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consy - November 4

A big congrats to Ade and Mico for the arrivals of their little boys.... and all our fingers crossed for Cer who will pop this thread, and possibly LB although we hope not!!


JessC531 - November 4

Hi girls! Mico, I am so proud of you!! :) It sounds like you did an amazing job. I am so happy you got to have your natural birth. And Aiden is so freakin' cute!! I can't wait to see more pictures. Kiza, so glad you're back! We missed you! Liezel - you are INSANE to be up for that long... pregnant or not. LOL. I hope you got some sleep! Jodi, I hope you're wrong and you don't go late. But even if you do, your time is coming so soon! I can't believe it! LB, how are you feeling today? I hope you've found a way to relax a little. I know it must be tough though. Ade, I hope you're doing well! How are those nipples holding up?? :) A big hello to everyone else. I've gotta run before Mira wakes up from her nap... Did I tell you she's officially napping in her crib now? Bye bye swing. YAY! :) I'll talk to you all soon!


LB - November 4

Morning girls! marking my spot. I love those horror movies cons but sadly i can't go see them as of yet. 2 more weeks and i will be off bedrest for good this time providing i don't go into labour before then. Geez i hope not as much as i want to meet my little girl i am not ready to have her yet. The end of the month would be good. Oh well as babies are concerned they will only come out when they are good and ready. No more cramps as of yet, yeah for that. It is getting scary because she is not moving as much and i freak out all the time. Jess yeah for mira sleeping in her crib! i am sure she still loves her swing though. Can't wait to hear from all you other ladies, cer i do hope you go soon, anxious to hear of another new arrival. Talk to you all later LB


JessC531 - November 4

Cons, where did you go? I keep forgetting to ask..


micorazon - November 4

Hey girls...I love horror movies as well...I thought Saw3 was pretty gross...lol. I dont think we will be getting to the movies to see anything soon but I wouldnt mind seeing Saw 4. I have been home for 24 hours now and am exhausted. The baby is up all night and sleeps all day. I try to nap during the day with him but its hard to get into that routine and we have had quite a few visitors. I am really struggling with b___st feeding. Aidan latches on really well but my nipples are so sore I jump everytime he latches on. My milk came in today so Im engorged. I tried pumping to try to get some relief but it doesnt seem to be emptying out the right glands or something. Im going to call the lactation consultant tomorrow to come over and help me out. Cer - I dont think you will go a week overdue. I started to feel the same way but he came on time. Are you going to ask your doctor for an internal at your next appt?


Vicki - November 5

I don't believe it! I lose internet access for a couple of days and you have your baby Mico. Congratulations! He's a little cutie and I'm so pleased to hear that you had a smooth sounding labour. Only 3 contractions to get the Aidan out that must be some kind of a record. As for me things are going fine. My mum and stepdad were visiting over the weekend which was great even if she was fussing a bit. I've now been banned from locking the bathroom door when I go for a shower. She did bring me a load of gifts including some hand knitted cardigans and blankets and then took me shopping for a moses basket. We've now nearly got everything for the nursery it's more just a case of taking out the furniture in the spare room and putting the baby related items in.


consy - November 5

another post from the itouch so there may be some typo's. Mico you sound so energetic for someone who just had a baby!! Not good to hear about the sore nipples though... For some people it is better to pump for nipple comfort, for others it is just as painful. Try and hang in there if you can though girl, because it will eventually be a really nice experience. Kiza good to have you back online! We still haven't figured out where our trip will be (or when!) but everyone has figured out what we will be drinking over there lol! I bought a few new tops today... Its starting to heat up over this end so the singlets and loose tops are starting to return. At the moment i am in bed, its half past 11 at night and it is still 26 degree's. I am starting to look forward to christmas as it seems to be creeping closer and closer. My favourite day of the year is carols, when you go and sing Christmas carols in the park. I find its whenyou are sitting there surrounded by friends and loved ones that you reflect on the year past and you count your blessings. What traditions are you girls looking forward to with this season coming? Vic it all sounds exciting your end... Is skate getting into it?? Guys love the a__sembling the furniture bit. Ok should go to bed...haha actually I am in bed already with the lights turned off!! I'm an itouch/forum/facebook junkie.... Its getting on my husbands nerves too LOL


