Wanting To Try Again Part 19

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Vicki - October 4

Hi Girls! Here's hoping for a couple more arrivals by the end of this thread!


Vicki - October 4

Liezel, I love the animal theme you've chosen for your nursery, it looks wonderful. After much consideration I've deciced with a Babies R Us one called 'I love my bear' which I just fell in love with as soon as I saw it. Kiza, it's great to hear from you again and I'm sorry that it wasn't your month. Of course this does mean plenty more bd'ing in a couple of weeks time! I'm sure that all that baby dust that has been visiting your family recently will find you soon and that hopefully you won't have the worries and losses that they've had. Thanks, for all the kind comments I've had about the photo I've posted as I've definitely been disliking my body this past month. I wish that I would just pop already.


deniseb - October 4

Hey Vicki, just wanted you to know that you look great in the pics. I was just like you when pregnant with my son, I was about 6 mths before I was visibly pregnant. I was freaking out about it. But my doc would always laugh and say oh just wait you will pop and be thankful you are so small right now. Some women carry their pregnancies more in the back than the front. I think you will end up being a very pet_te pregnant...which is all good. Ade, you look beautiful...you have from the start.


micorazon - October 4

Hi Girls...Kiza - sorry that this wasnt your month but like Vicki said Im sure the baby dust hasnt pa__sed you by. Sending some your way. Are you going to ttc again or consider the IVF? I just got back from the doctors and I am officially off of bedrest. Cervix hasnt changed at all which was somewhat disappointing now that Im near the end. She did make me somewhat concerned when she made the comment this isnt a very big baby. Her guess for the baby's size right now was only about 4.5 lbs which is on the small side. Now I am worrying if he is ok...also I only measured 34 cm when they did the tape measure thing when I have been measuring on target every other visit. She said that could be due to him dropping and the baby's position but Im still worried. Ade - did they give you an estimated size at your 36 week appt? The doctor is estimating that the baby will only be about 6lbs or so full term. Well Im going to go back to bed for a while...I didnt sleep that well last night. I'll check back later.


LB - October 4

Morning girls, Liezel love the animal theme for the nursery. I still havn't worked up the nerve to post bare belly pics too many stretch marks! yikes. I hope to get my nursery together next month when i am off bedrest i think i am going with a mainly pooh theme but i bought some teddy bear things too so i will just do them all. I have decided i am going to order some letters off ebay and get them put up. Mico, yeah for off bedrest and i wouldn't worry about size too much sometimes the ultrasounds are off and your baby will pack on the pounds the next few weeks. I worry about that too because last ultrasound she was slowing down in her weight measurements she is still big for her gestational age but only by a few onces now. Hang in there. Kiza i am so sorry that it wasn't your month, you are strong hang in there it will happen when you least expect it too. Hello to all you other mommies out there, hope everyone is well, i will post again soon take care LB


consy - October 4

Hey girls, gotta be quick cause Matt is in bed (its 10:20pm) and its a bit hit and miss with him at the moment so want to make the most of whatever sleep i am going to get tonight! Just checking in for the babies but none yet! Mico don't worry about bubs being "small" - my friends fee, the one who had the baby just after me, she was told at 36 weeks her baby was measuring really small and her uterus measurement hadn't increased over a couple of weeks and she was freaking out about alcohol fetal syndrome as she had had a few gla__ses of wine during her pregnancy (??????) and in the end Molly was born seven and a half pounds and 50 cm long. I am sure you will be fine. I too wish your cervix had changed though ;-) Gotta go but will be back tomorrow for more baby watching! Jess that is great news about the sleep (have i already said that?) i was really excited for you!! Kiza sorry about this month not being your month... xx


JessC531 - October 4

Gotta be quick... Kiza, good to hear from you. Sorry this wasn't your month. Mico, please don't worry about your baby's size. My measurements using the tape went down on some of my visits, and the doctor told me not to worry because it really wasn't accurate at all. Also, the doctors guessed that Mira would be small... Actually, as I was in labor in the hospital they said they thought she was only about 7 pounds. She was 8 1/2!!! So please don't worry about his size. I'm sure he's just fine. Ok girls. I'll check in again later.


