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micorazon - November 6

Hey girls...I love the new pics. Jess - Mira has changed so much...she is so cute. Liezel - You are quite creative...I think that was a great idea to include your belly in your costume. Cons - I cant imagine a warm christmas either, although last year we had this very odd weather for the season and it was actually about 70 degrees or so which for New England is extrememly warm for the winter. Everyone was out in shorts and things. LB - Im pumping and b___stfeeding so that dh can help with some of the feedings but pumping is a little painful as well. Im hoping that the discomfort will start to fade soon so I can enjoy the experience a little more. I had a moment today when I was looking at Aidan thinking that I could do this again but I dont know...Dh thinks its just hormones. We'll see :-) Has anyone decided what they are going to do for birth control? My doctors are all over it for some reason. When I was in the hospital they asked about 5 times. I think Im going to get an IUD. Ade - Dont worry about the weight, it will come off. It has only been a month. Has your stomach gone down? That is the thing that Im wondering about...I still look about 5 months pregnant. I added some pics of Aidan today as well. I better run...sounds like someone is hungry :-)


JessC531 - November 6

Hi ladies! Ade, don't worry about the weight. It will come off eventually. I've lost almost all of it, and other than taking some walks, I haven't exercised at all. I've been eating A LOT too. So it will happen. Like Cons said, my tummy is still a bit flabby, but that will go away in time. It was well worth it to get my LO. :) And you'll get to sleep again eventually. Try to nap during the day, or pump and let dh give Avery a bottle so you can get a longer stretch of sleep at night. You'll make it!! :) Cons, you really are obsessed with that itouch, huh? I don't even know what the heck it is. LOL. It must be pretty cool though. :) That's pretty funny that you sing winterlike carols in your shorts. I can just picture it now. Vicki, you should definitely do the nude photo. I never did, but I wish I had. Not to show the world, but just for me. LB, one more week! That's awesome! You must be very anxious to get up and about. It's so wonderful that you have made it so far... You're such a good mommy already. :) And I'm with you on the snow falling while opening presents thing. Too bad we never seem to get any snow anymore! I feel like we don't get nearly as much snow as we did when I was young - Mico, am I nuts? You're pretty close to me. Waggzy, why are you always up so late?!? Where are you again? I can't remember if you're on the same time as me or not (CT), but if you are - you must never sleep! And Joshua is getting so big! He must be heavy. :) Mico, I knew you'd come around and want another one. :) As far as birth control, our plan was to just use condoms, but that's obviously not going so well. LOL. I don't want to go back on the pill, because it always gave me yeast infections because it messed up my hormones. (Which makes it wierd that I didn't get one during my pregnancy. Huh.) I wouldn't get an IUD because from what I've heard, it doesn't prevent the egg from being fertilized, just from implanting. I wouldn't want that. Also, my friend had one and it got lodged into the wrong place (I want to say her stomach, but I don't know how that would be possible) and she had to have surgery to have it removed. Not good. Not trying to scare you, but just thought I should share. So... it's condoms for us. Or else another baby. :) Mira is napping now. She took a nice long nap and then was sleepy again not even an hour later! She's been sleeping a lot lately. Not sure why... I hope she's not feeling sick or something. She's been going longer stretches at night though -sometimes 3 hours, so maybe that's why. What are the boys doing in terms of nap schedules?? I just realized Mira is the only girl so far!!! With a TON of boys. Oh no... there's Caylee. Except Jazzee has disappeared!!! Anyway... Jodi, we need your baby to join us so we've got another girl! :) Ok girls... have a great day. I'll ttys.


JessC531 - November 6

I meant longer AWAKE stretches. She sleeps longer than 3 hours at night, thank GOD!