JessC531 - November 5

Hello ladies. Mico, I know it's tough, but stick it out!!! It will be sooo worth it once you get past the pain. It was like torture for the first several weeks for me, but now I wouldn't trade it for the world. Good idea getting the LC to come out. They really helped me. Vicki, you're so prepared! You must be getting so excited now that you've got all this stuff. Oh, and where are those new belly shots?!?!? :) Cons, I can't imagine Christmas when it's warm! Do you guys teach your kids about Santa? I would a__sume he doesn't use a sled if it's summer. LOL. I'm starting to get into the Christmas spirit already too. I already started shopping this weekend, which is the earliest I've ever started. We have to be very thoughtful with our gifts this year, because we're very broke. LOL. I'm making my mom a sc___pbook of her granddaughter. I think she'll love it, and it shouldn't cost much at all. Just my time. :) Let's see... I'm looking forward to decorating the tree and putting out all my winter decorations. And the first snow, of course! I can't wait to take Mira's Christmas pictures for our Christmas card! :) We don't do Christmas carols, although I wish we did. I would so enjoy that. I secretly love to sing - another secret I guess. :) I wouldn't say I'm that great, but who cares? LOL. Actually, my favorite thing we did on our honeymoon was at night when we'd go to the piano bar and have some drinks and sing our hearts out. I'm such a dork, I know. LOL. Ok... I put up a few new pics on the website. You've got to see MIra in her Halloween costume... too cute! :) Ok ladies, I'll check in again soon. Hope everyone is doing well!


JessC531 - November 5

Oh - one more thing. It probably won't turn into anything, but dh and I did the deed without any protection yesterday. I'm insane, I know. I still haven't gotten my period, but I know that doesn't mean anything. Afterwards, I realized that it was 11/4 and Mira was concieved on 11/6 I think... Could you imagine??? I'd have another baby right near Mira's 1st birthday. Oh Lord. LOL. I really don't know what got into me... Or dh for that matter. :) We're just insane, apparantly. But... it didn't hurt!!! That's the first time since Mira's arrival that it didn't hurt like hell. So that's good. :)


JessC531 - November 5

Sorry if that was TMI. LOL.


ade - November 5

wow congrats mico !!! That sounds like an amazing birth. I hope Cer u have a great birth too. I am typing w my left hand trying t fee d avery so sorry 4 typos. i tried to catch up but never found the time so i am starting w 20. A will be a month on wed i cant believe it and my nipples are still killing me ok avery feel asleep so I have two hands. I have a crack in my R nip that i have had since the hospital and its getting smaller but still hurts like hell. My doula helped me everyday for an hour for over a week and I really am not so into the laction consultant in town. I will go to La Leche next week but its not like they just come over at the drop of a hat. I am getting out of the house which is good but I am struggling with the lack of sleep. And when will this weight come off? Its been a month and I have lost about a pound since I left the hospital I have been walking when I can but I don't know what to do. I don't mean to sound vein I just want to fit back in my old clothes and I am sick of wearing sweatpants. How is everyone doing? Has anyone traveled with their little ones I am itching to get out of town. Lots of luck to everyone. xoxo ade I miss you guys


consy - November 5

another post from my itouch cause I am too lazy to turn my lap-top on!! Add you may have to wait a bit before you can get onto your old clothes... For me I weigh now what did before I was pregnant but I still look about 4 or 5 months... Its due to the lack of muscle tone, but it will eventually come back. Don't diet or do rigerous exercising though or it might effect your feeding. My friend did that and her milk dried up over a week, and had to start formula at 10 weeks for bun which you don't want. Don't get too hard on yourself.. You only just had a baby 4 weeks ago!! I should post a pic of myself now. And I feel your pain with the cracked nipples... I don't think anything can quite prepare you for that. I had to go for a few days or even a week maybe where every second or third feed was formula which I felt so horrible about but I needed to do it for my own sanity's sake. Fortunately it didn't really affect my milk supply but I know it can for others so I guess I don't recommend it. At the end of the day just do what keeps you same xx well today I am cleaning (again) so I will pop in and out but hugs and kisses to ADR and mico it is really hard now but soon you will get to the magic 6 week mark where they start to smile and it just gets better from there. On and jess I can't imagine a cold Christmas!! Its always a stinking hot day here and most of it is spent at the beach or in the pool. You make snowmans whilst we build sand castles. How crazy!!