waggzy - October 5

Hallo Ladies!!! I have missed all of you sooo much! Our computer was out again and dh and I just decided to cut our losses and buy another one instead of trying to get it fixed, this time we bought warranty till kingdom come! anyway, I am back to work, first day was last week thursday, today is my third day here. It's so hard to have to leave my baby but atleast he is with dh. Kiza, sorry to hear this wasn't your month but fingers crossed it comes for you soon, are you thinking of the ivf next or are you going to give the clomid another chance? I don't know how you do it with three little ones! you and Tam both! I feel knackerd with just the one! Vicki, I can't believe you are 18 weeks! I was sooo looking forward to finding out the s_x of tinhay, but I guess we are all going to be in suspence till s/he is born, you included :) glad to hear that you are doing well. Consy, I will never be tired of your advice, I love it when others share what they know or what works for them coz you can never have too many tips in this "motherhood business" :) SOOOO happy for you that Matt is sleeping through the night like this! How sweet!!! you too Jess, I am jelous of you two coz now Joshua is sliding backward to 6-7 hours coz we recently moved him into his room and whenever he wakes up at night he cannot put himself back to sleep coz of the different environment i guess, plus his crib mattress is noisier than his ba__sinet mattress. Anyway, I am sure he will adjust soon and fall back into his 9 hour nights. BTW Vicki, Thanks for starting the new thread. 18 was definately getting old :) Mico, CONGRATS! on getting to 36 weeks and getting off bedrest, you did so well, I am so proud of you. You too LB, hang in there you are also doing great and will make it, congrats on making it to 27 weeks! Ceru, i can't wait to see your nursery with the pale pinks and dark wood, please post a pic when it's done. I haven't checked out the piczo site yet but I can't wait to see all the updates. Con, I totally had sore and cracked nipples and YES! YES! YES! the lansinoh worked wonders! I got a free sample at the hospital which I still have coz you only have to use it very sparingly, and ceru to answer your question, my nipples get soft every time after a feed, I actually never bought nursing bras coz i just have issues with them fitting right, so I just bought the kind that I usually get (maiden form) in a bigger size, and they work just fine for me. Liezel and Ade i can't wait to check out your pics on the piczo site, Ade you will he going into labour any day now. Mico, I got a cold just before I had Joshua and someone told me they alsways got colds just before delivering their children and got over the colds just in time to deliever the children, and sure enough a week and a half after my cold started, it cleared up and I went into labour! Let's see if the same goes for you :) I am trying to rush coz it's time to punch out from work so I know I have missed some people but I wish you all lots of love, baby dust and belly rubs! will catch you all later!


Vicki - October 5

Hi Girls! Waggzy, it's great to see you back again but sorry to hear that you're posting from work. That really sucks that you have to go back so quickly. Then from what we hear here in England your medical system sucks period. Mico, congrats on being officially off of bed rest. Wahoo! I really wouldn't be worried about the doctors saying the baby is a bit small, like everyone has said this is when they really start packing on the pounds and even if the baby is only 6 pounds at birth that is perfectly healthy. Oh, to be a pet_te pregnant. I really do hope so Denise, especially as I am so pet_te anyway (well short is probably a more accurate way of saying it).


LB - October 5

Hello ladies, waggzy sorry to hear you are back at work:( but at least little josh is at home with DH it does give dad a good chance to bond. Back from doctors and i am measuring at 29 weeks, but i am actually 28 weeks 1 day now and doing well according to my doc. He wants me to stay in a more upright position now and not lay down as much, what you mean i can't be fat and lazy and lay around all day anymore? he says not because he wants me to get more comfortable with moving around again and to make sure my muscles don't get fatigued. I still don't feel comfortable with any more activity just yet maybe i will at 30 weeks but i do walk around my house a bit now to use the washroom which is upstairs and i am usually downstairs watching tv i think that is enough excercise in itself. Doc says that by 33 weeks i may be taken off bedrest completely and back to normal activity, i am happy about that but scared all the same. It seems so early to be off bedrest but we shall see what my cervix is at when i go in for my 32 week appoinment i think he just wants my body to get ready for labour, and to not go overdue, can you imagine my worst fear is going too early and here i might go overdue if i stay on bedrest too long. Well it will give me a chance to get everything ready because as of now nothing is ready and i have not seen the mall in two months! much to my husbands delight but heeheh there is still on line shopping! take care girls i will check in soon, got to go take a nap i am always tired in the afternoon lately, must be a third trimester thing. LB


waggzy - October 6

Hi ladies, back to work again today. everyone's updated pics look gorgeous! Vicki, i can't believe you are 18 weeks and still with a flat tummy! I am sure you long for a round belly that you can rub, don't worry, you may just pop overnight. Liezel, your bare belly pics are beautiful, and I love the black&white and the little heart you made with your hands, you are such an artist! Mico, your updated belly pic is beautiful, your hair is just flowing! Ade, I just love your bare belly pics, I love that you guys are celebrating this and taking the bare belly pics coz you really do miss them once baby comes out, but you will have the pics for memories for ever. LB, you look beautiful, you don't look like you have gained alot of weight at all. glad that the bedrest is coming along well and that now you can move around more. well, it's beena crazy day at work today, I wanted to leave early coz I just miss my baby sooo much, I am gonna leave in about 5 minutes which will make it only 15 minutes early. better than nothing I guess. will ttyl!