Cerulean - November 6

Hi ladies! Consy - I was laughing at the thought of you all in shorts singing christmas Carols, then I remembered I am in Texas and we rarely have any cold weather around Christmas time. It's almost always a mild Christmas. It was 82 degrees yesterday (not sure what that is celcius). Mico - Oh Aidan is SOOO cute! I love his hair! What a fabulous birth you had! So how was it going natural compared to what you had imagined? Well I am feeling huge lately. I can't imagine how I will feel in another 3 weeks. It feels so close yet so far away. I haven't even dropped yet. Still have my mucous plug and everything. The ONLY thing that I have been experiencing that is different is I have been having cramping that feels just like menstrual cramps and I feel it in my abdomen and my lower back. Are these considered contractions or just BH? Well I better get back to work...they are trying to get every bit of work out of me before I'm gone. Oh and I am also going to try and update my page soon...that 23 week belly shot is a little out dated, eh? =) I am so scattered brained lately! ~~jodi~~


consy - November 7

washing on: check. baby sleeping: check. cuppa tea: check. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh..... I can finally do a proper post! My days are getting more and more demanding as my son is getting more and more alert and needing more fun times. Which is a good thing because I was starting to turn into a chocolates in front of the tv kinda mum, and also because he is so d__n cute now i want him to be awake all the time. Well, within reason that is. LB pumping is pretty hard work. I actually find it awful, and when your nipples do heal up and the attachment is good, b___stfeeding actually feels really lovely and it so rewarding. I think when you have Ava you could pump a bit so dh can help out, but its important that the baby spends most of that time with you. I just love b___stfeeding now, i am hoping i am not going to be one of those people who b___stfeed til their child is 5 though. But its so great, and in the early couple of weeks its good because its time when you can just sit and rest with the baby without the baby crying or needing a new nappy or anything like that. Otherwise you might feel you only see the baby when it is grumpy or angry. But i guess you need to wait and see.... but remember it will take a lot longer to express the milk than b___stfeeding will. Haha yeah that is pretty funny about us aussies singing about frosty.... it just goes to show how american we can be! But I tell you what, a hot christmas is pretty fun. Having a beer on the beach, the smell of sun lotion... you know its funny. For us, its when the days warm up, and you go outside and you swear you can 'smell' christmas. Man I am looking forward to it. We are going away with my family for a couple of days to Albany which is a town about 5 hours from here... its our family holiday place, we have gone every year since... well my parents went when they first got married and it has been since then. Oh Jess on the weekend I went to dunsbrough... its about 3 hours south from here and its the main place for all the winerys. Mmmm... it was so nice. Dj worked, I just sat in the sun with Matt sipping on my chardonnay and indulging in too many cheese platters. Oh hey i learnt something interesting the other day which I thought you girls might like, esp Jess and LB and maybe Vic who knows.. They were talking on this medical show about how traits and information can skip a generation, and its because if you are carrying a baby girl, by 5 months her overies have formed and have all the eggs, so in a way her babies are in her, which is why your information can get to your grandbabies but not your daughter. So in a way, you are carrying your grandbabies as well. Thats cool huh!!! And Jess I am on the pill but I forgot one night and had s_x 2 days later when you need to have three. Dh said 'Aren't you supposed to wait 3 days' and I was like 'um...nah just 2' because we had already done it by then and I didn't want to freak him out. My mind is, well, its not great timing but if it happens THEN IM NOT COMPLAINING!!! Lol I think we have serious problems!!