waggzy - November 6

Hi girls, just a quick post from me, MICO CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! i I just knew you'd had the baby, I feel so bad I wasn't on sooner, but anyway from what I hear you had a great delivery and a natural one, good for you girl, so proud of you! and the little guy is adorable, looks just like his daddy I would say :) I see you've posted a birth story but my eyes are so sore with sleep that I'm just planning on catching up later. I love it when we have a new baby, it's sooooo exciting! Girls, thank you so much for all your comforting words after my gramps died, though I didn't post I was reading them all and I appreciaate the support I checked out all the new pics and the halloween costumes look great!!! I remember this time last year when we were all looking at other mums dressing up their little ones and knowing that we would be getting our turn this year. Well, I was really looking forward to it but had to miss out coz the family we have here were all getting together to be together when my gramps died, and we had to stay up all night one night so we could listen in on his funeral coz it was day time in Kenya then. Anyway, I can't wait for next year, we were even gonna go for the parades (we have them here in Anoka, MN which is considered the halloween capitol of the world). Joshua and his sisters and Mira looked soooo adorable in their costumes, and Liezel yours was so creative :) Cons, Matthew is sooo grown! and the two girlfriends are soo cute, but I'm pretty sure he's cheating on Caylee, LOL! can't wait for you girls to see my Joshua, he's huge! 17lbs 4oz, 26 inches tall, in the 94th and 91st percentiles respectively! I'll post pics soon! Love you all, waves to everyone***


Vicki - November 6

Hi. Jess, Mira looks so cute in her latest photos and I find it highly amusing that she seems to have already cottoned on about the contents of the pumpkin being of most interest. I have to admit the idea of a hot christmas has always seemed wrong to me. What type of carols do you sing as Jingle Bells and White Christmas don't really seem to fit. On the other hand being able to spend the holiday by the beach does have it's appeal as we rarely have snow for christmas here. It's usually raining :-( I will try and remember to get dh to take a photo of me this week. There was also talk about getting a naked one done (certain body parts tastefully covered up of course a la front of vogue etc), but got worried when mum suggested she got sent a copy. Don't worry I will definitely only be posting the clothed versions.


consy - November 6

well funnily enough our carols are the same as yours. Yep, thats right, we all sit ar a park on yellow dehydrated gra__s, sweating like pigs in the sweltering sun, wearing singlets and shorts and pouring water down our backs to stay cool and we sing about snow and frosty the snowman. crazy huh!!


LB - November 6

Hi girls! glad everyone is doing well. Just hanging around here bidding my time. I will be 33 weeks this week! hooray for that one more week of bedrest and then i get to join the rest of the world. Not much changed on my side a few lower back pains but nothing too major. I am starting to get labour parnanoid again, i wonder if i will remember how painful it was last time when labour started or if it s true the body just blocks the pain so you forget everything so you can go through it all again. Jess it would be so crazy if you got pregnant again so soon, hats off to you though! you are braver than I. I just can't wait til ava is here and then not be pregnant for like a year or so. Consy you just got to love the new technology out there huh? who knew that we could get the internet anywhere we want and in the palm of our hands. I couldn't imagine a hot christmas at all. I absolutely love my cold christmas morning when we are all sitting around opening presents, eating and drinking hot coffee while the snow is falling outside. Although lately it is just cold on christmas but sometimes we get lucky and get snow that day for a white christmas. Waggzy Josh sounds so big and adorable! i can't wait to see pics. Vicki are you getting anxious about finding out the s_x of the baby? i would have begged to know by now. Ade, mico i live in fear of the sore nipples as well. Do you get the same thing if you just b___st pump sometimes i think i am going to b___st pump others i think for sure i will b___st feed. My mother will be here all the time and if i can pump and store she can help me with the feedings and i can get some sleep but if i b___stfeed than i feel like i am robbing others in my family the special bond of feeding baby like my husband. I don't know i guess we will wait and see. Liezel how are things with you? catching up on sleep i hope. Well talk to you all soon ladies LB


micorazon - November 6

Hey girls...I love the new pics. Jess - Mira has changed so much...she is so cute. Liezel - You are quite creative...I think that was a great idea to include your belly in your costume. Cons - I cant imagine a warm christmas either, although last year we had this very odd weather for the season and it was actually about 70 degrees or so which for New England is extrememly warm for the winter. Everyone was out in shorts and things. LB - Im pumping and b___stfeeding so that dh can help with some of the feedings but pumping is a little painful as well. Im hoping that the discomfort will start to fade soon so I can enjoy the experience a little more. I had a moment today when I was looking at Aidan thinking that I could do this again but I dont know...Dh thinks its just hormones. We'll see :-) Has anyone decided what they are going to do for birth control? My doctors are all over it for some reason. When I was in the hospital they asked about 5 times. I think Im going to get an IUD. Ade - Dont worry about the weight, it will come off. It has only been a month. Has your stomach gone down? That is the thing that Im wondering about...I still look about 5 months pregnant. I added some pics of Aidan today as well. I better run...sounds like someone is hungry :-)



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