consy - October 7

Hi girls... well it has been a busy weekend so i am just doing a quick post. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you are due this week and i am ready ready ready!! Haha you might not be ready but i certianly am! lol Now you have to forget all the horror stories you have heard from Waggzy, Jess and I because you are going to have a wonderful natural birth, and if it doesn't go according to plan it will still be wonderful. As scary as mine was at the time, i will never forget the excitement of my waters breaking and of getting to the labour suite. It really is such, such an exciting time that you will never match so just sit back and look forward to it. Remember to take the lasinoh with you and don't let the nurses bully you. I think you are going to be a fantastic mum, and i can't wait to hear all about life 'on the other side'. Remember that we will be rooting for you, and praying for a good and natural labour. All this to you as well Mico, but i have a hunch that Ade will go in first! But we will see... haha i remember being so freaking huge and 40 weeks when Waggzy posted that her waters had broken and i was FURIOUS!!!! Don't worry waggz, i got over it eventually! lol ok kids i gotta feed my hungry hungry hippo, but sending lots of love to everyone and lets all start praying for Ade's labour huh! xx


waggzy - October 7

Ade, are you excited? are you nervous? Consy is absolutely right. when my waters broke and I realised that I was finally going to be meeting my son that day (or so I thought) there are no words to describe the excitement I felt! I was on cloud 9! I hope you have a wonderful experience with your delivery, you too mico, i have a sneaky feeling that you won't be much longer either! OOOhhhhh how exciting, I can't wait to meet all the new babes!!!! It's sooo much fun oogling over Joshua and Joshua and Caylee and Mira and Matthew, I can't wait for more babies!


Vicki - October 8

Hi girls. Ade I can't believe that is your due week already. Wow that really crept up on me, I thought you still had another couple of weeks to go. LB things are definitely sounding more promising with you, especially if they're starting to get concerned about you going over due. As for me I can now feel the baby moving more and am starting to be able to distinguish between kicks and turns etc. I went on a shopping expedition yesterday, just for research I told myself. Well I ended up buying the pram, (which we had already decided on but turned out to be on sale - had to be done) the cot and the dresser. So I've nearly got all of my nursery furniture and I've not even had my 20 week scan yet. I'm glad I did do it early though as I was so tired by the end of it and the thought of having done all that when I was huge was not good. It's also exactly one week to the hour until my next scan, wahoo!


micorazon - October 8

Hi Girls...LB - I think that your doctor may be right to have you come off of bedrest at 33 weks or at least move to limited activity if you havent had any change. I think that now that I have been on bedrest towards the end of my pregnancy, I am out of shape and am slightly concerned now that I will not be up for the physical strain of labor. I am going to walk everyday until I have him in hopes that it will help me build up some endurance and strength. Waggz - How has dh been doing with Joshua now that you are back to work? Cons - Thanks for the labor wishes. I am still a little nervous because everyone has had c-sections so far but you girls are ok which will give me some rea__surance if I end up needing one as well. Ade - congrats for making it to the final week!!! Im not feeling anything so I have no doubt that you are definitely going first. I dont know if the baby changed positions or what but even my back ache has gone away..for the first time in months I have had moments of feeling like I wasnt even pregnant (minus this beach ball of a belly I have). I hope that you have a wonderful labor without any complications. Im curious to see how your experience with La Leche goes. I went to a meeting and there was a 5 year old b___stfeeding...not quite sure how I felt about that...lol. Nothing really new going on with me. I tried to get out as much as possible this weekend to enjoy my new freedom.


micorazon - October 8

Vicki - thats great that you can feel the baby moving more often. Cant wait to see pics of your new nursery furniture.


ade - October 8

micro - i totally know what you mean about la leche the first meeting I went to the shortest anyone had b___stfed was 1.5 years but that was only because they were still b___stfeeding. It seemed daunting but today was much better and a couple of us had lunch afterward which was great to ask each other questions etc. I think the groups flux a lot so one day might be good and the next to intimidating. Ok today was my second round of accupunture and not too much but I do feel more pressure so I am hoping he is begining to make his journey. Best wishes to everyone. Oh and my furniture is coming on sunday. So I suspect I will go into labor then. ha!



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