Liezel - November 7

Hey girls.... glad to see everyone is doing okay. I am home today and tomorrow and I plan on doing absolutely NOTHING today but putting my feet up and watching tv, reading and napping. Just some time for me to enjoy by myself while I watch my son do sommersaults in my tummy and try to capture the moment in my mind. Right now I know I want this pregnancy to be over and for January to be here so that I can hold him, but I also know (from you girls) that I am gonna miss feeling him inside me. So I am setting apart some mummy tummy time today for the two of us. Eddy and I also started talking the other day about our next one.... crazy huh??? we haven't even had Nathan yet! We also discussed Birth control. I was on the pill before, but I don't want to go back. So we decided to just use condoms and when Nathan is a year to start trying again and hope we wont need the help of the RE again. We also figured if we conceive in Nathans first year, we definetly wouldn't be disappointed. And that we definetly only want 2 kids so Eddy would get snipped after the second one was born. =) I have also purchased everything that I will need to pack my hospital bag... so now I just have to wash all of his little things and Eddy said he would start doing that on saturday, so that we could start getting our stuff packed for the hospital. We also registered for our labour, parenting and b___st feeding cla__ses and will be taking all three when i am 36 weeks. Wow... I can't believe I am gonna be 31 weeks tomorrow.... Now on to my favourite time of year....CHRISTMAS! I absolutely love christmas time. My family rents a hall and we all gather together about a week before christmas and sing carols together as well. I just love the warm, family feeling that christmas brings. I usually start decorating december 1st. Tree goes up, decorations everywhere, christmas carols playing in the background and stockings hung by the fireplace and of course cookies being munched by everyone. Unlike most of you, I have experienced both a hot and cold christmas... being born in south africa gave me those hot christmases as a child when I would ask my mom how santa used his sleigh when we had no snow and how he got inside our house because we had no chimney. We would also be on our summer vacation from school so we would be at the beach all the time and go camping, to picnics and have huge bbq's in the backyard all while listening to christmas carols like "I'm dreaming of a white christmas"...lol. Then we came to canada and I got a white christmas for real. I have to say that there is nothing like sitting around on christmas eve in front of a fire, drinking hot chocolate in your jammies, listening to christmas carols, with no lights on, but the christmas tree lights and watching the snow silently fall outside. I love cold wintery christmases..... that said I am not a winter person. In fact, I only love snow from about December 1st to January 5th.... then I start wishing for summer...LOL. I really really hope we get snow early this year for christmas. I also keep thinking about next christmas when all of our little ones will be anywhere from 11 months to a year and a half and how much fun we will all have watching them and trying to imagine how it must be for them. The excitement of christmas through the eyes of a child. Anyways girls it is time for me to go and relax now. Soooo I will check in with you all later.....Liezel.....xxx


Liezel - November 7

WOW... that was long.... get me on a topic that I love like christmas and I could go on forever...lol


ade - November 7

Hi everyone - Mico Aiden is so adorable. I just posted a couple more pics. I can't believe that Avery is a month today! Everyone sounds good and I can't wait to here about Cer's birth very exciting. I know when Avery came out I thought I would never have another child but I could definitu do it again. I just want to get my body back first. I know it is supposed to just come off and not to worry but its really frustrating that its been a month and I have lost one pound maybe. And I walk almost every day and its not like I am pigging out but I will say that I am getting hungier and that isn't helping. Gosh I am obessed. Anyway Avery is great he sleeps alot but we are working on. I am starting to get a little antsy about just being home all the time besides my walk I think I would go insane. I guess I should started doing all the things I have let pile up. Anyway. Wishing you all well.


micorazon - November 7

Jess - you are not crazy...I dont think we have had a white christmas in a few years...It seems like winter starts later and later each year which of course has summer starting later and later as well. Im not a big fan of the snow but it is nice to have a fresh coat on the ground for christmas. I havent been a big christmas fan in years because it had turned into just another day for me...so Im excited about this year since we have the baby and can start some traditions of our own. Cer - going natural was really not as bad as people have made it out to be. I can admit at first it was a little overwhelming but I think that part of that was fear. Once I was in the hospital and felt that everything was ok, I was able to relax and things progressed very smoothly. I definitely would recommend it to anyone, its a very rewarding experience. If they have one, do some time in the jacuzzi, it helped so much. I only had to push a few times because my midwife talked me through letting my uterus push the baby out, which she said was less tiresome for me and less traumatic for the baby. By the time I actually started pushing he was pretty much crowning. I had never heard of that before. Liezel - thats cute that you have set aside some tummy time. I was so ready to have him the last few weeks but its funny how you do miss your belly. Well I still have the belly, but I mean miss the feeling of having the baby inside. Now I have to be sure I take the time to enjoy these days of Aidan being a newborn. I know they will fly by as well. I cant believe it has already almost been a week. Oh...so now that Im on the other side I guess I can give some advise to the preggo girls...:-) No matter how great you feel after you have the baby dont let your dh know :-) I was so excited to not be pregnant anymore I was up and out of the bed within the first 24 hours...I dont think we were home for a day before all of my just giving birth sympathy was out the window and he was asking whats for dinner...lol. Today when he asked I said " I just had a baby, Im supposed to be resting"....he wasnt buying it seeing that I have already been out to get my shopping fix. You do a couple of hours in the stores and everyone thinks you are supposed to be back to housework...lol. Ade - I can completely relate to how you feel about being restless. I try to get out for an hour or so in between feedings just to be out and let dh take care of the baby. I will probably start excercising next week. Aidan had his first follow up drs appt today and he is 6lbs 12 ozs. He was down to 6lbs 11 ozs when we were discharged from the hospital so he gained about an ounce since saturday. Does that sound about right to you girls? I thought he would be back to his birthweight.


