Rachel's toes (poor thing) accidents do happen so please don't beat up on yourself. I know how you feel though coz I felt so bad too when joshua fell. Thanks for sharing that coz it makes me feel that it's not just me who goes through these things and feels that way :) Mico, so sorry to hear aout your eye, I hope you're better soon. poor Aydan with the bms, I think you're doing the right thing tho with giving him fruit for fiber and extra fluids, some kids (just like some adults) don't go as often as others might. I found pear juice or just pears works well for Joshua. my pedi said to try the "p" fruits when his stools are hard: peaches, prunes, pears, etc. have you talked to his pediatrician about it? I hope the poor little guy feels better. I hope you get to see some pics of Alyssa soon :) Kiza, I am sure my breath is just as bad if the taste in my mouth is anything to go by lol, I have been avoiding kissing dh and even Joshua, I can't wait for all these tooth troubles to be over! I will be thinking of you during your grandpa's memorial service. alright girls, I better go get some work done. ttyl!


waggzy - May 20

I just thought of something; according to Liezel's predictions, two more girls have to get pregnant (and will have boys) then I can get pregnant with my daughter. so when two of you get pregnant [Jess?? Allie??] then I have dibbs on #3 HaHaHa!!! As you can see all this pregnancy talk is going to my head :)


micorazon - May 21

Waggz - It will be interesting to see how Liezels prediction works out. Even though we are a few years out from trying again, I think we are going to actually "try" for a gir using Shettles method. If Im only going to have the two, it would be nice to have one of each. Cons - Im glad your tests are still coming back positive. please update when you have a chance. Allie - try not to be so hard on yourself...accidents happen and there was no way you wouldve known that would happen. Well back to work for me...hope everyones week is going well.


consy - May 22

Well i am back with all good news. Decided yesterday that i was going to get a scan even if i had to sit in emergancy for hours and hours to get it. So this morning I went down, with a packed baby bag and a couple of mags and waited three hours but it was worth it. They don't know why I am bleeding, but baby is fine, has a heartbeat of 125 and is measuring fine so they said to not worry at all, the bleeding is obviously not affecting the baby. So I am pregnant, which is good because that means I am having a girl, and I didn't want to wait until the next girl cycle comes through. Haha funny though, a big part of me wants a boy still because matthew is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute but then I see little girls and want that. Haha i can't be pleased. Oh waggzy and Allie, your stories made me think of my major mistake last week. We were packing for melbourne and so i was busy and dj was busy and Matthew was elsewhere. Dj found him in the shower and his poor little eyes were buldging and he was chewing franticly. Dj said 'Bubba what are you chewing on' expecting a piece of paper or something and discovered a small barr of soap and half a metal trinket!! No wonder his eyes were hanging out of his head!! Anyway the other half of the trinket came out the next day. Makes you think though. They are so little but you just get so used to them you forget how everything is a danger. Had a look at double prams today given i will be needing one soon. Think I am starting to get excited about this new addition today, i def had a big smile on my face when I saw the little fluttering heart beat today ;-)


JessC531 - May 22

Oh Cons! I am so happy for you. Getting to see the little heartbeat and all. I am sooo jealous. :) But mostly I'm just excited for you! And poor Matthew eating soap!! That had to be disgusting. LOL. So are you feeling any symptoms yet?? Mia, your poor eye! I hope it heals quickly. And I hope you get to see some pics of Alyssa soon. Allie, poor Rachel's feet! Poor thing. That must have been awful. :( You know, we're all going to make mistakes and all the bubs are going to get b___boos, but it really sucks when it happens. How are they doing now? Waggz, so you want a girl next, huh? I can't decide if I'd want a boy or a girl. But I guess if I get pregnant soon it's already decided it will be a boy. LOL. I'd be happy with either. So how is your mouth doing? So... we had an awful day yesterday. Mira was crying in her sleep all night, and woke up 4 times. She kept biting her hand so I a__sumed she was teething. Well, at 4 in the morning she was burning up. So we gave her some tylenol and she went back to sleep. We had her 9 month appt yesterday anyway, so we brought her in. Since this was the 2nd time she had a high fever with no other symptoms, the dr was worried it was a urinary/kidney infection. Especially since I have a duplicated kidney and had issues with that when I was young. So... we had to get a urine sample. Not easy with a baby! They attached a bag to her inside her diaper, and we waited in the teensy tiny exam room for TWO HOURS for her to pee. It was awful. She was burning up, exhausted, and missed lunch. Thank God I'm still nursing because at least I could do that. Turns out her pee was fine after all that. That's good though. So today she woke up and she's FINE! Last time that happened she popped a tooth a week later. So... if she gets a tooth next week, I guess that's just what happens for her. Poor thing. I felt so bad for her. She really did not have a good day. :( Anyway, she's 17 lbs 1 oz (so definitely on the small side - about 25th percentile) but the dr isn't worried. He said since she's moving around so much, that would explain the drop in weight. She's still tall though - 28 1/2 inches. So that's like the 75th perc or something. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that she's tall and thin - almost everyone in both of our families is. I'm just a little worried about her weight. She was like the 75th perc at birth, and it just keeps dropping. She's healthy though, and VERY strong. The dr was impressed with how strong her muscles are. :) Ok, I'm rambling and I have a headache so I'm going to just stop. LOL. I hope you're all doing well and I'll talk to you soon!



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