consy - November 8

Im bummed today. Matthew has gone from being 'off the chart' in the pencentile range (over 100% - a big boy) to just 50%. His length is very much off the chart (67cm) but he just isn't putting the weight on like he should be. He is happy and alert, and he goes through the nappies normally, but i don't know what I am doing wrong??? The nurse asked whether I had been sick or whether he had been sick, whether I have diabetes yada yada. So I have basically been put on house-rest...she said that I am possibly doing too much and going out too often and that it could be diminishing my milk quant_ty and quality. I don't care that I can't go out, as if staying at home means he will put on more weight then thats fine. I just feel so miserable. She said I should try and offer him and extra feed during the day, which I did half an hour ago and guess what? He vomited it up about 20 minutes later! I almost cried. He just doesn't look chubby, but I guess its because of his length, but when he lies down his rib-cage sticks out. I went and bought some sustagen as well as that is supposed to improve milk. But today I am really miserable so I won't post any more.... I don't normally get like this. Lots of love to you Ade and Mico though, you girls are doing a great job!! xx


Liezel - November 8

Hey Connor.... I know I am not a mommy yet and up until now didn't really think about baby percentiles...so I looked it up. Now I know why our mothers and grandmothers didn't bother with this stuff. As long as Matthew is happy and healthy then you shouldn't worry so much. Anyways here is what I found out....these are direct quotes from the baby center website .........................."Don't get too hung up on your baby's percentiles, though. While the current growth charts (released in November 2000 and based on data from the National Center for Health Statistics, U.S. Public Health Service) are a vast improvement over earlier charts, they're not the last word on how your baby is doing. The most important thing is that your baby is growing at a steady, appropriate rate, not that he's hit some magic number" ................Also............. "Babies tend to go through rapid growth spurts, during which they might put on a little extra weight or length. Other months they may grow only a fraction of what they normally do. While the doctor will note individual peaks and valleys, she'll be most concerned with the overall pattern of growth." .................. I think if this is still bothering you then you should talk to your doctor about it. Please don't beat yourself up over it. I'm sure no one does more than you to make sure that Matthew is a healthy, happy little boy.


Cerulean - November 8

Consy - I agree with Liezel 100%. When my sister adopted her son he was in the 5% range for his height and weight...the doctors put him on this special medicine to make him really hungry so he would fatten up...but really there is/was absolutely nothing wrong with him. His birthmother was TINY. She was 5 feet tall and weighed 105 lbs when she gave birth to him! Matthew is probably just going to be tall and thin. I think some people take those percentiles way too seriously. You are doing a great job and he is happy and healthy. I think it's just a growth spurt. Liezel - I do like your tummy time idea too. Sometimes I feel like I get so caught up in making sure everything is ready that I forget that she really is already here, just behind a few layers of skin and stuff. I am so proud of you for doc_menting your pregnancy so well. Besides a couple of c___ppy pictures from my baby shower I have nothing since 23 weeks. That really is unacceptable. I know I am going to regret it after she is born. LB - Congrats on 33 weeks! I am so glad that everything is going well for you! Ava is doing great and every day that goes by and she stays in there is even better! Mico - I think the fear is going to be the part that gets me. I am not hell bent on going natural, although I would like it. I think that the time will come where I choose to have an epidural or not and I know I only have a certain window of opportunity so I will choose to get it because I won't know how much worse the pain will get. Does that make sense? Like I might be tolerating it okay at that moment but will think that it is going to get so much worse so I should go ahead and get one. Ade - Avery is so cute! I can't believe it's already been a month. Waggzy - We need some updated pics of Joshua!! =) Well ladies I had my appt yesterday and he didn't check me this time either. I asked him about it and he said that he starts at 38 weeks, so I will get checked next week. I was okay with that because I have a fear that he is going to check me and I wont be dialated or effaced at all. So I guess I would rather no news than bad news. =) I've been getting more menstrual type cramps but I don't know what (if anything) that means. Still haven't dropped or anything. blah. Hope everyone is having a great day! ~~Jodi~~


Liezel - November 8

Wow... Jodi... your time is coming up sooooo fast. I am so excited for you. I understand what you mean about the epidural. Sometimes I think maybe I can do it naturally and everyone around me laughs like that is impossible because child birth is soooooo painful. I know it is going to be painful and I am not ruling out an epidural, I just think that I will experience it for myself and see how much I can tolerate. As for doc_menting this pregnancy well and trying to take tummy time for myself everyday that I have a chance to.... I think the doc_menting part is because part of me believes that this a miracle pregnancy for me and that I don't think I will have any more biological children, so this pregnancy is my one and only and I don't want to forget a minute. As for the tummy time.... the entire first half of this pregnancy, I was so scared that something would happen that I forgot to enjoy just being pregnant. Now I know that what ever happens is in Gods hands and I need to try to relax and enjoy what precious few weeks I have left to enjoy my son in a way that I will never have again. Sometimes I think we get so focused on having them here safely in our arms that we forget to enjoy them in our bellies. I just want to remember what it is like to be pregnant and to keep these memories of all of his little kicks and tumbles locked in my mind.... so that when I see those little toes and fists for the first time, I am probably gonna laugh and remember how he made my tummy bounce with them. I look at his ultrasound pictures everyday and try to imagine what he looks like and how big he is now. I'm sure people around me must be getting so sick of hearing me talk about him =) Anyways ladies... I have laid around in my PJ's all day doing nothing really.... time to go take a shower and beautify myself.... Eddy and I are going out when he gets home from work to do some much needed errands and running around. ttyl.........Liezel........xxxx


LB - November 8

Consy, i know you are worried all mothers are worry warts but please know matthew is fine, healthy happy baby and you are a fantastic mother. If he was hungry all the time believe me he would let you know. Every baby develops differently and you can't go by those percentiles. Just keep in touch with your doc if you remain concerned. Cer i can't believe that you are almost there, i am so excited for you! i can't wait to see pics of your little girl and hear of your birth story. I go back and forth on the epidural too. Some days i am brave and say i can handle it and then a braxton hicks contraction hits and i wimp out and say noway can i handle it give me pain meds! Liezel i am just like you i love mommy and me time. It is a special bond that is only shared between mother and child. I love watching my stomach move when she kicks or turns around even when it hurts. I wish she would do that more often though. I am just counting on her moving every 4 hours at this point. She has so much sleepy time, i hope this continues when she is born, especially at night. How is every one else holding out? i will write more soon to all you other ladies, gotta go to the bathroom. Have a good night ladies, LB


deniseb - November 8

Consy don't you dare feel bad about that stupid percentile system. Matthew is a healthy happy baby boy and you are providing more than enough for him. I cannot stand this percentile system it is the same in the US and the bloody thing is so out dated, it was developed in the 1930's or something..ummmm, I think we have come a long way since then!. Most children in the first few months are pretty close to 100% and then as they grow older it starts to drop unless the Mother and Father are very tall people and come from families of very tall / large people. Matthew will be very similar to your and DH's makeup...and that makes sense. This percentile c___p makes you feel like if you don't have a giant then it is insufficient. Why would the nurse tell you not to go out so much and don't do as much? so what happens all the Mothers who have three or four kids already and have a ton of running around to do...oh that makes me so mad. You are a fantastic Mother and your son is happy as can be with what you are providing him. (Okay so the Irish temper came out there a bit ;-))


deniseb - November 8

LB, my ds was exactly like Ava. He barely moved especially after 28 weeks..I guess he was snug as a bug in there. They also have less room so take that into account. It did freak me out from time to time especially when I was at work and would forget to check if he had moved. But I always found when I laid down at night flat on my back he would move immediately ..I guess he did not like that position. So try not to worry because I know you are..she will be in your arms before you know it.



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